This is Shadus, Remra, Prisma, and Valence Everyone!



Shadus: That’s right, who’s a good cow?  You’re a good cow.  Does my cow want a bath? Yes she-

Valence: Haha, and what is going on here?

Remra: Looks like he’s playing that Harvest Moon game again.

Shadus: Remra, Valence, give me back my 3DS XL right now or I swear I will gut you both.

Remra: Why?  I doubt it will end well if we get killed off behind the scenes, and you’re little cows are so cute!

Valence: This farm seems pretty profitable, are those tulips?

Remra: Oh, you have chickens too!  They’re all so- why does this chicken share my name?!

Shadus: Because you’re both nuts.  Just don’t-

Valence: He’s got a wife! And a kid!

Remra: WHAT?!

Shadus: That’s it, give me back my game right now.  Aren’t we supposed to be writing for the blog now anyways?

Valence: Right, where’s Prisma?

Remra: Coming, she said something about having to “Park her giant bunny,” I think.

Shadus: What?

Remra: I think it’s about this game she likes, Terraria.

Prisma: I’m here, I’m here!

Shadus: About time…

Prisma: Sorry I’m late, it was night time during a blood moon and suddenly all the little bunnies went rabid, so I had to mount my giant bunny and ride away to-

Valence: Prisma sweetie, that’s nice.  But we really should get talking about other things.

Prisma: Okay Valence.

Shadus: What are we even going to talk about?

Remra: Well, it would be easier to decide if you would put down that 3DS XL of yours.  Oh, don’t stick your tongue out at me like that.  I might decide to just cut it off, it’s not like you would talk any less.

Shadus: Hmph.

Valence: Uh, okay then…  Prisma, think we should take over while the two of them grump it out?

Prisma: That sounds like a good idea.

Valence: So, if Zoe and Maxwell still plan to continue featuring Damsi, Balidae, and Aria in the Crowsville Chronicles, then we had better explain to them just what the world of Shadoor and it’s people are all about, shouldn’t we?

Prisma: I think so.

Valence: Okay, I suppose I should start with our history.  Near the end of the creation of the universe, when the entire world was still steeped with magic, Etheria the Guardian of Darkness took what little magic radiated off the world and used it to imbue life into the shadows that lay at the feet of men and buildings.

In doing this, she created an entire other world near-exact to the one “above”, as it were.  There magic still flowed in abundance from every living thing, and creatures native only to the darkness began to appear.  Soon we were a good peaceful society, able to function for ourselves.  However, there were of course some who wished to use that against us.  A man by the name of Syx attempted to cross into our world, and he ended up becoming a physical host for Etheria, who after being defeated by her siblings was imprisoned in the space between Telite and Shadoor, was forced into a spiritual form.

Once she was able to possess Syx though, things started to go really wrong.  You people might remember that she used Shadus and Remra to set things in motion that would bring about the awakening of her true physical form, and the eventual rise of Mania, Guardian of Chaos.

Remra: I would just like to say, we didn’t quite understand what was going on.

Shadus: Oh shut up, you did it for the power.  I did it to stop being so bored.

Remra: Don’t tell me to shut up.

Shadus: I will tell you whatever I feel like telling you woman.

Remra: Oh you did NOT just say that to me.

Shadus: So what if I did?

Valence: Calm down you two.  Anyway, we’re not quite allowed to tell you how things ended, but once they did things became peaceful and right.  At the moment the lands of Shadoor are in balance, but that could easily be upset if dark forces began to act.

Prisma: So please, dark forces, could you wait a while?  We kind of a need a vacation. 🙂

Shadus: Like that will work.

Remra: Can’t you just be upbeat about anything?

Shadus: You know I can’t so why don’t you just shut up already?!

Remra: You can’t talk to me like that you brute!


Shadus: …..

Remra: …..

Prisma: Maybe everyone would calm down if we just answered some questions?

Remra: Fine…

Shadus: Whatever.

Valence: Alright then, first question:

“BillTheDragonSlayer: Valence, Shadus, what’re your favorite sports/teams?”

Shadus: Football, the Packers.

Remra: Haha, you’re a cheese head?

Shadus: Yeah, so what?

Valence: I’m more partial to Hockey, and the Red Wings rule.

Prisma: Part of me had suspected Shadus would be the one who loved the more-violent sport.  Oh well, next question:

“Erin Peterson: Question One; Cookie or Cream?”

Remra: I personally adore the cookie.

Prisma: I like the cream, it’s so smooth and sweet!

Valence: I agree with Prisma, guess I’ve always loved sweet things.

Remra: That’s a surprise.  Heheh.

Shadus: What are you guys talking about?

Remra:  They mean Oreos, Shadus, do you like the cookie part or the cream part?

Shadus: Eh, give me an M&M cookie and I’ll be happy.

Remra: *sigh*, let’s just answer another question:

“BronyBoy231: Shadus, bro, how come you thought it was entertaining to kill people and try to destroy the world?”

Shadus: …..  Well, I struggle with being somewhat psychopathic, if you must know.  Which is why I tend to do things like play happier videogames and watch things like My Little Pony and Sword Art Online.

Remra:  ….. I’m sorry for teasing you and yelling at you before Shadus, it wasn’t right of me.

Shadus: Eh, I forgive you.

Valence: Aaaand like that, our problems are solved.  Our next question:

“FlufferNutter: Prisma, why’d Remra keep you for so long if you’re a klutz under pressure?”

Prisma: I dunno, I guess because deep down she’s a really nice person?

Remra: ….. No comment.

Valence: Well guys, think we should wrap this up before something goes wrong?

Shadus: Good idea, give me my 3DS back.