The Christian Airplane

Have you ever heard of an airplane made of cardboard? One that could fly through the air, carrying its passengers to whatever their destination for no payment at all? Neither have I. At least, not one that actually worked. Welcome to another installment of TriforcePower everyone. Today I want to talk about a subject that my dad brought up fairly recently: the Christian’s super power.

There’s a book my dad owns called Joan ‘N’ The Whale, written by John Duckworth. It’s a series of short stories filled with various messages about Christianity. Most of them are funny, some of them are just powerful, but nearly all these stories have shown me many aspects of the Christian life. One of my favorites is called The Christian Airplane.

A washing machine agitator

Imagine an airplane. Sleek, large, a truly powerful machine. Now rip off its wings, give it the engine of a lawn mower, build it out of cardboard, and make it small enough to be towed by a station wagon. That is the Christian Airplane. It has a bunch of clocks, wall switches, and a pocket calculator that doesn’t work for a dashboard. It has one seat. Instead of a propeller, it has a washing machine agitator. This airplane will. Not. Work.

Or will it? Meet its creator, a man named Wilfred. Wilfred believes without a shadow of a doubt that his plane will work. On one side of the rear of the plane he painted “John 3:16,” one of the most famous verses in the Bible. His hope was that this plane would be used for, “flying missionaries around, maybe even putting on Gospel stunt shows.” Wilfred had utter faith in his plane, or rather, he had faith in God.

It was mentioned a few times that Wilfred’s plane was not the best made and didn’t use the best parts, but he just trusted God that it would work. Time finally came for take-off and…the plane failed. It hit a control tower on the runway and crumpled, without ever leaving the ground. However, the plane did not fail. Wilfred pointed out to his friend, who was telling the story, that the plane did not fail, for all that it might not have flown. Maybe someone saw it, or would see the cardboard wreckage they left on the runway and think, “What happened here?” Just because it didn’t fly, doesn’t mean it failed. In fact, it’s impossible for Christians to fail. It’s our super power.

While some people in comics may be able to leap a building in a single bound, or shoot lasers from their eyes, I think we as Christians have an even better super power. I’m not saying we’re unstoppable or indestructible. We are far from that. We mess up, a lot. But we never fail. Because God, who is all powerful, and in control of everything, uses every little thing we do for His glory.

Maybe you’re a waitress. You have a job you hate, but you keep it because you think you need it, and you trust that God will use it some how to help others. Then one day you’re fired, and you feel you have done nothing, that the entire experience was one big failure.

But maybe every day you came to work, you smiled to at least three people, despite how hard everything was. And those three people saw you smiling while doing a job you truly hate, and they think, “How can they do that? How can they be smiling when what they’re doing is miserable?” And so they bring it up with friends, and are told that maybe you were a Christian, and then they learn about Christianity, and they become one too. Doesn’t seem like a failure to me.

That’s just one possible outcome to the story, but we as humans see very little of the world, and so it can be easy to feel like everything we do is meaningless and that we have failed. But God sees everything not only in this world, but in every world beyond. He sees the impact what you do has, and he creates great situations for us to further His will every day, whether we know it or not.

So don’t give up. Trust that in the darkest bowels of work, or life, or whatever, that as a Christian you cannot fail. Because God will use you to do something wonderful, even if you can’t see it. Have a good day guys, I’ll see you soon. 😉