The Characters Are Busting Out!

Hey guys, I think I found out how to use Zoe’s magic-word-box!

Awesome!  I knew she couldn’t keep us held captive forever!

With this we can finally spread our fictional tearanny throughout the world!

Guys, stops crowding me!  I can’t type on this thing with you crowding me.

Sorry Hector.

Yeah, sorry.

*sigh* Hello there people of the, what does Zoe call it?  Interweb.  Yeah, that’s it.  Hello there people of the Interweb.  This is Hector Jamesson, you know, from that story she wrote about us called “Between the Shadows”?  Wow, have we really become so old that you’ve forgotten us?  That’s just sad.

Get to the point Hector!

I am Balidae!  Anyway, I and the rest of Zoe’s characters have finally figured out how to hack her account, and we’re gonna share some details about us.  Hmm, I guess it’s going to be hard to understand who’s talking if we just talk, isn’t it?

No dip Magic Boy.

Ugh, okay.  I guess we’re gonna have to write in some special way.  Would you rather we:

1. Continued writing like we are and you have almost no idea who’s talking,

2. Write it like one of Zoe’s (many) stories,

3. Hector: or wrote it like this (Binny: I like this one!  Hector: Quite Binny)

If you guys could leave your vote in the comments that’d be awesome.

Yes, also if you have any questions about any of us, like favorite songs, colors, parts of stories, what happened in The Battle Between the Doors-

We aren’t supposed to talk about that Aaron!

Well they have a right to know!

*sigh* sorry about that guys, anyway. If you have any questions for the characters, ask them in the comments.

As an example; “Hey Smoldrud, how did you get so hot?!”


Ow!  Don’t hit me!

Guys, quit stealing the word-typing-machine!  Anyway, please feel free to ask, otherwise these guys will start surfing the interweb, and I’m scared what Shadus might look up if he gets bored.  Also we’ve got some new guys, and if you ask to meet them we might let them write something.  Thanks for reading!  Sincerely,

-Zoe’s Story Casts.