Straight from the Breakfast Table: Aaron, Genesis, Binny, and Hector.

AaronGenesisBinnyHectorBinny: Don’t drop it Hector!

Hector: I won’t, don’t worry.

Binny: Stop smilin’, pancakes are no laughing matter!

Aaron: Guys, when are you going to be done making breakfast?  I’m hungry.

Genesis: Do you ever think about anything besides food Aaron?

Aaron: Sure, sometimes I think about naps.  Other times I think about swords.

Genesis: haha, I guess that’s fairly accurate.  Anyways, hello internet people.  This Genesis, Hector, Binny, and Aaron, here to talk about, uhm, what did we decide we’d talk about?

Binny: Pancakes?

Hector: Nope, not pancakes.  We could talk about the birth of magic?

Genesis: That might be a little too difficult this time.  And long.

Aaron: What if we tell them some interesting things about Between the Shadows?

Genesis: That could work, as long as you didn’t give any spoilers.

Aaron: What, like-

Genesis: Yes, like that!  Now promise to behave and we’ll do it.

Aaron: Fine, I promise…

Hector: So what secret are we going to tell first?

Binny: I think we should start with the biggest one.  An’ since it revolves around Aaron and Genesis, I think they should be the ones to tell it.

Aaron: Haha, maybe we should save that one for last instead, make the readers wait.

Hector: But wouldn’t that be cruel and mean?

Aaron: Yes, yes it would.

Genesis: Which is why we won’t be doing that.

Aaron: Alright, alright.  So folks, it looks like it’s finally time to reveal the big secret of how the entirety of Between The Shadows came to be.  It all started in an irish pub far, far away.

Genesis: Technically wouldn’t it have started earlier?

Aaron: Yeah, I suppose so.  Anyways, one day when Zoe was at said irish pub with her family, she voiced her idea of “The Legend of Zelda: The Missing Link”.  In this game, Shadow Link and Shadow Zelda would appear at Hyrule Castle where the current reincarnations of Link and Zelda where, and abduct Link into the shadow world, where both Zelda and Link had to work together to get to the gates leading between the worlds.

However, Ganondorf had seperated them in hopes of they would then be forced to merge at the doors where he was, so he could take the Triforce of Courage and the Triforce of Wisdom from them.  Sound familiar?

Genesis: Of course, Zoe sadly does not work for Nintendo (even though she really wants too), so she believed this would never be a reality.  Still, the base of a story was there and her mind began working.

Soon she was imagining side-characters, plot-twists, and villains.  Unable to get these ideas out of her head and encouraged by her father, Zoe began writing her first online series, Between The Shadows.

Binny: And thus Gene and my brother were born!  I’m certain some of you must have seen the little hidden things, like gettin’ help from an old magic man in a village?

Aaron: Or the fact that I wear a green tunic.

Hector: Or the need to free the sanity of three elemental and key beings in order to stop the ultimate evil from taking over both worlds?

Genesis: Or, for those of you who played “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”, two people being the reincarnated forms of a goddess (or guardian) or light?

Aaron: Yeah, I suppose she really did bury a lot of easter eggs in here, didn’t she?  Looks like it’s time for an easter egg hunt!

Genesis: Please remember though, everyone, that Zoe is currently going through and editing everything, so we will only comment on the first fifteen chapters she has already posted, and some things might end up being changed.

Aaron: Here’s our first easter egg: When Zoe originally imagined Gene’s main hall, she imagined something similar to the main hall of Hyrule Castle from “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, and so the hall became closely themed after that.  Ironically, she always imagined the first time Genesis and I ever met occurring in a place similar to Castle Town from “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”.

Genesis: Easter egg number two; one of the main reasons that Between The Shadows ended being a story instead of a fantasy was never actually in the story.  It involved the story of how Aaron helped me tame Buttermilk when I was just a little girl, and how our friendship grew from there.

Hector: My turn!  I think this is really cool, do you all remember the race of butterfly people known as the Monarchs?  Well, not only were they originally patterned after the tribe of bird-like people known as the Rito from “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker”, they were also designed after the Zora tribe in a very unique way.

She once wrote a story that included a humanoid species called the Monarchs, people with blue skin and fins on their arms that resembled butterfly wings.  These people were amphibious, and they could both fly and live peacefully under water.

Binny: Mmm, so good…  Why’re y’all starin’ at me like that?

Hector: Because it’s your turn.  Put down the fork Binny.

Binny: Huh?  Oops!  Sorry everybody.  In my defence, these are some good pancakes.

Anyways, uh, one interestin’ thing about the story is the eight main characters.  You know, Aaron, Gene, Hector, me, Shadus, Remra, Valence, and Prisma?  Well, when Zoe was making our characters, one thing she started to notice was that us light people each had at least one difference between us and our shadow doubles.

For instance, Hector tends to be a nervous an’ kinda jumpy guy.  Where as Valence, his double, tends to stay calm an’ collected.  The cool part is that Zoe didn’t plan for that when she designed ’em, it just kinda happened.

Aaron: Man, now that I think about it, a lot of Zoe’s old stuff was pretty bad, wasn’t it?  I mean, just check out this;

“Come on,” He says, “Let’s just sneak off and play like we used to, it’s market day in town!”.  Genesis sighs and says “Aaron, I told you no.  I have duties now that I’m grown up.”  “Aw c’mon!” Aaron says as he pulls his sword from it’s sheath and poses heroically, “Let’s have an adventure!”.  “Baroness!” Princely calls from downstairs.  Genesis gets up and smiles at Aaron saying “Come on goofball, let’s go meet these visitors of mine”.

Aaron: I mean look at that, it hardly captures the moment correctly. Not only that, but she has some punctuation problems in there as well.

Genesis: Yes, I suppose when she started out she wasn’t very good, but she’s grown a lot since she started writing our story.  Just look at how she went back and fixed that;

  Aaron playfully grabbed a fistful of cloth near his heart saying, “Gene, you’ve wounded me!” Genesis laughed and Aaron walked across the room, smiling at her.  “Come on,” He said, sitting down on Genesis’ lush canopy bed, “Let’s just sneak off and play like we used to, it’s market day in town!”

The two of them sat in the princess’ bedroom, a large area filled with a canopy bed with pink satin curtains, a plush sofa sitting against a white marble wall with three large, wood lattice-style windows, a wardrobe and a vanity. Sprawled out on the white-and black-speckled stone floor was a thick rug made in a far away country, with a beautiful rose pattern on it.  Outside was a beautiful view of the palace gardens.  She sighed and said, “Aaron, I told you no.  I have duties now that I’m grown up.”

“Aw, please?” He said as he strode across the room again and pulled his sword from its sheath and made a heroic pose, setting one of his boots on the edge of the vanity, “Let’s have an adventure!”

Aaron: Yeah, I suppose you’re right.  I mean, I do seem a lot cooler.

Genesis: Ha, right, goofball.

Hector: Is Zoe going to be mad that we posted part of the story without her permission?

Binny: Eh, I think we’ll be fine.

Hector: Alright… How about we answer some questions guys?

Genesis: That sounds like a fabulous idea, what’s the first one?

“SugarLips232: Hey Aaron, are you single?”

Aaron: I-

Genesis: I’m afraid that Aaron is currently in a commited relationship with a wonderful girl and has no plans of cheating on her in any way.

Aaron: I was gonna say that you know Gene.

Genesis: Oh, I was just making sure.

Binny: Heheh…

“TotallyNotBowser: Aaron, dude, how did Between The Shadows end?!  My siblings and I have been debating over this for, like, a year!”

Aaron: Well-

Hector: Sorry, at this time we are unable to answer this question.  Zoe’s told us that even though she could just post the rest of the chapters, she’s gotten better since then and wouldn’t feel good about putting bad stuff on her blog.  Also, she said she’d send us to the “Retired” wing of the mansion if we did…

“ThatOtherGuy: Hey Genesis, what’s it like being royalty AND kick-butt?”

Genesis: Uhm, I suppose it’s a lot like my life, though I wouldn’t call myself kick-butt.

Aaron: You know you are, admit it.

Genesis: I’m not, really!  I learned everything from you, Binny, and Hector!

Aaron: And you’re part immortal being like me.

Genesis: There, see?  It’s not that unique if someone else has it too.

Aaron: Fine, whatever.  You’re kick-butt to me though.

Hector: Did it just get lovey-dovey in here, or is it just me?

Binny: It ain’t just you, trust me.

“BillTheDragonSlayer: What are your guy’s favorite pokémon types?”

Genesis: Uhm, I don’t really play pokémon-

Aaron: Living with them can be a pain sometimes…

Genesis: Yes, well, I suppose I’m partial to fairy-types, they’re just so cute!

Binny: Fire-types forever!!!

Hector: -cough- I like poison-types, there’s a distinct tactical standpoint in causing such a significant status problem and using it to your advantage.

Aaron: I like fighting-types a lot, they’re fun to wrestle with.

Hector: Wait, aren’t they going to ask why we’re talking about pokémon like we’ve met them now?

Aaron: Oh well, let’s let those four tell them.

Genesis: Well, our breakfast are getting cold, does anyone else think we should bring this post to a close?

Hector: Seems like a good idea.

Aaron: I second that emotion.

Binny: I want pancakes.

Genesis: Alright then.  From all of us here the dinner table, good bye internet and see you when we come back!

Binny: Bye!

Hector: See you everyone!

Aaron: Hector, you’ve been standing on my foot for about a minute now.