Pokemon No. 30, Magikarp

magikarpGreetings strangers!  Please welcome Magikarp, the fish Pokemon.  A water-type Pokémon, Magikarp comes with the common ability Swift Swim, or the rare hidden ability, Rattled.  It is 2′ 11″, has a weakness to Electric types and Grass types, and a strength against Fire types and Ground types.  Before I get started on why Magikarp is at the bottom of my list, I would like to explain my categorizing first.

Originally I may have said that I would simply be posting about my top 30 ‘mon this month, but really, how do I simply pick my top 30 from over 600 of them?  So instead, I’ve decided to list them under categories such as “Favorite Legendary,” “Favorite Pokémon with Multiple Evolutions,” and of course, “Least Favorite.”  Unfortunately, Magikarp, you fall into the “Least Favorite” category for me.

Of course, there are some good things and bad things to say about Magikarp; it’s cute, can use Bounce, and can eventually evolve into Gyarados.  But, like I said, it’s got some james_is_sold_a_magikarpbad things about it, like how difficult it can be to train.  Unless you’re satisfied with sticking the poor guy in the back of your party, he’s nearly impossible to keep alive in a regular battle.  At least, if you happen to buy him from the nefarious Magikarp Salesman like James here did.

But training aside, let’s think about Magikarp as a whole.  It’s a big red fish with whiskers, which in my mind equals a red herring.  Sorry, but I just had to throw that in there.  Of course, just because it looks rather…goofy, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s perks.  This thing’s got a mean Bounce, and if you combine that with Rain Dance, activating it’s Swift Swim ability and boosting it’s speed, then you’ve got a serious contender for a decent pokémon on your hands.

GyaradosOh, and did I mention that this guy evolves into Gyarados?  And, oh yeah, Gyarados can Mega-evolve into Mega Gyarados?!Mega-Gyarados

Pretty boss-looking, right?  Yeah, Gyarados gets a lot of love in the community, especially from yours truly.  I do believe that one of my favorite moments as a pokémon trainer would be in Pokémon Heart Gold, where we sooth the rage of the savage, mind-controlled Shiny Gyarados, befriending it and adding it to my team as Gyra.  This association is one of the reasons why Magikarp is even on my Top 30 list, that and I needed someone on the bottom.

But enough talking about Magikarp’s older brother, let’s talk about his cousin instead.  FeebasmagikarpThis theory may just be mine, but I have a secret belief that Magikarp and another pokémon, Feebas, are closely related, if not variations of the same original breed of pokémon.  Not only do they both have similar anatomy and design, with only an 11″ height difference, they both can learn only Tackle, Splash, and Flail on their own, and they’re known as very hearty pokémon with a strong sense of survival.  The similarities, they’re uncanny I tell you.  Unfortunately, until Nintendo comes right out and says that I’m right, this theory of mine will remain simply a theory.

And with that, I would say that this post would seem to be complete.  Over all, Magikarp is a fairly good pokémon, I just don’t find it as alluring as others would.  Plus, really fishermen, do you all need to use Magikarp every time you face a trainer in the wild?!  Anyways, enjoy the rest of your Pokémonth everyone!