Pokemon No. 29, Slowpoke

SlowpokeSlowpoke, the Dopey pokémon and current head of the “Most Unfortunate” category.  I do believe that it’s species name explains why, poor fellow.  It is 3′ 11″, has the abilities Oblivious and Own Tempo, with the Hidden Ability Regenerator, and a weakness to Ghost-types, Dark-types, Bug-types, Electric-types, and Grass-types.  While Slowpoke is a very cute pokémon, and I’m certain it’s very powerful in the right circumstances, I just don’t have a love for him the way I do other pokémon.  Please, allow me to explain.

This guy is very cute, and he does evolve into both Slowking or Slowbro, who can then Mega Evolve into Mega Slowbro, which are both pretty strong tanks or powerhouses.  But, my main reason for not enjoying him as much as I do others is that while he is strong, he’s very slow, as the name implies.  Not only that, but he’s a Water-type and Psychic-type pokémon with a large focus on Special Defense moves, which is not my cup of tea.  I prefer to stick to pokémon with a bit more…raw power, like Mega Mewtwo Y.

But, there are good things to be said of Slowpoke, such as it’s immense Defense and Special Defense stat, and moves such as Rain Dance, Amnesia, and Zen Headbutt.  This guy is really good at playing waiting games, lasting much longer than most pokémon in play with moves such as Curse, Double Team, Safeguard, and Protect.  So if you’re a waiting game person, this guy is for you.

Now let’s talk about Slowpoke’s evolutions, Slowbro and Slowking.  Slowpoke can evolve SlowpokeAndFriendsinto one of the two, but not both.  Slowking is called the Royal pokémon, while Slowbro is called the Hermit Crab pokémon.  Anyone who ever watched the older Pokémon anime might remember that these three actually have an interesting story.  Supposedly there was a place where Slowpoke and Slowbro lived, deep in a rocky valley.  Their water was supply had slowly been dwindling over the years, and now it was almost gone completely.  The poor Slowpoke and Slowbro, too…slow…to know better, won’t leave without a Slowking to lead them, which hadn’t occurred in years.  The only way for a Slowpoke to evolve into a Slowking (in the anime) was for a Shellder to bite it on the head, rather on the tail which leads to Slowbro.

Eventually, Ash and co. were able to help a Slowpoke evolve into a Slowking, thus saving the group of Slowpoke and Slowbro.  This is a really intriguing story, and it not only speaks to the significant difference between it’s two evolutions, but also gives a fine example of just how…slow…Slowpoke can be.  It’s said that Slowpoke uses it’s tail to fish, but it can take an entire day for it to notice that something has bitten onto it.  So yes, maybe Nintendo does have a reason for labeling it the “Dopey” pokémon.

You would think that Nintendo would have obviously given the Mega Evolution to Mega_SlowbroSlowking, but nope, they gave it to Slowbro.  interesting, no?  A lot of people complain about this, but I actually have a bit of a theory as to why they did this.  Like I stated previously, Slowking is obviously the better of the evolutions, and so more people are going to choose him, and not Slowbro.  But, if Slowbro is the one who can Mega Evolve, more people are likely to choose him.  To sum up, it seems to me like Nintendo was trying to balance the two, make it less of an obvious choice which one you want to go with.

Over all, Slowpoke is a fine, cute, unfortunate pokémon with one of the biggest fan-bases I have ever seen.  I think this guy might be one of the most loved pokémon of the series, it’s got it’s own theme song, a background themed after it for the 3DS, and hundreds of memes and gifs, like this one.SlowpokeMeme

All in all, Slowpoke is great, just not my favorite.  Thanks for reading everyone, see you tomorrow!  And merry Pokémonth!