Pokemon No. 27, Vivillon

VivillonVivillon, the Scale Pokémon, otherwise known as the Most Traded pokémon, as far as my categories go.  Vivillon is a Flying and Bug-type, with a weakness to Electric-types, Flying-types, Rock-types, Fire-types, and Ice-types; but a strength against Ground-types, Grass-types, Psychic-types, Dark-types, and probably some others I’m forgetting.  It’s 3′ 11″, has the common abilities Compound Eye or Sheild Dust, or the hidden ability Friend Guard.  Now please, let us get to the juicy details.

I love Vivillon, really, I do.  I love it’s Special Attack power and Speed, I love it’s typing, and I especially love it’s appearance.  Or rather, appearances.  Unlike Butterfree or Beautifly, VivillonPatternsthe other butterfly-like pokémon, Vivillon comes in a large variety of wing patterns, each of them beautiful in their own way.

However, this uniqueness is both a blessing, and a curse in my eyes.  Vivillon can, indeed, have different wing patterns depending on where it is when it evolves, but this “where” doesn’t relate to the Kalos region map of Pokémon X and Y, but to where you are on Earth.  So that means that if you want to have any other kind of Vivillon besides the one you can raise in your own region, you have to trade for it, or reset your 3DS’ geographic location, or know a guy with pretty boss computer skills.  That would happen to be why I refer to Vivillon as the Most Traded pokémon.

If you think about it, Vivillon is the pokémon closest to the heart of what the series is all about: communication.  Nintendo wanted young trainers to battle against each other, trade with each other, and learn from each other.  Making it so that you can only breed one type of Vivillon yourself and having to get different ones from others encourages communication and growing bonds.  Did you ever think about the hopes, the dreams, the desires trainers sent along with their pokémon when they sent them to you?  The memories the two of MonsoonVivillonthem shared?  With every trade, you get a piece of someone else that you would never have learned about before.

Like I said, though, having to trade for Vivillon’s other forms is both a blessing and a curse, at least for me.  As of right now, all I have is a Modern-patterned Vivillon that I raised myself, and the Pokéball-pattern and Fancy-pattern Vivillons that Nintendo distributed in events.  And yes, I want to collect ’em all.

So now, dear readers, I desperately ask you for your help.  If you are in possession of a Vivillon I didn’t just mention, and you are willing to trade it to me, please contact me via the Contact form in the header above.  My strongest desire is for the Monsoon-pattern, but I do want all of them.  Any Vivillon I receive I will gladly cover on my blog, and tell you all about what the two of us have been up too.  Please, dear readers, what I’m asking for is not only a chance to collect these Vivillon, but to understand you all better and to know that you really do exist.  Until tomorrow, Merry Pokémonth everyone!