Pokemon No. 26, Pichu

PichuPichu, the Tiny Mouse pokémon.  Pichu is an Electric-type, with a weakness against Ground-types, but a large strength against Flying-types, and Water-types.  Pichu is a mere 1′ tall, and comes with the common ability Static, or the hidden ability Lightning Rod.  This little guy is the pre-evolution of Pikachu, who later evolves into Raichu.  In my mind, Pichu can only be the head of the Cutest Bipedal category.  Of course, like all other pokémon, Pichu has its downfalls, and Pichu’s are more pronounced than others.

Let me just be clear, I am in love with Pichu.  I find it adorable, with its uses, I even raised a few.  I had a Pichu named Shimmer, and she became my star performer on the stage in Pokémon Platinum.  Eventually, I did (almost sadly) let her evolve into a Pikachu, whom later became a Raichu, whom I still have today.  Raichu and Pikachu are both pretty impressive and popular, but when it comes to Pichu there are some pretty significant problems.

First, let’s talk about power.  With most of this power focused toward the Physical Attack stat, and about half of Pichu’s movepool more pointed toward a Special Attack stat-focused pokémon, it can be really hard to have an impressive attacking Pichu.  It’s not PichuBrothersimpossible, mind you, but it takes a lot of work, and a lot of Vitamin drinks and other means of stat-raising.  But, it is rather fast, and with the right moves can hold it’s own in battle.

The second problem, is that Pichu will never be as good as Pikachu and Raichu.  It’s just a fact.  Being the first in an evolution chain, Pichu’s stats have a significantly lower peak than it’s evolved forms, which equals less one-hit KOs.  Pichu doesn’t get to use the power of the Light Ball, an item that boosts Pikachu’s Attack and Special Attack stats, and it doesn’t look nearly as impressive as Raichu.  But, with Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came back one of Pichu’s biggest selling points in my mind: Contests.

Remember how I said up near the top that my Shimmer was a star Contest performer in Pokémon Platinum?  Well, that’s because Pichu’s contest movepool is actually incredibly large, with it’s one weakness being Tough Contests.  With the right poffins, I was able to make Shimmer into a star.  And while she never beat any of the Master Classes (which is the highest and hardest competitions), that was because I tried to give her a stat boost all around, instead of focusing on just one category, such as Cool or Cute.

Now, let’s talk about Pikachu and Raichu for a minute.  Yes, these guy are pretty formidable; and yes, Pikachu is probably the single most popular and recognized pokémon in the series and can learn Volt Tackle; but over all, there are better Electric-types out there besides these adorable mice, so if you’re happy with your Pichu, I say keep it.

This picture was made by Shingenisen, check out their Devianart profile at: http://shingenisen.deviantart.com

And finally, I would just like to say to everyone who drew the pictures of Pichu Link I saw on Google today when looking for pictures to use in my blog: thank you!  This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen, and I just love it!  Seeing it reminded me of a fan project I once thought of.

First of all, anyone who’s ever read the Legend of Zelda manga, raise your hand.  Now put your hand down, no one can see you.  The Legend of Zelda manga is made by Akira Himekawa, and each book is about a different game, with some coming in two parts.  One of these games, was Majora’s Mask.  I read that, even before I played the game, and I loved the manga.  Then I had an idea a few years ago: what if someone went back, and replaced every character in there with a Pokémon?  The main character could be an Eevee, and when Linkvee changed into a Zora or Goron, he really turned into a Vaporeon or Flareon.  Skull Kid could be a Duskull, Tatl could be a Flabebe or Floette.  The Deku scrubs could all be Grass-types, and the Gorons could all be Fire-types, or Rock-types, or Ground-types!  There are so many possibilities!

My fans, I tell you this because once again, I need your help.  I will allow anyone who wants too to make this comic.  I do not have the copy right to it, nor do I have the time or skill to make it myself.  If one of you tries to make this, I will not sue you.  However, if you do successfully manage to make it, tell me about it and I will cover it on my blog.  Not only that, but I will look forward to reading it myself!  For now, my fans, I must bid you a farewell.  Until next time, Merry Pokémonth everyone!