Pokemon No. 25, Jellicent and Pokemon No. 24, Frillish

JellicentsBehold, Jellicent, the Floating pokémon.  Jellicent is a Ghost and Water-type with the common abilities Cursed Body or Water Absorb, or the hidden ability, Damp.  It has a weakness to Ghost-types, Dark-types, Electric-types, and Grass-types, but a strength against Fire-types, Fighting-types, Psychic-types, Ground-types, and an ambivalence towards Normal-types.  It is 7′ 3″, and I have placed it in the Hardest Pokémon To Love category.

Now, meet Frillish, the other Floating pokémon, and the pre-evolved form of Jellicent.Frillish  Being Jellicent’s pre-evolved form, it has the same typing, the same weaknesses, even the same abilities and hidden ability.  In fact, there are only three major differences in these two pokémon.  The first, is height.  Frillish is significantly smaller than Jellicent, being only 3′ 11″.  Second, would be power.  Much like poor Pichu, Frillish will never have the same power capabilities as it’s final form.  And third would be, aesthetics.  I will get back to this later.  Now, here’s the funny thing; I place Frillish in the Hardest Pokémon To Love category, right along side Jellicent.  As far as I know, this is the only time two pokémon will ever share the same category, but when you hear my reasoning it will actually make a lot of sense (I hope).

First I would like to say, I’m sorry for not posting anything yesterday.  I went leaf-raking with my church, which was fun but took up most of my day.  However, this dual post actually fits Frillish and Jellicent much better in my opinion.

I struggle with these two pokémon a lot, because I have a strong love of Frillish, but a pringles_jellicentdeep respect for Jellicent.  On the one hand, I love how Frillish looks, especially male Frillish.  Its trim, elegant, impressive, and foreboding.  Jellicent, on the other hand, looks big, goofy, and kind of like the guy on a can of Pringles.

But as I said before, Frillish has the same problem as Pichu: it just doesn’t have the same capabilities for excellence that it’s evolved form does.  It doesn’t have nearly the base stat levels that Jellicent does, and if either of them ever got the chance to Mega-Evolve, that would go to Jellicent simply because it is the final form.  So the question then becomes: Do you choose the pokémon who looks better, or the pokémon with more punch?

The decision is made even harder by the fact that these pokémon can learn the same moves, on their own at least.  This is why I have both of these pokémon in the same category; not just because I find them both hard to love, but because I can’t decide which I love more.  That’s another reason why I decided to cover both of these guys in one post, I also didn’t want to release the same post twice, which I might have ended up doing if I tried to do a post about them individually.

But all that aside, both of these guys are pretty formidable in battle.  With the ability Cursed Body, Frillish or Jellicent has a 30% chance of disabling any physical move its hit JellicentFishingwith for three turns.  Water Absorb, on the other hand, gives Frillish or Jellicent the power to be healed when its hit with a Water-type move, rather than being harmed by it.  Combine these with Frillish and Jellicent’s typing and major move pool, and it becomes incredibly hard to face them in battle, let alone beat them.

Over all, I still can’t decide which one I like better.  When I do, I’ll let you know.  But for now, Merry Pokémonth everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow!