Pokemon No. 22, Chandelure

ChandelureChandelure, the Luring Pokémon and my Favorite Living Furniture pokemon.  Chandelure is a Ghost and Fire-type ‘mon, with the common abilities Flash Fire or Flame Body, or the hidden ability Infiltrator.  It has a weakness to Ghost-types, Dark-types, Ground-types, Rock-types, and Water-types; and a strength against Grass-types, Ice-types, Ghost-types, Psychic-types, Fighting-types, and an ambivalence towards Normal-types.  It is 3’ 3″, and wicked cool.

Let me just say, this pokémon is both amazing and freaky.  According to the Pokédex, Chandelure can steal the souls of people and pokémon straight from their bodies as uses them as fuel for its own fire, and the poor souls it burns are cursed to wander the human ChandelureLampetLitwickworld forever as ghosts.  Chandelure’s previous evolutions, Litwick and Lampent, aren’t much better.

Litwick, the little candle, uses its ghostly flame to lead people astray in the woods, only to act as a friendly guide and lead them back to the path later.  Little do they know that when it does this, it absorbs the stray’s life energy, using it to fuel its flame so that Litwick may misguide again.  Lampent, the (wait for it) lamp in the picture, steals the souls straight from the mouths of the dying to fuel its “baleful fire”.  It has been known to hang around hospitals, searching for ailing souls ready to pass on.  Cheery bunch, aren’t they?

I suppose your wondering, how could such a gruesome-sounding pokémon be my favorite piece of living furniture?  Well, the thing is that in my mind, Chandelure and the others simply drew the short straw, like Hades in greek mythology.  They didn’t choose to be soul-sucking demon spawn, it is simply their way of life.  They eat to survive, just like Litwick_BW029we do.  Yes, maybe in the anime have been portrayed as evil and vicious at times, but even then they do it out of survival.  In the Black and White arc of the story, when Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket whole up in Litwick’s mansion, the Litwick are more than happy to help Jessie, James, and Meowth run their base of operations.  Yes, they try to steal everyone’s souls, but perhaps the Litwick found this to be a fair trade.

Now let’s talk about Chandelure’s battling ability.  Oh my word, freaking awesome-sauce boss.  With two immunities, five advantages and possibly more, and an incredible base special attack stat, this thing can wipe you out pretty badly if you’re not careful.  Yes, he may have some pretty basic weaknesses, but that is no reason to shy away from this power house.  Though I don’t have a Chandelure on my team currently, I am playing through Black2 again, and maybe this time I’ll welcome him aboard.Chandelure-Shiny

I think I’m going to end today’s post with one last thought; Shiny Chandelure is amazing.  This thing is like the blazing hot flames to regular Chandelure’s mystically calm wisps.  That’s all I think I have to say on the matter, so goodbye my friends, and merry Pokémonth!