Pokemon No. 21, Goodra

GoodraAw, Goodra!  This squishy little guy is known as the Dragon pokémon in the pokédex, but I know him as my Favorite Pure Dragon-type.  As I said, its a Dragon-type, with a weakness to Ice-types, Dragon-types, and Fairy-types; and a strength against Dragon-types.  Its 6′ 7″, with the common abilities Sap Sipper or Hydration, or the hidden ability Gooey.  I love this guy, he’s big, sticky, and adorable.  If only he wasn’t so unfortunately known…

Goodra’s pre-evolved form, Goomy, has been called by Nintendo itself, the weakest of all Dragon-types.  Unlike his mightier brethren, Goomy just doesn’t pack a big punch.  It must seem strange that I find his evolved form my Favorite Pure Dragon-type, but what can I say?  I love an underdog.  Plus, look at this guy, he’s adorable.  And just because Goodra is weak doesn’t mean that he’s without his uses.  He’s got a good special defense stat, and a pretty good movepool.  Not to mention, this guy acts like a big Grass-type, but he looks like a Poison-type.

Here are the reasons Goodra could’ve been a Grass-type.  One of his common abilities goodra_by_redtallin-d6vli1jis Sap Sipper, which you all might have remembered me covering briefly in the Sawsbuck post I did a while back, and the other is Hydration, which means that any status effect Goodra’s given (such as Burn, Paralysis, Sleep, etc.) is cured in rainfall.

Then there’s where he lives.  Goodra on his own can’t be found in the wild, but his pre-evolved form Goomy can be found Route 14 in Pokémon X and Y, which is a swamp.  Interesting, no?  Swamps have been known to be places full of plants, animals, and other forms of wildlife.  Not only that, but creatures in swamps are known for being more on the…slimy side.  So it would make sense that not only would you catch a Goomy there, but it was likely also the place where you evolved yours into a Goodra if you happen to have one.  You see, it’s more likely to rain in Route 14 than almost anywhere else, and you need to raise Sligoo (Goodra’s middle form) to level 50 in rain to make it evolve.  And no, you cannot cause the rain yourself with Rain Dance.

Like I said though, Goodra could’ve just as easily been a Grass-type or a Poison-type XYRoute14instead of a Dragon-type.  After all, swamps have also been called other things in the past, such as toxic bogs.  And with the amount of Poison-types that can be found here, I found certainly call Route 14 one of them.  After all there are: Weepinbell, Skorupi, Haunter, Ekans, and Bellsprout.  I think this place might be a Grimer-approved Poison-type haven.  So the question then becomes, is Goodra’s goo toxic in any way?  He has extremely absorbent skin, and with all the Poison-types living Route 14, well, you won’t catch me drinking that water.  Could Goodra have accidently absorbed some of the toxins when he just a Goomy, thus making his goo poisonous to outsiders?  It would seem not, because Goodra is, after all, a Dragon-type, not a Poison-type.  Plus, this question isn’t answered in the pokédex, and hasn’t be brought to Nintendo’s attention, so they won’t be answering my theory any time soon.  Still, the possibility was there for Nintendo to make Goodra at least a Dragon and Poison-type.  Oh well.

goodra_by_mintiswirlix-d91vmrxI like Goodra, a lot.  He’s super cute, and I’d love to give him a hug, despite the fact that I would probably need to change clothes afterwards.  I realize he’s not what serious trainers would call “good,” but that doesn’t bother me.  Pokémon shouldn’t just be about how good a ‘mon is, it should be about raising the pokémon you truly love, no matter what other people think.  That’s why I still breed Eevees to this day, even though there are a lot of people out there who say all of its evolutions are pretty much crap.  So to all the Goodra trainers out there, don’t stop being your beautiful, gooey selves.  Good day my friends, and merry Pokémonth!