Pokemon No. 20, Slurpuff

Slurpuff_685_DreamWorldArtSlurpuff, the Meringue pokémon.  Also, the Most Delicious pokémon.  Slurpuff is a 2′ 7″ Fairy-type, with the common ability Sweet Veil and the hidden ability Unburden.  It has a weakness to Steel-types and Poison-types, but an incredible strength against Dragon-types.  With a nose that can smell sweets for miles and a stomach that constantly needs filling, be careful when eating food in its presence.

Eve hear the phrase “mind like a steel trap?”  Well, Slurpuff’s got a “nose like a steel trap.”  these darling cupcakes have a sense of smell one-hundred-million times stronger than that of a human, just one sniff of your breath and Slurpuff could tell you what you had for breakfast yesterday!  That is, if Slurpuffs could say more than her name.

Yesterday’s pokémon might have been sticky, but Goodra’s got almost nothing on thisSlurpuffAndSwirlix fuzzy pink monster.  Swirlix and Slurpuff both love sweets (and hate baths), so their fur is constantly coated in a layer of sweet stickiness, which makes them look and smell a lot like cotton candy.  Make no mistake, though, these little punks are far more dangerous than your favorite carnival snack food.

Slurpuff’s biggest strength is her Defense stat, seconded only by her Special Attack stat.  And being a pure Fairy-type, Special Attack is everything.  With the only Physical Attack Fairy-type move I know being Play Rough, the amount of Dragons your Slurpuff takes out in a battle can seriously depend on just how strong your Special Attack stat can be.  I don’t normally give out move advice (please do not consider me a high-level pokémon strategest), but I would seriously recommend to anyone planning to train Slurpuff that they teach theirs Draining Kiss.  This is a Special Fairy-type move that not only damages the enemy, but also heals your pokémon in the process.  It’s like a Fairy-type Giga Drain.  And let’s think about this slurpuff-phf-artfor a minute.  One of the things Slurpuff is known for is her big mouth.  If she used Draining Kiss on any pokémon, that would be like the sugary, slobbery kiss of death.

Since she was only added to the world of Pokémon in X and Y, Slurpuff hasn’t had a lot of screen time yet.  When she has though, she’s proven both her skills, and her nose.  She acted once or twice as a baking assistant to an up-and-coming Pokémon Performer, and managed to almost completely annihilate Ash’s pikachu in battle.  Like I said, don’t doubt this cupcake.

Some of you might not have guessed, but I actually really like Slurpuff.  I’ve got my own named Sweets, or rather, my “friend” Zack does.  I own both Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (among others, obviously), and so I made my Y game have a female avatar, and my X game have a male avatar, since there was such a difference this time.  My male avatar’s name is Zack, and Sweets happens to be his star pokémon, though his others are fairly slurpuff_by_sailorclef-d7x1cxkformidable as well.

Slurpuff obviously has her weaknesses, such as a disadvantage against Poison-types and Steel-types, a somewhat pitiful Speed stat, and a strong need of a bath, but there are also some real advantages to using it her in battle.  For example, she’s pink and fluffy.  I know my friend, Max, never takes this pokémon seriously.  We haven’t battled (yet), but should we, I would be able to use Slurpuff’s sugary, plush appearance to my advantage.  She would be a secret weapon I could unleash.  Also, no Dragon-type survives Sweets.  No one.

Well my friends, so long and fairwell!  I will see you tomorrow, and merry Pokémonth!