Pokemon No. 19, Kirlia; Pokemon No. 18, Gardevoir; and Pokemon No. 17, Gallade

Hello Pokémon fandom!  First, I would like to say how sorry I am that I haven’t posted lately, but my family and I attended a conference this weekend in Orlando, so I didn’t really have time to get any posts done.  However, much like with Frillish and Jellicent, these three pokémon sharing a post just seems like a good idea, so please enjoy!

Meet Kirlia, the Emotion pokémon and entry #281 in the pokédex.  It is a Psychic and KirliaFairy-type pokémon, with the abilities Synchronize or Trace, and the hidden ability Telepathy.  It has weaknesses to Ghost-types, Steel-types, and Poison-types, but a strength against Dragon-types and Fighting-types.  I plan to cover Gardevoir and Gallade as well, but I wanted to cover Kirlia first, since its the pre-evolution for both of them.

Kirlia is the evolved form of Ralts, and the  pre-evolved form of either Gardevoir, or Gallade.  If its a girl, Kirlia will simply evolve to Gardevoir through leveling; if its a guy, then it will evolve into a Gallade using a Dawn Stone.  Yes, that’s right, Kirlia can be a guy.  The simplest, least awkward way to think of Kirlia is as Gallade’s milder, 2’07” awkward phase.  With this in mind, I place Kirlia in the Strangest Design category.  However, I did a little research, and it all made a lot more sense once I did.

Okay, so fairly soon after I got into the pokémon series, I learned about Ralts’ chain of evolution, and it kind of threw me for a loop.  After all, Ralts looks kind of like a little boy, Kirlia looks like a little girl, Gardevoir looks like a grown woman, and Gallade looks like a grown man.  My first thought was that, whatever gender you chose, there was going to be this awkward phase were one of its evolutions just looked…wrong.  Why hadn’t they designed a male form for Kirlia?  He could look like he was wearing a leotard, instead of a tutu and hair barrettes.  Of course, after I did my research, I learned why Nintendo didn’t ralts_family_by_rinkunokoisuru-d5wgik3even think twice about taking off Male Kirlia’s skirt.

You see, Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir were all introduced in generation three, but Gallade was introduced in generation four.  That means that Kirlia was designed before Gallade even existed, so even though Male Kirlia may seem strange, there was no difference between Male Gardevoir and Female Gardevoir, so why would there be a difference between Male Kirlia and Female Kirlia?  Heck, I’m even surprised that Nintendo allowed there to be Male Ralts in existence, considering both his evolutions had skirts at the time.

Of course, now Gallade exists, and so Male Kirlia is finally able to escape his kilt-wearing comrades and show of who wears the pants in the family. And may I say, he does so with style.

Meet Gallade, the Blade pokémon and #475 in the pokédex.  Gallade is a 5′ 3″ Fighting Galladeand Psychic-type pokémon, with strengths against Dark-types, Fighting-types, and Normal-types, but a weakness to Ghost-types, Flying-types, and Fairy-types.  That means, unfortunately, he can get beat up by his big sister Gardevoir.

He has the common ability Steadfast, but the hidden ability Justified; and may I just say that in my opinion, if you have a Gallade with Justified, you are one very lucky duck.  This ability means that if he’s hit with a Dark-type move, his attack stat is raised by one, which turns one of his most common disadvantages into yet another advantage.  Steadfast, meanwhile, increases his speed by one level every time he flinches.  That might be cool for someone else, but Gallade is already really fast, and flinches are harder to come by than Dark-type moves in general.

My sister and I have this strange thing about us; we have a lot of similar likes in pokémon, with a couple of fairly significant differences.  She’s currently trying to become a type master, and I’m currently playing to collect and train pokémon (more specifically, a shiny Eevee).  She likes to make sure her pokémon always has a type advantage in the field, I gallade-megalike to trust in my pokémon’s moves and plan for when I can’t have the other hand type wise.  And the simplest of them all, she loves Mega Gardevoir, and I love Mega Gallade.

One of regular Gallade’s defining features is his reputation as a master of courtesy and swordsmanship which he practices with the retractable blades attached to his arms.  So, basically, Gallade is a knight, and with the combination of his design and his regular nature, that would make Mega Gallade a great knight. If you’ve been following this blog for a long time, then probably you know that I am a big fan of The Legend of Zelda, and in general knights and swordsmanship have always interested me, and so Gallade and his mega form speak to me rather deeply.

Of course, I don’t just love him for his aesthetics, I love him for his power too.  While he does have a few weaknesses that his sister doesn’t, she has a few weaknesses that he GalladeAndWallydoesn’t, such as a weakness to Steel-types and Poison-types.  Not only that, but he can learn both Toxic and Poison Jab, which can seriously harsh Gardevoir’s mellow.  He’s a much strong physical attacker than a special attacker, but he can hold his own using moves such as Dazzling Gleam and Psychic if he needs too.

Then, of course, there’s the sweet story of Gallade and Wally.  In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, and later Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there is a little boy we meet several times on our journey named Wally.  Wally is a boy who has suffered most of his life with his poor health, but now he’s finally able to start out on a journey of his own.  However, he’s very timid and shy, so he’s unsure about how to catch his first pokémon.  At our father’s request, it becomes our job to teach him how to catch pokémon, and he catches a low-level, male Ralts.

Throughout his journey, Wally continues to grow with Ralts, and the two grow to trust and love each other.  During this, Ralts evolves into a Kirlia, and later a Gallade.  Finally, Wally finds Galladite, and he’s able to use it to let Gallade unleash his true power.  These two managed to bond and understand each other in a way only few people can accomplish.  Now honestly, tell me you can’t love Gallade after hearing that story.

Of course, let’s not forget Gallade’s big sister.  Meet Gardevoir, the Embrace pokémon.  GardevoirGardevoir is a Psychic and Fairy-type pokémon with the abilities Synchronize or Trace, or the hidden ability Telepathy.  The same height as her little brother Gallade, she has weaknesses against Ghost-types, Steel-types, and Poison-types, with an advantage against Fighting-types and Dragon-types.  Aw, it looks like Kirlia is all grown up!

Like I said, I may love Gallade, but my sister deeply loves Gardevoir.  At first it was simply because she was pretty and it made more sense given her previous evolutions, but when Gardevoir was changed from a Psychic-type to a Psychic and Fairy-type, and also given a Mega Evolution before Gallade in generation six, it became about more than that.  Suddenly, Gardevoir was a heavy-hitting, special attacking powerhouse she couldn’t do without.  Of course, she also found Mega Gardevoir gorgeous, so there was that too.

Gardevoir is an incredibly loyal pokémon, able to connect to her trainer on an emotional GalladeAndGardevoirlevel.  Her power is strongest when protecting her trainer, strong enough to summon a black hole and suck the offender into oblivion.  It’s even said that Gardevoir would risk her own life, if only to keep her trainer safe.

As of late, Gardevoir is probably the most famous for being the main pokémon of Diantha, champion of the Kalos region.  In the anime, Diantha and Gardevoir share one of these famous bonds they the pokémon is able to create, and the two of them are able to use this bond to find each other no matter where they are in the world, and even reveal the secrets of Mega Evolution to bring out Gardevoir’s true potential.

So, over all, these three pokémon have quite a thing going on.  There’s Kirlia, with its gender vs. design problem, and Gardevoir and Gallade with their good old fashion sibling rivalry.  Which do you choose, the one who can slay things with swords, or the one who can crush your very mind with its psyonic power?  Either way, all of these pokémon are terrific choices in my mind.  Finally posting at last, this is Zoe saying merry Pokémonth, catch you on the flip side trainers!