Pokemon No. 16, Aurorus

AurorusThis is Aurorus, the Tundra pokémon.  Aurorus is an 8′ 10″ Rock and Ice-type, with weaknesses to Fire-types, Fighting-types, Steel-types, Water-types, Ground-types, Grass-types, and other Rock-types, with strengths against Electric-types, Grass-types, and other Rock-types.  Aurorus has the common ability Refrigerate, and the hidden ability Snow Warning.  With a lot of the other pokémon this month, it was hard to fit them into categories that fit them best.  However, Aurorus is easy: Favorite Fossil Pokémon.

Before I get started, I’d like to explain what a fossil pokémon is.  Just like the “real” world, certain pokémon have become extinct over the thousands of years pokémon themselves have existed.  However, thanks to modern-day science, people have been able to revive some of these pokémon and reintroduce them into the world.  These are known as Fossil Pokémon.

FossilPokemonOver the years many fossils have been identified, and typically these new pokémon are introduced in the games in pairs.  For instance, in X and Y, Aurorus’ previous evolution was introduced along side Tyrunt, which is the pre-evolved form of that giant red dinosaur in the picture here.  Cradily and Armaldo, the two pokémon in the bottom right of the picture, were introduced in generation three in the Hoenn region.  With every new region, there were new fossils to find, each one hinting at who they might be, while still pertaining their air of mystery.

Back when Aurorus roamed the poké earth in droves, they lived in ice-like regions of the world not unlike our own Ice Age.  They ate frozen leaves off of trees, and lived quiet, peaceful lives avoiding conflict.  At least, that’s what I’ve come to understand from reading the pokédex entries on it.  According to the ‘dex, the crystals on Aurorus’ body can expel frigid air up to -240 degrees Fahrenheit, which it can use to both create an ice wall aurorus_by_nightruespirit-d6uej7eprotecting them from enemies, or simply freeze them solid.  Either way, it seems to me like Aurorus’ spent a good amount of its life living on the defensive.

Another way I came to this conclusion is by looking at Aurorus’ stats.  Aurorus has a base Health stat of 123, which means that that is the smallest it can ever be.  It also has a base Special Attack stat of 99, a base Special Defense of 97, and only a base Speed of 58.  With this significant lack of speed, Aurorus would never be able to out run a predator on its own.  However, with its ability to make ice walls and freeze enemies if needed, Aurorus is able to defend itself until it can get away; and with a base Health sat of 123, it can wait as long as it wants.

That’s not to say that waiting is all Aurorus can do.  Like I said, Aurorus has a base Special Attack stat of 99; which may not be the best in the world, but it certainly isn’t a wimp.  Plus, it has a fairly vast movepool that helps it make up for a lot of Aurorus’ disadvantages, like it’s weakness to Water-types. Aurorus_12_Aurorus is able to learn the move Freeze-dry simply by leveling up, which is an Ice-type move that is super-effective against Water-types.

Not only that, but by using TMs (Technical Machines), Aurorus can learn moves like Psychic, Thunder, Charge Beam, Giga Impact, Dragon Tail, and Dark Pulse.  Suddenly, all of those weaknesses seem a lot less threatening, don’t they?  And assuming your Aurorus has a beneficial nature like Brave or Bold, that Special Attack stat doesn’t look that puny, either.

But enough talk of battling, let’s talk about those giant things on Aurorus’ neck.  For those of you haven’t guessed yet, Aurorus is able to manipulate and create auroras using the vast sails it has on its neck.  Using these auroras, Aurorus could communicate with others of its kind over vast distances, which made mass migration that much easier.  Even Aurorus’ pre-evolved form, Amaura, was able to use its sails to communicate with others.  Amaura’s sails change color depending on its mood.  No wonder you can revive these pokémon from Sail Fossils, their neck sails were important!

There’s a reason Aurorus is high up on my list; I love it dearly.aurorus_by_nat998877-d6ngjbh  As I already said, its my favorite Fossil Pokémon, because it almost perfectly blends both beauty, and power.  It can attack, defend, survive, thrive, the possibilities are near-limitless.  And yes, it might have a lot of weaknesses, but with its varied movepool and staying power, those can be easily dealt with.  See you later everyone, and merry Pokémonth!