Pokemon Art Academy; A Review

Pokemon Art Academy, a simple spin-off of of the pokemon series and the Art Academy game.  The game teaches you how to draw pokemon in a simple, fun way.  The game starts by introducing you and a fellow artist, who are eager to become famous pokemon illustrators.

I found the lessons to be simple and fun, and they range from learning how to draw a simple Oshawatt face to being able to draw your very own portrait of a pokemon.  I think my favorite lessons might have involved learning how to use paints and opacity to create a shaded portrait of Jirachi, Chandelure, and Lugia.  Here’s my own portrait.

Note: The game supplied the background, HNI_0026 Pokemon Art Academy simply tells you how to draw the pokemon.  However, you just can’t beat the hilarity and skill that the game supplies, and over all I give it two thumbs up.  Enjoy PokeMonth everyone! 🙂