My First Missions Trip

Hi there everyone!  This is your friendly blogger buddy, and I want to tell you some exciting news: I’m going with my youth group on a missions trip to Brazil! We’re heading to Recife (pronounced ruh-SEE-fee), from July 1st through July 18th to help out a summer camp, Camp Paradise.

Camp Paradise is a Christian youth camp where we will spend the first week doing things like:

  • helping with activities for the junior campers
  • cutting down an invasive species of palm tree
  • doing the dishes (all by hand)
  • painting buildings
  • sharing our testimonies and speaking in chapel

The second week, we attend camp alongside the Brazilian campers. We’ll be able to get to know the Brazilians and their culture on a more personal level while we also learn about God.

We’ll also get to know the two missionaries who run the camp, Dan and Kelly Cook. When Dan isn’t directing Camp Paradise alongside Kelly, he works with Koinonia Baptist Church and oversees a regional discipleship training program. Like Dan, Kelly also assists the people of Recife in other ways. She uses her training as a nurse to help heal the people of Brazil.

As excited as I am, would you please pray for me? I want to help the camp be able to teach kids about God, but it’s going to be a little uncomfortable for me. Okay, maybe very uncomfortable. I’m an introvert who likes to be safe at home. Brazil is not my home and I don’t speak much Portuguese (though I’ve been learning a little this last year). Please pray that I can:

  • look beyond the stress of traveling
  • be able to interact with the campers regardless of the language barrier
  • get to know more about Brazil and it’s people
  • learn more about God and about myself through this trip
  • most importantly, help others learn more about God

Along with prayer, I’m also asking for help with funding. The trip costs $1,700.00, most of which is airfare. If you’re interested in donating, click here to fill in the online donation form.  My student ID is #15, and you should know that all gifts are tax deductible.  My church, Forest Hills Baptist Church, will mail you a receipt.

Thank you for reading my post guys. Whether it’s through prayer, donation, or both, please consider helping me and my team help Camp Paradise and the kids of Brazil.