Merry Pokemonth Everyone!

ZeldaMajorasMask_EnemyAmyHello world, and welcome to Pokémonth!

It’s that time again!  The air is crisp, the Rufflet and other flying-types are making their way south, and the Ursaring and Teddyursa are preparing for a long winter nap. Welcome back to Pokémonth everyone, where this year I will be posting about my top 30 favorites, and just why they are so.

Oh, by the way, I got my blog back!  I suppose I could tell you all that it was nice to have a break from writing while my characters hijacked my blog, but in reality I’ve had a pretty busy life while they were in charge, so I wouldn’t really call it much of a rest.  I’ve had school to do, a homecoming to attend, and my Youth Leader’s wedding to enjoy.  Anyways, Aaron, Aria, Ivy, and the rest of them only gave me the new blog password a few days ago, which is why you’re only hearing from me now.

It was pretty interesting seeing what they wrote.  They got to tell you a few things about themselves that, even though I wanted to, I didn’t get the opportunity to tell you about in their original stories.  You got to hear about why Ivy left Thoran, the full creation story of Telit and the Shadow Lands, even the truth behind Between the Shadows.  I’m still pretty angry, though, because they released some information that I wasn’t quite ready to announce yet.

With that in mind, I just want to clear a few things up.  For starters, yes.  Zoe, Zack, Harami, and Kurt do exist.  However, I’m not nearly as far along in their story as I’d like to be, so you might not see A Trainer’s Journey on the blog for a while.  As for Aria, Damsi, Balidae, and the rest of them (you know who you are), Max and I have decided to post the Crowsville Chronicles in seasons, alternating between blogs with each season.  That means that Season 1 will be releasing here as soon as Season 0 is finished releasing on

And finally, for some good news.  I have decided that I will be posting the rest of Between the Shadows as it was originally written at the end of Pokémonth.  That means it most certainly won’t be my best work, but I would really like to let you guys finish the story (especially since it’s becoming more and more relevant in the Crowsville Chron.).  I hope you guys are as excited as I am.

Now, I’ll bet you’re wondering how I managed to get my blog back.  I could tell you the story of how I fought Shadus sword-to-sword in a battle that lasted until we were wading in our own blood, or how I used my knowledge of the ancient tongues to outwit The Guardians in a magic duel, or how I hacked Ivy and Exocron’s super-awesome, super-secure computer from an alternate dimension, but I didn’t do any of that.  Instead, we all made a deal.  I get to have my blog back, but all of the characters are still available for questions (except for those marked “retired”).  I’m working on a summary page of all of them my characters, and so you can look them up there (once it’s completed, obviously) and send them a question via the Contact form under the header.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I shall take my leave.  Expect many new stories to come your way, and Merry Pokémonth everyone!