It Might Not Be Turkey…

Seeing as it’s PokeMonth, AND Turkey Week, I thought I’d do a post on some of the most gourmet pokemon foods.  So grab your berries and let’s get cookin’!

#1. Poffins

poffinA common Sinnoh delicacy, the warm, buttery poffin is an item to be used to increase your pokemon’s toughness, coolness, cuteness, intelligence, or beauty for the Sinnoh-known Super Contests.  Poffins are little cakes made by adding berries to a sweetened batter, then stirring at different speeds till firm and colorful.

#Apricorn Juice

210px-Apricorn_Box_useApricorn juice is a delicious treat from the Johto region, and is often used to increase the physical qualities of their pokemon for the fantastic pokeathalon.  Unlike most pokemon treats, Apricorn Juice is NOT made from berries that can be found around the region, but it’s actually made with these nut-like fruits called apricorns.  Which technically means this is the pokemon equivalent of almond milk.

#3. Pokeblock

pokeblockPokeblock are a very diverse kind of pokemon treat, and it’s most commonly used in the Hoenn region, almost in place of Poffins from the Sinnoh region.  It’s rather like a compressed berry treat, and I imagine it has a lot of similarities to a gelatin snack.  The little suckers come in five different categories, depending on what berries you use to make it.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my festive take on the pokemon world gourmet, see you next time my loyal minions!