If I Re-Made a Game

www.zeldainformer.comIf you could re-make at least one of your favorite games and bring it to a new platform, what would you do?  This is what I would do.

There have been some fantastic games in the Legend of Zelda saga; games that have rocked your socks off, but sadly there have also been some games that have disappointed fans because of either their story, their mechanics, or just their lack of awesomeness.  For me Spirit Tracks has always been a hard game to place between the two classes, mostly because I loved (and still love) the plot, the characters, and the music, the dungeons, the bosses, almost everything.

However, there where some things I couldn’t get around, and the biggest things where the touch-screen mechanics and microphone-operated panpipes (it’s not the wind I was against, it was the problems of riding in a car with air-conditioning constantly blowing into my mic and ruining my song attempts that I hated.)

So, what do I want?  I want a re-make Nintendo!!  But, what do I want in a re-make? Hmm….  I believe that what I want is this:

#1. First off, I’d like them to work a little HD magic on the game, simply because it has the same graphic design as Wind Waker, and what they did with that was beautiful.

#2. Platform move please!  I request that Spirit Tracks be moved to the WiiU system, it’s faster, better, and can handle HD graphics like a pro.

#3.  Work some motion-sensing magic.  I’d like them to convert the the way that trains work, so that when you reach a fork on the path, you can tilt the controller either left or right to move the train in that direction.

#4. Make the Lost Woods slightly easier.  They where fun to traverse, but a pain in the caboose.  Making the hints displayed just a small bit more visible should do the trick.

#5. Amiibo functionality.  Have it set so that with the Toon Link amiibo, you can place for the first, like, four times and get a piece of heart, then have the rest of the times you place it on give you rupees.

#6. More side-quests.  This is a whole knew world of Hyrule, so why can’t we explore like we’ve been able to in the past?  I have often been one to say no to side-quests, but if they are needed to make the world there feel more alive and worth exploring, so be it.

#7. Leave the bosses as they are.  Seriously, from Stagnox to Malladus, the boss monsters where a beautiful piece of work.  Their battle A.I. was top-notch, their difficulty was certainly strong enough, and the sheer creativeness that came from them was like nothing I’d ever seen before!  If I had to choose to have only the boss battles remade, I would not be upset.

#8. No top-down view!  The world of Hyrule needs to be seen in all it’s glory, to force us to see it all from above is just too cruel.  Also, top-down meant that when we actually got to see it from another angle indoors, we saw no roofs.

Ultimately, this game is beautiful.  It has everything I ever want from a Legend of Zelda game, and if Nintendo ever finds this post, please!  Re-make this game in the wonderful way you have with so many others!

So, my fans, if you could re-make a Zelda game, which would it be and how would you do it?  I would love to have you tell me by going to the top of the page and clicking the Contact button.  It’s possible I might even post one if I like it enough!  For now my friends, good-bye!