Hello, this is Aquindis, Terran, and Smoldrud


Aquindis: Terran, Smoldrud!  Ugh, where the heck are those two?

Terran: Well I happen to be right here-

Aquindis: Ah!  For the love of riptides don’t sneak up on me like that!

Terran: It’s hard not to when you’re yelling loud enough to hide my coming up behind you.

Aquindis: Ugh…do you know where Smoldrud is?

Terran: No, today was your day to babysit.

Aquindis: Actually I believe today was YOUR turn.

Terran: He’ll get here eventually, let’s just get started.  Ahem, greetings people of Terra.  It is us, the guardian deities of  Telite and Shadoor.  Though I can’t say I agree to the idea of hacking a website, it seems only fair that we have some time to explain to you folk about us.

Aquindis: You’re making us sound rather stuffy Terran, couldn’t you loosen up a bit?

Terran: Like our brother and sister?

Aquindis: Fair enough.  So, are we going to answer some ques-

Smoldrud: I’m here I’m here, don’t start without me!

Terran: Too late for that.

Aquindis: What on earth are you wearing?!

Smoldrud: Hmm?  Oh, this stuff!  I went to this place a couple of days ago called a “mall”, had the awesomest shops ever!  Like, check out this shirt, it’s got cats inside of taco shells, who does that?!  And if you put these things over your ears you can hear music!  And this world has the coolest music ever, I am totally liking this stuff called “Pop” music.  And these shoes, they’re called Chucks but the label says Converse, I have no idea why but I love it!  And these flavored triangle things are called Doritos, DORITOS! And-

Aquindis: Enough, stop, I can’t take it!  How on earth do you manage to talk so long without taking a breath or passing out?!

Smoldrud: I dunno, I just don’t. Dorito?

Aquindis: Would you leave the corn chips out of this?! *sigh* Oh well, what are we going to talk to the Lightfo- I mean Earthlings about?

Terran:  I believe I already specified tha-

Smoldrud: What if we tell them about us and why we have beast forms?

Aquindis: Smoldrud, that might be one of the smartest things you’ve ever said.

Smoldrud:  Gee, thanks!  Uhm, Terran?  Why are you hitting your head against a wall?

Terran: No reason…

Aquindis: Okay then…Terran, could you tell them?  You do it best.

Terran: Fine, whatever.  So, people of Terra, allow me to tell you a story.

In the beginning of time, before our worlds existed, there were two beings.  One was pure and made of the light of the world, later becoming known as Luma.  The other was wild and chaotic, constantly changing between the forms of a Raven, a Snake, and a Goat (for he was unable to stay in one form, and never in human), and became later known as Mania.  Despite their great differences, the two fell in love and bore four children.

The oldest child was the keeper of the Earth that would support all things.  The second was the keeper of the Water of Truth, used to give all people understanding and knowledge.  The third was the keeper of the Darkness, which would bring balance to a world bathed in light.  And the fourth was the keeper of the Life Giving Fire, which would bring happiness and a feeling of hope.  Because of their father’s unique shape, the children were all born with the ability to change between the form of a human and the form of an animal.

Smoldrud: In case you haven’t guessed yet, that was us.  Our titles would later change from Keepers to Guardians, as we would then be in charge of protecting these elements.

Terran: Smoldrud.

Smoldrud: Yes?

Terran: I was talking.

Smoldrud: I know.

Terran: …..Then why did you interrupt?

Smoldrud: I thought they might be confused.

Terran: …..Smoldrud.

Smoldrud: Yes?

Terran: Shut up.

Smoldrud: Okay…

Terran: Anyways, the young couple told their children, “Create a world that can be host to living things”, and that is exactly what they did.  In the course of six days, the lands of Telite and Shadoor became real, and Luma blessed the world with people who would use and adore her children’s gifts.  However, it was at this time that Mania revealed his true intentions.  Using his chaotic soul, he drove the Guardian of Darkness, Etheria, insane, convincing her that  deserved to rule this land entirely, and that we should have no part in it.

Unfortunately it worked, and soon war broke out, her against us.  While the three of us fought her, our mother challenged Mania to a duel and won, destroying his only physical form and banishing to the heart of  the world.  Once we conquered our sister at the expense of trapping ourselves in the shadow world of Shadoor, our mother split her soul into two piece and hid them in two worthy vessels, which would appear in times of need.  She then slept until our sister attempted to free herself, thus causing the effects of the story, Between the Shadows.

Smoldrud: I love that story, really describes just how awesome we are.

Aquindis: Smoldrud, do you ever think of anything BESIDES how awesome you may or may not look?

Smoldrud: Sure, sometimes I think about how cool I look.

Aquindis: I swear, you are the most pig-headed person I have ever-

Aaron: Hi guys, sorry we’re late.

Genesis: Yeah, Aaron thought for some reason that we were writing it in my room, not Aquindis’.

Terran: …..

Aquindis: …..

Smoldrud: …..

Aaron: What’s with the nasty looks guys?

Aquindis: This post is for guardians only.

Genesis: Oh, we know.

Smoldrud: Then why are you here?

Aaron: Because technically we’re both one half of Luma, so if we both show up, we’re one guardian.

Aquindis: Don’t talk about our mother!

Aaron: But we ARE your mother.

Aquindis: Shut up!

Smoldrud: Hey Aaron, want any Doritos?

Aquindis: Grr…

Exocron: Is this the room where the guardians are writing?  Am I late?

Aquindis: AUGH!! *SLAM*

Exocron: …..Weeeeeell, I think I’m gonna just go then….

Genesis: Terran?  Why are you banging your head against a wall?

Smoldrud: Looks like it’s just the four of us.

Aaron: Yeah, wanna get a beer with me?

Smoldrud: Why not?

Genesis: Oh no you don’t!  We have some fan questions to answer.

Aaron: Fine…

Smoldrud: Fine…

Genesis: Alright, first question:

“PrettyKitty458: Hey Smoldrud, are you fireproof?”

Smoldrud: Hmm, good question….

Aaron: You’re the guardian of fire and you don’t know?!

Smoldrud: Oh, right.  Yep, totally fireproof!  Next question:

“ThatOtherGuy: Aaron, dude, how many siblings do you have?”

Aaron: Five, though sometimes it feels like more…Next question:

“SonicTheChillyDogHog447: I just wanna say that I think it’s awesome Genesis took the lead in the story and didn’t just sit back and wait for things to happen like so many girls in these kinds of stories do.”

Genesis:  Thanks, that’s really nice of you to say!  Next question:

“IcecreamYumYum: How come you guys just can’t accept Etheria back?”

Terran: I’m afraid that’s impossible, Etheria is dead.  Next question:

“BillTheDragonSlayer: Did you guys know that Etheria is actually in another world right now trying to get enough power to come back?  Well actually, she already did, so…”

Terran: …..

Smoldrud: …..

Genesis: ……

Aaron: …..

Terran: I believe it’s time to be done,  goodbye everyone!

Genesis: Bye-bye!

Aaron: See ya!

Smoldrud: Buy stock in my latest business venture bye!

Terran: Smoldrud you idiot stop advertising!

Smoldrud: Fine…