Good From Bad

(Note: This story is dedicated to an awesome man who is truly a super hero in my topher1kenobe-1024x1024life, happy birthday 😉 )

A quiet peace is spread through out Grand Rapids, a peace oft protected by Thresher, a great hero able to bring good from anything bad he can find.  On this quiet night we find Thresher at home, operating under his alias, Christopher, mild-mannered father, husband, and web developer.  Christopher has just finished his work for the evening and goes to head upstairs when his crime-alert sounds.  He texts his wife that he’ll be working late and suits up.

Thresher arrives at the seen to see his arch-nemesis, The Illusionist, robbing the Fifth-Third Bank.  “Illusionist!” Thresher calls to get her attention.  The Illusionist turns around and gives him a smirk.  “So you actually came Thresher,” she says, “I’m impressed.  But now it is my turn to impress you!”.

She puts down her bags of money and cards fly out of her sleeves.  The cards fly at Thresher, cutting his suit and his face.  Thresher runs at The Illusionist and throws her against the side of the bank.  The Illusionist gets up and uses a pink smoke bomb.  When the smoke clears a lion is standing in front of her.  “Battle this why don’t you, I have banks to rob!” She says, and then flees in another puff of pink smoke.  Thresher and the lion charge at each other, but when Thresher puts his hands on the lion, he takes its badness and turns it into a cute little kitten.

Thresher helps repair the damages The Illusionist did to the bank, drops the kitten off at the local animal shelter, and goes home.  After a few weeks of radio silence, Thresher gets another crime-alert and heads out.  He arrives at another bank across town to almost the same scenario.  The Illusionist sneers and puts down her loot.  “Came back for more did you?” she says, “Very well then.  I should like to fight you, after what you did to my pet!”

The Illusionist grabs from her coat a magicians wand and waves it in the air.  Thresher readies himself and the blades on his arms lengthen.  Thresher charges at The Illusionist as she flicks her wrist and a pink rocket is fired from the end of her wand.  Thresher dodges the rocket and puts his hands on The Illusionist.

As Thresher removes the bad from her, The Illusionist falls to her knees and her mask and top hat fall off.  She looks up at Thresher and says “Dad?”.  Thresher smiles and helps his daughter up.  “Everything is going to be fine now Molly, don’t worry” Thresher says as he hugs his daughter close.  Molly hugs her dad, tears in her eyes.  “I’m sorry dad, I just wanted to make a name for myself, like you…”.  Thresher hugs her even tighter and says “It’s okay, you already have a name for yourself, with me.”

Years later, Thresher is still guarding Grand Rapids, but now with the aid of his side-kick The Illusionist, and the two where never seen fighting apart ever again.

(I hope you love it Topher,  this is just one persons account of the awesomeness that is you)