Four Fabulous Trainers


Zoe: Hello there world, it is I, Zoe the pokémon trainer!

Zack: Uh, Zoe?  They know that, remember?  We have to type our names before everything we say so that they know who’s talking.  And we’re all pokémon trainers, so you don’t have to announce it.

Zoe: Oops, right.

Kurt: *shakes head in exasperation*

Zack: Anyways everyone, hello.  Unlike the rest of the people on this blog I suppose you don’t know who any of us are, which we will be most happy to remedy for you.

Harami: Hello everyone!

Zack: Harami, please don’t interrupt me while I’m typing.

Harami: But I wanted to say hi!

Zack: I know, but if I can’t type in complete sentences then everyone will get confused!

Zoe: Guys?  Could we please save the arguing for later?  They really must be confused.

Kurt: *shrugs*

Harami: Sure.

Zack: I suppose, you should explain though; it’s your story.

Zoe: Alright, well, Zack, Kurt, Harami, and I are all from a story Zoe (the owner of this blog) has in the works called “A Trainer’s Journey,” and I’d just like to explain real quick why she and I share a name.  While she does have multiple names she uses for save files in games, she generally uses Zoe for her name in games, and since she wanted it to be as similar as possible to her gameplay experience, she gave me her name.  Since in the story my friend’s call me Z, that’s the name I’ll use for this post.

We don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but we all wanted to give you some backstory that you might find useful to have later on when reading.  So we’re each going to give a short profile of our pasts, and you can learn the rest later. 😉

Zack: Why did you use an emoticon?

Z: Because I winked, why shouldn’t my work?

Harami: Makes sense to me.

Z: See?  Harami gets it.

Kurt: “Harami’s a strange girl, she gets the bizarre while being confused by the obvious.”

Zack: Oh, I suppose we should explain something about Kurt.  He had an accident at one point where he lost his ability to speak, so he generally relies on either his trained Unown to write something in the sky, his journal where he writes something down and shows it to them, or just plain sign-language to speak.  That’s why everything he says is in quotes, and he also describes what he does physically.

Harami: So who’s backstory are we starting with?

Z: Why not yours?

Harami: Oh, okay.  Well, I’m a trainer originally from the Johto region, and I hope to be the greatest Steel-type trainer in the world.  I grew up in Olivine City under the training of Jasmine of the Olivine Gym.  I was ten years old when I decided to leave the gym on my first journey, and Jasmine gave me an Onix to train and turn into a Steelix, which I named Spike.

Kurt: “How original.”

Hamari: Hey!  It might not be the most original, but at least it’s accurate!  Anyways, I traveled through a variety of regions and caught some pokemon, but not all of them are Steel-types.  One thing Jasmine taught me was that you have to know which pokemon compliment your Steel-types, which is why I have a few Ground-types and Psychic-types.  That and I think they’re pretty cute.  I think I’m done guys, I don’t want to give too much away.

Z: What if you listed your current age and a few o f your favorite things?  It’s still kind of sparse.

Harami: Alright.  Well, I’m twelve years old, and I love riding my bike, swimming, and Tamato berry pizza.  Also, my main pokémon partner is Onix.  Is that better?

Z: I think so, who wants to go next?

Zack: Uhm, me?  Perhaps?

Z: Go ahead then, Zack.

Zack: Okay.  So, I’m a Kalos native, born in Geosenge Town, and I work with Professor Sycamore as his assistant.  My job varies from bring new trainers their pokémon to studying wild ones in difficult terrain like volcanic areas.  Z and the others say I’m a clutterbug, but I just have an alternative method of storage.  My hope is to someday become a pokémon professor and study abroad, discovering new pokémon types and how they could affect the current elemental standings.  I’ve only got one ‘mon of my own, a Slurpuff named Sweets, but I love her to pieces; even if she likes to sit in my hair and get it all sticky.  Oh yeah, also, I’m fourteen, my favorite food is Mago berry doughnuts, and I like to study.

Kurt: “Wow, you really are a sentimental bunch.”

Z: Being sentimental isn’t a bad thing, Kurt, I wish you’d learn to understand that.  Tell you what, you go next.

Kurt: *sigh* “Very well then.  Hello, my name is Kurt.  I’m thirteen years old, and I am mute.  I was in an accident only a few months ago that rendered me speechless, but you all will learn about that later.  I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about myself that won’t give away any of the story’s plot, but I can tell you that even before my accident I tended to be a fairly quiet person.

“I can read and write in Unown glyphs; and though I have multiple ‘mon, my main partner is Masky, my Yamask.  I met Masky in the graveyard that I buried my old partner, Pikachu, in.  Please don’t ask, it’s still a bit of a sore subject.  Anywho, I’m from the Unova region, but I moved to Kalos a few months after I lost Piku, so this place is more my home now than Unova ever was.  My favorite food is grilled sour berry kabobs, and I like to be alone.  Happy?”

Z: Uh, yeah.  For the most part.  So, who do we have left?

Zack: Just you.

Z: Oh, right.  Well, I was born and raised in Twinleaf town in the Sinnoh region, but I would spend a lot of time back and forth between going to Castelia City in the Unova region to see my cousin and having him fly from Unova to see me.  Like Kurt, I can’t tell you much about me without giving away part of the plot, but I will say that my cousin and I shared a very special bond, cultivated by a deep secret.  My mom raised me on her own because my dad was off on his own training journey, but I didn’t really mind.  For my tenth birthday my cousin gave me Vee, my shiny Eevee, as a present, and the two of us have been inseparable since.

I spent some time working for Professor Rowan as an assistant like Zack, mostly because of my unique ability to communicate with pokémon.  I won’t say how I got that power, but let me just say that I didn’t earn it on my own.  I’m fourteen years old, my favorite food is Oran berry muffins, and I love to spend all of my time with my pokémon.

Harami: So now what guys?  We’ve all given our shortened profiles, but this post is still so small.

Kurt: “I wouldn’t call this small, Harami, but I think you’re right.  It could use a little more substance.”

Zack: Well, we could answer some questions now.

Z: But no one knew we even existed until today, who would send us questions?

Zack: Actually, some of the other characters sent us some questions.  What if we answered some of those?

Harami: Sounds like fun.

Z: Yeah.

Kurt: “Whatever.”

Zack: Alrighty then, here’s our first question:

“Binny: Hey Kurt, is Masky really the reincarnated soul of a human?”

Kurt: “No, actually.  While it’s true that often Yamask are born from the souls of humans, some of them are born from the souls of pokémon, and Masky is one of the latter.”

Z: Are you going to tell us who Masky was in his past life?

Kurt: “As soon as you tell them how you can communicate with pokémon.”

Zack: Guys, let’s just answer the next question:

“Balidae: I’m thinking about getting a pokémon of my own, are there any you guys can recommend?”

Harami: I think you should choose a Liligant Balidae, they love to dance and they look so pretty!

Z: I was actually going to suggest a Sylveon for her.  Sylveon’s ribbon-like feelers remind me a lot of your actually ribbons, and they’re very easy to raise.  The choice is up to you though, perhaps some of our readers can think of a better option?

Zack: Okay, next question:

“Shadus: I went to get breakfast this morning and found out Sweets ate all the cereal.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, keep that pokémon out of the kitchen.”

Zack: Oops, sorry Shadus.  Sweets likes to eat, but I’ll try to keep her out of the kitchen from now on.

Harami: She’s not the only one, I’ve seen you clear a plate faster than I’ve seen a Rapidash clear a field.

Zack: Heheh, yeah…

Kurt: “Oh look, you made him blush Harami.”

Zack: Yeah, uh, let’s answer one more question and then be done with this blog post:

“Smoldrud: Are there any pokémon that you guys would consider deities?”

Z: Wow, Smoldrud, that’s actually a really great question.  In truth, each region has their own set of what we call Legendary Pokémon, which sort of act like deities of that land.  The only deity-like ‘mon we all have in common would probably be Arceus.  Oh, and Mew.

Kurt: “That thing’s so weak, it barely deserves to be called a Legendary.”

Z: Kurt, be nice.  Anyway, it looks like that’s it for this post everyone!  You might be happy to know that everyone here has agreed, we’re going to give Zoe her blog back after this is published.  She might not be happy with us, but I think a few good things have come from this saga of ours.  Please keep in mind that Zoe is still working on our story, so it might be a little while until you hear from us again.  Goodbye all, thanks for reading!

Zack: Seeya.

Harami: Bye! 🙂

Kurt: “Finally, good riddance.”

(Hi everyone, here are all the pokémon mentioned in this post!)

(Shiny) Yamask
(Shiny) Yamask