Character Spotlight: Princess Ruto

rutowarriors300Welcome to Character Spotlight, where I take whatever character I feel like (Ruto, Prof. Oak, etc.) and look more deeply into their who they are and what might have happened to them.  (I will gladly take requests from fans).

Today’s spotlight is her royal majesty, Princess Ruto.  This girl doesn’t take lip from anyone, won’t be told what to do, and totally fits the stereo-type of “snobby rich kid”.  We first meet her in the belly of a fish (I know, what a first date), and later we meet her in the infamous Water Temple, both in Ocarina of Time.

Now, some fans might ask me why the first Spotlight I chose to do was on a girl that, frankly, I hate.  But to answer that question I need to introduce you to Ruto from before Link draws the Master Sword.   annoying_ruto_young

Meet Princess Ruto of the Zoras…the younger version that is.  The first thing you should know is that this girl appreciates nothing Link does for her in Lord Jabu Jabu’s belly, and even though we do have to throw her and leave her behind from time-to-time, I think all her whining is unnecessary.  Of course the girl does have some of her own problems, such as being promised to a man she barely knew (in the manga), and apparently being the only female Zora after the death of her mother.

After saving her from the belly of a whale, Jonah Ruto and Link are seen floating in Jabu Jabu’s sacred pool, and after a small amount of talking (mostly Ruto saying that Link did an okay job saving her), she gives us the Sacred Stone of Water, calling it the “Zora’s Engagement Ring”, which technically means that we become betrothed to Her Royal Annoyingness.  Woo.

However, this is the third sacred stone Link has gotten, which means Link then goes to the Hyrule Castle area, and if you’ve played Ocarina of Time, then you know what happened next.  But since I try not to assume things like that, I’ll give a brief touch on it anyway.  Link arrives and watches Zelda and Impa basically flee for their lives, and we encounter Ganondorf, who brushes us aside, steals our ocarina (believing it to be the Royal Family’s ocarina), and runs off.  Then Link draws the Master Sword and sleeps for seven years.

However, this is not a post on Ocarina of Time, this is a post about Princess Ruto of the Zoras.  Now, like I said, Link fell asleep for seven years, allowing Hyrule to fall into dis-array, leaving virtually everyone defenseless.  So, what happened to Ruto?  That question is technically only half-answered in-game I believe, at the hands of Sheik (I will be doing a post on Sheik later.  I will.)

We start off by discovering that Zora’s domain has frozen over, trapping nearly all the Zoras in ice.  We than partake in one of my 500px-Serenade_of_Waterleast-favorite dungeons, and upon reaching the end of it, we are greeted by Sheik, who says he was able to free Princess Ruto from the ice, and that she is currently inside the Water Temple.  Yes, the dreaded Water Temple, the most infuriating dungeon of Ocarina of Time.  Now, here’s where I find a few holes in the plot as to Ruto’s life during the sleeping period.

Sheik said he saved her from the ice, but the first thing we must ask is:

When Did Zora’s Domain Freeze Over?

The image way at the top of the page shows Ruto in her mature form, and so she must have aged, meaning she couldn’t have been stuck in deep-freeze as long as the rest of her people, and given her appearance I think it should be assumed that the freeze couldn’t have happened immediately after Link went to sleep.  Most likely, Ganon’s grip spread slowly, and Zora’s domain was hit within, I dunno, a year or two of Link waking up.

So, upon entering the temple and venturing a few rooms in, we meet with Princess Ruto, and my how she has grown.  Not only does she look different, but she acts less childish and she’s only rude when calling her father an “old man”, at the slip of the tongue no less!  She still says she expects marriage, but that she has a duty to her people first.

Now we go back to the question:

What Happened To Ruto?

So if our previous statement that Zora Domain’s freezing was not instant, then we must think about what happened during the period BF (before freezing).  Ganondorf was advancing and taking down races and towns little-by-little, leaving chaos in his wake.  Imagine that you are someone sitting at home, basically waiting for impending doom.  Pretty scary thought, right?  But if our assumed theory is correct, that’s exactly what happened to Ruto.

Most likely Ruto matured simply with age, but I think a good amount of her personality change was due to the horrible fates befalling the world around her, and the feeling of impending doom that came with waiting.  Not only that, but if Sheik pulled her out of the ice and she went immediately the Water Temple, she likely spent a good two years trying to figure out the puzzles.  The whole place is like a giant Rubix cube, it takes forever and it’s super enraging.  So yeah, I think I’d have mellowed a bit too.

After the defeat of the Water Temple Boss, we are taken to the Sacred Realm and are greeted by Ruto, who has elevated to her true role as Sage of Water.  She says that as much as she would like to marry Link, she cannot now that she is the Sage of Water.  However, she will travel with him in spirit and then she gives him the Water Medallion.

Some fans might think I was just going to end the post there, but I’m not.  There is another game Ruto is featured in, WiiU_HyruleWarriors_logo_E3

Her role in Hyrule Warriors is somewhat important, but it doesn’t last very long.  And her personality was toned down, like, a lot.  She doesn’t gripe and when she becomes imprisoned she doesn’t panic.  She said she thought this trap was coming and yet she went in any way.  Considering that the Ocarina of Time stages where placed in a random part of Hyrule’s past, I actually developed a little theory.  It is quite possible that THIS is what happened during Link’s sleep, and that this is how entry to the Water Temple was gained by Ruto.

It fits, Navi comes to Sheik and Impa saying that someone named Zelda (who is later revealed to be Wizzro, a core character of Hyrule Warriors), messed up Darunia’s mental state and caused him to capture Ruto.  The Impa and Sheik mentioned above are not Ocarina of Time Impa and Sheik though, and so they wouldn’t play the same roles as OoT (Ocarina of Time is too long a name >.<) Impa and Sheik.  Ruto then found herself in the Water Temple, trying to figure out the puzzles, and she couldn’t leave until Link arrived.

Over all, Ruto is actually a good girl and a great princess.  Not only that, but you can see her reflected in at least one Zelda game later on in the series, Wind Waker.  The first example of her is seen in the form of the sage Laruto.  She is a Zora who’s name has been altered just the slightest bit.230px-Laruto_The_Wind_Waker_HD  Another, more interesting fact, is the existance of the Rito tribe.

The Rito are a race of bird people who evolved from the form of Zoras sometime after the great flood.  They are not called something like the “Zoru”, but something that relates to Princess Ruto instead.

Then, in Twilight Princess, we encounter a character by the name of Rutela, the Zora queen who was slain as an example to her people.  Much like Laruto, she appears only in the form of a ghost.

280px-Queen_RutelaObviously, Ruto played more key-roles in her lifetime, and it is very likely that she reigned as strong and great monarch for ages.  How could she possibly have ruled if she was a sage you ask?

My friends, the details of this are rather hard to get into, but the jist of it is that, after defeating Ganon in OoT, everything Link did as an adult became moot, no one knew about it, and since the circumstances of how everyone grew in seven years was changed, that technically means that all of the sages Link awakened never realized their true destiny as sages, and so they where able to live happy lives.

So, over all, that’s Ruto’s story and my thoughts on what happened to her to have her change so drastically.  What did you think of Character Spotlight?  Would you guys like to see it happen more?