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Pokemon No. 29, Slowpoke

SlowpokeSlowpoke, the Dopey pokémon and current head of the “Most Unfortunate” category.  I do believe that it’s species name explains why, poor fellow.  It is 3′ 11″, has the abilities Oblivious and Own Tempo, with the Hidden Ability Regenerator, and a weakness to Ghost-types, Dark-types, Bug-types, Electric-types, and Grass-types.  While Slowpoke is a very cute pokémon, and I’m certain it’s very powerful in the right circumstances, I just don’t have a love for him the way I do other pokémon.  Please, allow me to explain. Read more

Pokemon No. 30, Magikarp

magikarpGreetings strangers!  Please welcome Magikarp, the fish Pokemon.  A water-type Pokémon, Magikarp comes with the common ability Swift Swim, or the rare hidden ability, Rattled.  It is 2′ 11″, has a weakness to Electric types and Grass types, and a strength against Fire types and Ground types.  Before I get started on why Magikarp is at the bottom of my list, I would like to explain my categorizing first.

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A Fairy New Subject

Everyone is well aware of the games pokemon X and pokemon Y, but quite a few of my friends at least don’t quite understand the fearsomeness of the latest pokemon type to be added to the roster.  Thinking about that, as well as what on earth I was going to do for PokeMonth, led me to decide to cover the latest the pokemon world has to offer.

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Welcome To PokeMonth!

HNI_0028As many of you pokemon fans might know, pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are coming out this month, thus driving me to celebrate an entire MONTH of pokemon!

So get your Vs. Recoders charged and buy up the potion stock at your local pokemart, because I’m going to give my thoughts on pokemon games, spin-offs, and some pokemon themselves!  (By the way, enjoy our pokemonth logo, the Hero Ball!)