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Rummage Sale This Saturday! :)

Every year my church, Forest Hills Baptist Church, has a sale. We call it the Rummage and Bake Sale, though we tend to just call it the Rummage Sale. Everyone from the church comes together and donates unwanted things: old clothes, furniture, various holiday decorations, and much more. Then who ever wants to volunteer gets to help organize stuff, make it neat, and then help during the sale. A lot of us teen students help, because this sale is key to one of the biggest events of youth group: the Brazil Trip. My youth pastor has said that this is one of the biggest things that helps pay for the trip. Without it, we wouldn’t go nearly as often as we do, which is once every four years. Read more

On The Nose

A while back my youth pastor was teaching us about spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are gifts given to every Christian by God for the betterment of the church. Everyone has them to varying degrees, and it’s impossible for anyone other than God to know exactly how many we have, how strong they are, and how they manifest themselves. Maybe that’s why it was so hard for me to understand mine. Read more