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Character Spotlight; The Legend of Zora

Ah, the mighty Zora tribe.  The strong amphibious people of the water, these creatures have become one of 761px-Zora_Artwork_(Ocarina_of_Time)the most popular additions to the Legend of Zelda franchise.  Most fans are likely to know that the Zoras in the Adult timeline of the Hyrule legend (depicted in the Hyrule Historia), and more specifically Wind Waker, evolved into bird people known as the Rito.  Starting when I was little, it was my pet peeve that fish people would become bird people just when they seemed like they could become the reigning species.  However, an interesting thought came to me, and this blog post is about that thought, and why I no longer have said pet peeve. Read more

A Tour of The World: Snowpeak Ruins

A few weeks ago I made a post about snow-based dungeons, and in it I said I would do a future post about one of my more-liked snow-based dungeons, Snowpeak Ruins from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and that kind of inspired me to look at more dungeons beyond just Snowpeak Ruins and, well, suppose about them.  Hence, A Tour of The World.  I look forward to starting off this spin-off of sorts with the coverage of this dungeon, so here we go! Read more

Character Spotlight: Link

I almost didn’t write this post, do you know why?  Because of all the characters, Link is supposedly the most undefined, undialogedLink_(Super_Smash_Bros._Brawl)character of the entire Zelda series.  Who would interfere with the Hero of Time, greatest hero of Hyrule?

But then I started thinking of Link not as the Hero of Time, but as a character.  Why is he always left-handed?   Why has he always had an ear for music?  With the creation of these questions and more, a post was born.  I will answer these questions and more to my best ability, so hold onto your Master Swords everyone.

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