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Rummage Sale This Saturday! :)

Every year my church, Forest Hills Baptist Church, has a sale. We call it the Rummage and Bake Sale, though we tend to just call it the Rummage Sale. Everyone from the church comes together and donates unwanted things: old clothes, furniture, various holiday decorations, and much more. Then who ever wants to volunteer gets to help organize stuff, make it neat, and then help during the sale. A lot of us teen students help, because this sale is key to one of the biggest events of youth group: the Brazil Trip. My youth pastor has said that this is one of the biggest things that helps pay for the trip. Without it, we wouldn’t go nearly as often as we do, which is once every four years. Read more

Preparing for Brazil, Part One

Hey everyone! I’m glad to be sitting and writing again, I’ve had a fairly exciting couple of weeks recently. I’ve been doing school work, helping out with my church’s vacation Bible school, and (of course), preparing for my upcoming trip to Brazil! And by upcoming, I mean two-to-three days. I am feeling both nervous, and excited. Thankfully, our trip got pushed back a few days, which means my family has more time to prepare. This is going to be my first trip out of the country, as well as my first missions trip, and I just wanted to say very quickly to everyone who’s supported me:

Thank you so much! 🙂

It has been so wonderful getting so much encouragement and support! I am now fully paid and have completed almost all of the requirements I was given, and thus am now almost ready to go. As part of my thanks for helping me out, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve had to do in order to get ready to go to Brazil with my Youth Group. If your interested, please feel free to click here. Read more

My First Missions Trip

Hi there everyone!  This is your friendly blogger buddy, and I want to tell you some exciting news: I’m going with my youth group on a missions trip to Brazil! We’re heading to Recife (pronounced ruh-SEE-fee), from July 1st through July 18th to help out a summer camp, Camp Paradise.

Camp Paradise is a Christian youth camp where we will spend the first week doing things like:

  • helping with activities for the junior campers
  • cutting down an invasive species of palm tree
  • doing the dishes (all by hand)
  • painting buildings
  • sharing our testimonies and speaking in chapel

The second week, we attend camp alongside the Brazilian campers. We’ll be able to get to know the Brazilians and their culture on a more personal level while we also learn about God. Read more