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Between The Shadows: Chapter One

“Baroness, a group of travelers has arrived and requests your presence.”  The young baroness smiles at her butler.  “Thank you Princely.”  The old butler nods and leaves the room.  A young blonde-haired man closes the door behind the butler and smiles at the baroness saying “I guess you’ve become pretty popular Gene”. Read more

Between The Shadows: Chapter Two

Aaron moans and wakes up feeling like he’s just been stampeded by elephants.  He gets up and opens his eyes, taking in his surroundings.  He’s in a dark cell with three stone walls and one wall that is all bars to let in light, if there was any.  As far as he could tell he was the only one in what must be a dungeon, and the air smelled dry so he knew that he must be deep underground or indoors. Read more

Between The Shadows: Chapter Three

“Saddle my  horse Princely!” Genesis says, just mere hours after her friend Aaron was abducted by the mysterious characters known as Shadus and Remra.   “My lady, you are rushing into this,” Princely says, “wait until troops arrive to accompany you.”  “By then it could be to late Princely! I have his sword, I’ll be fine.” Genesis mounts her Read more

Between The Shadows: Chapter Four

Aaron walks down a dark hallway in his borrowed knight’s armor, looking for a way out of this strange place.  He wishes his suit didn’t clink and rattle like it did when he walked so it would draw less attention, but he shrugs it off and keeps going.  He doesn’t know what this place is,  but he knows that if Shadus wants him to stay, he has to get out as soon as possible. Read more

Between The Shadows: Chapter Five

Genesis looks down at the sword hanging in its sheathe by her side, then looks at Binny who is defending her from the horrible creature from before.  ‘How am I going to save Aaron if I can’t even protect myself?‘ she thinks, then hesitantly draws her blade.  The glint of light shining off of it catches the creature’s eye and it runs past Binny, eager to destroy Genesis.  Read more

Between The Shadows: Chapter Six

Aaron walks through the barren field he’s in that never seems to stop, the sun beating down harshly on him, making him sweat underneath of his traveler’s cloak.  He would take it off, but then he would likely be spotted and taken back to where he just escaped from, and he is determined to get as far away from there as possible.  ‘I’ve been walking for hours,‘, he thinks, ‘I’m starved, I wish Valence had given me some food or something.‘  As the sun starts to set he sees a town in the distance.  After a few more hours of walking Aaron arrives and is grateful for the cool of the evening. Read more

Between The Shadows: Chapter Seven

“Blast!”  Remra yells as she slams her hand on a strange table.  The table is like a scale model of the entire realm of Jino*, except it has live, miniature people and creatures running around.  “How dare she do such a thing, kill my Phanticore!”  Remra has just witnessed a miniature Binny and Genesis kill the miniature Phanticore** on the table.  “Prisma! Bring me some tea!!”  A young girl in the back nods, her glasses sliding down her face a little. “Yes ma’am”. Read more