Between The Shadows: Chapter Two

Aaron moans and wakes up feeling like he’s just been stampeded by elephants.  He gets up and opens his eyes, taking in his surroundings.  He’s in a dark cell with three stone walls and one wall that is all bars to let in light, if there was any.  As far as he could tell he was the only one in what must be a dungeon, and the air smelled dry so he knew that he must be deep underground or indoors.

He hears footsteps echoing down the hall and stands up.  As the figure steps closer Aaron wishes he had some sort of weapon or light.  Shadus emerges, obvious boredom on his face.  “So you’re awake.” he says.  “Where am I?  Why am I here?” Aaron asks, holding onto the bars and giving Shadus an angry look.  “Tabelara, a kingdom like yours, but also very different.” Shadus replies, “you are here because our ruler the king needs something that you do, or will soon, possess”.  Aaron tenses.  “Where is Genesis?”.

Shadus finally steps closer, eying Aaron.  “She is safe, but we will have her soon enough.”  Aaron’s grip on the bar tightens as he says “Don’t you touch her”.  Shadus smiles saying “I don’t need to, Remra will see to her capture.”  And on that note, he walked away, leaving Aaron feeling hopelessly lost.

A guard hears moaning coming from a cell down the hall and goes to investigate.  He sees Aaron laying on the floor and moaning, so he opens the cell.  He gets closer and Aaron jumps up, grabs the guard’s sword, and stabs the guard right in the back.  The guard disappears in a puff of black smoke, leaving his armor.  Aaron gets an idea, and hopes it’ll turn out better than he thinks it will.