Between The Shadows: Chapter Twelve

“Oops!” Binny and Genesis duck as a fireball zooms over there heads.  “Hector!! Watch where you’re shooting that!” Binny yells at him, dropping her firewood.  Hector bites his lip and looks down at the wood he’d been trying to ignite with his magic “Sorry…”

“Stop it Binny, he’s just trying” Genesis says as she places her own bundle of wood on the ground.  Hector tries again, and he ignites the wood, starting their campfire.  He then pulls out the map  his dad gave him and studies it.

“You figure that map out yet Wizzy?” Binny asks as she sits down and pulls out some food from her bag.  Hector gives Binny a look, then returns to his map and says “Kinda, there’s writing here.  It’s old, and in a different language, but it’s something…”

“‘Something’? This is my BROTHER, can’t we work on something more than ‘something’?!” Binny asks tensely. “Calm down Binny, at least we’re getting somewhere.” Genesis says soothingly.  She looks over at Hector.  “What can you translate”? she asks, and Hector brings the map closer to the fire.  “Not much,” he replies, “but…let me give it a try”.

Hector clears his throat and reads from the paper.  “Two worlds…once joined together…separated by…” Hector stops.  “That’s all I can read from the map, but…I think I’ve read this before…”

Hector begins flipping through a book.  “Here” he says and starts reading it out loud.  “Our realm is but one side of a coin.  Two worlds, Jino and Tabelara, where once joined together in harmony.  Though neither side knew each other, they knew of each other, and they where separated by the Gates of End, placed there by the four Guardians.  Many sought after the world of Tabelara, but none quite as fiercely as a young man by the name of Syx.

Syx, like many before him, was raised on the stories of Tabelara, told of it’s wonder and power, and of it’s inhabitants.  Syx wanted this power for himself.  He scoured the realm in search of the gates, until one day he found them.  The Gates where locked, as they always are, but Syx had found the key long before he had found the Gates.

Syx unlocked the Gates and plunged through them.  However, no mortal had ever attempted to cross over before, and as the Gates closed on our side, Syx became trapped between the realms.  Learn from his mistake, friend, do not seek what is not rightfully yours.

The group had fallen from ease to wary as the sun set around them and the story grew darker and darker.  Now they all sat on the ground, feeling nervous and scared.  “But, Aaron’s all right, right?”  Binny asks halfheartedly.  Genesis smiles reassuringly.

“Of coarse he is Binny, remember? We saw him for ourselves.”  Hector closes his book and puts it away.  “Your friend is pretty famous now, the only person to make it through the Gates alive.” he remarks.  “We still have work to do though,” Genesis says, “Hector, does it say where the Gates are?”

Hector rolls open the map.  “It looks like they’re west, like, past the Lost Valley. But, I think we need the key to open the gate.”  “An’ how do we get the key?” Binny asks.  “Uh…” Hector flips through a series of books. “It looks like when Syx went through, the Guardians realized they couldn’t let this happen again, so they had it broken into four piece and scattered them.  I think I can find where they’re hidden though…”

“Well, we have to try” Genesis says determinedly, and they all turn in for the night.

(A mental journey ending in mystery, man this is fun! More to come y’all!)