Between The Shadows: Chapter Three

“Saddle my  horse Princely!” Genesis says, just mere hours after her friend Aaron was abducted by the mysterious characters known as Shadus and Remra.   “My lady, you are rushing into this,” Princely says, “wait until troops arrive to accompany you.”  “By then it could be to late Princely! I have his sword, I’ll be fine.” Genesis mounts her white mare, Buttermilk.

“My lady, you’ve never fenced in your life, how do you expect to survive out there alone!?”

“Aaron’s family’s farm is close by, I’ll have his father teach me some skills along the way.”

Princely sighs.  “If I cannot talk you out of it, then I wish you the best of luck, my Baroness” Princely hands her a saddle bag, and Genesis rides away.

As Genesis arrives at a town she hears screaming, and a huge creature runs at her, it had wings like a bat, but the body of a lion, and eyes like that of a snake, the entire creature being a cold, pure black.  Genesis just steers her horse away from the monsters path as it bolts by, it large talons clicking on the stone path.  When she didn’t see the monster for some time, she assumed it to be safe and rode her horse into town.

The entire village is in shambles, stands destroyed, saddened villagers where ever she goes.  Genesis asks for directions to Desimé Ranch and heads to the outskirts of the village.  As she strolls through the big wooden gates she hears whooping and a good dozen chickens run straight at her, scaring Buttermilk and Genesis is flung from the saddle.

After all the chickens had passed Genesis hears a young, female voice say “sorry ’bout that, didn’t see you ridin’ in!” and then Genesis is helped up by a small girl with blonde ponytails and a simple cotton shirt and pants ensemble.  “Really, really sorry ’bout that, Papa says I should watch before running the chickens, but they always need a good running now and then, otherwise they never get enough exercise!”.  “And you are?” Genesis says as she dusts off her dress.  “Oh, my name’s Binny, I’m my Papa’s oldest daughter and I’m gonna run the farm someday!”.  “That’s nice, you wouldn’t happen to know Aaron Desimé would you?”.

Binny crosses her arms in a ‘you-new-or-something?’ way and says “Duh, he is my brother.”

“Right, I should have figured.  Strange though, Aaron never mentioned he had a little sister”.

“Everyone knows everyone in town, he probably figured it was the same where- wait…You’re that pretty girl he’s always going to see!”  Binny smiles like only a little sister can.  “Well anyways, I’m here to speak to your father”.  Genesis tries to push past Binny, but Binny just follows along and says “Oh, Papa isn’t here, he had to go on business since Aaron didn’t come back home today”,  Binny gives Genesis a suspicious look, “You wouldn’t happen to now where Aaron is would ya’?”

“Umm, well, it’s kind of hard to explain, but no one else in your family knows how to sword fight?”

“I know how to fight, in fact I’m almost as good as Aaron and Papa,  I can teach you just as soon as you tell me what’s goin’ on.”

“Alright fine” Genesis explains what’s happened to Aaron and Binny just listens wide-eyed.  When Genesis finishes Binny says “Okay, I’ll help ya’, but I wanna come along.”

“No way, if you where older maybe but-”

“Hey, I’m strong too lady, my Papa taught me how to fight and I’ve trained with Aaron every day”.

“First, dear girl, I am not a Lady, I am a Baroness.  Second, you’re too young, I just saw a huge lion…thing that has everyone in town scared!”

“yeah, I know.  The chickens where restless about it, so I decided to give ’em a run.”  Binny says, “an’ you don’t got any good reason to talk down to me lady, I’m just as grown up as-”  Both girls hear chicken squawking and all of the chickens run past them in a fury, all being chased by the black creature from town.  “It’s back!” Genesis yells as Binny grabs a wooden practice sword from a fence and stands in a protective stance in front of Genesis.  “Don’t make any sudden movements or that thing migh’ attack” Binny says quietly as the creature stops in front of the two girls.

The creature snarls and lunges at the two but Binny swings her sword and uses the leverage to throw the creature a good few feet away from them.  The creature gets up, dazed, then runs at them again, a large tail like a whip tipped with iron appearing and slicing in half everything it touches.  As the Binny defends herself from the beast and Genesis hides nearby, things are not looking well for our young Baroness at the moment.

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