Between The Shadows: Chapter Ten

“Right this way ladies”  Banimi says as he guides the girls through his house to where he keeps his magic telescope.  Genesis knows that the telescope itself isn’t really magic, but it’s the special magic black lens on it’s end that supposedly allows you to see into another world.  Though no one had investigated this world, or even named it, Genesis was almost certain that is where Aaron is.  The girls are very surprised at the size of the house given it’s rather small seeming exterior.  The rooms seem to go on forever, they had already passed the kitchen, a library, a metal-workers forge (just a hobby Banimi had told them, but when they looked in they saw an enormous man made of steel, as well as a chest under the desk that seemed to be moving on it’s own), as well as both Banimi’s and Hector’s bedrooms.

Finally, the group emerges into a large round room with a domed ceiling.  Bookshelves line almost every wall, work benches littered with strange designs for even stranger contraptions sit wherever they seem to fit, and a large brass telescope sits in the middle of all this.  The telescope itself is about the normal size for any telescope, the larger end covered by a brown, leather lens cap.

“This is it!” Banimi says as he makes his way to the center of the room and takes off the lens cap, “Just look through the other end and you should find whomever you’re looking for.”  Genesis warily bends down and looks through the telescope, then she gasps at what she sees.  She sees Aaron falling down an enormous cavern, and just as it looks like he’s going to die, a strange creature grabs him and lands on a staircase of sorts that’s embedded in the rocky red cliff face.

“I see him!” She cries as Binny pushes her out of the way and looks through.  “It is him! It’s really him!!”  Genesis looks over at Banimi.  “Do you know how to get to where he is?” she asks eagerly, but Banimi shakes his head.  “No one’s ever been there before that friend of yours,  you’d need someone with enough talent and power to cross dimensions for that.”  Hector accidentally bumps into one of the shelves, sending a stack of books and a strange glass instrument crashing onto the floor.  “Sorry!” Hector says as his father throws his hands up in the air and mutters something the girls are probably glad they didn’t hear.

Hector looks like he focuses hard and the items on the floor levitate back onto the shelves, fixing themselves as they go. Hector looks over at his dad and the girls again, and his father is just staring.  “Y-You just did magic, a-and nothing went wrong!” Banimi exclaims as he runs and hugs his son.  “It’s just repairing magic dad, no big!”  Hector says, struggling to get air through his dad strong embrace.  “But it’s a start, a very good start!”  Banimi says as he lets go of Hector, then he gets a look on his face like he’s just been struck with an idea.

“Hector will go with you!” He says to the girls as he runs off to a part of the room with charts hanging on the walls.  “What?” Genesis asks as Banimi runs back and thrusts a map in Genesis’ hands, then runs off to yet another part of the room.  “Hector can do it, I know he can!  And the magic has to be done at a specific place anyway, so it’ll give him plenty of time to learn!” Banimi calls from his area, his nose deep in a book.  “Dad, there’s no way I can-”  “Shush!  This is your chance to prove something to me son, and do you know what you’ll prove?” Banimi asks as he puts a hand on his son’s shoulder and looks him in the eyes, “that you have talent far greater than any sorcerer before you, even more than I.”

Hector doesn’t get a chance to respond as Banimi continues talking with the girls near the speed of light, all the while gathering things they’ll need for the long journey ahead of them.  At some point the girls find themselves on the doorstep holding supplies, Hector standing behind them.  Banimi says good-bye and closes the door.

Binny looks over at Genesis and whispers; “Did we just get stuck with a weenie of a wizard as a traveling buddy?”  They both turn and look at Hector, then they turn back and Genesis whispers; “Maybe this’ll work out”.

(Again, such a long chapter! I never thought I’d make it this far with my book, and I’m grateful to friends and family who’ve withstood my talking about it and bouncing ideas off of them so much, I still have more coming, so hold on! 😉 )