Between The Shadows: Chapter Seven

“Blast!”  Remra yells as she slams her hand on a strange table.  The table is like a scale model of the entire realm of Jino*, except it has live, miniature people and creatures running around.  “How dare she do such a thing, kill my Phanticore!”  Remra has just witnessed a miniature Binny and Genesis kill the miniature Phanticore** on the table.  “Prisma! Bring me some tea!!”  A young girl in the back nods, her glasses sliding down her face a little. “Yes ma’am”.

As Prisma leaves, Shadus and Valence walk in,  Shadus his usual bored self, and Valence assuming a kind of habitual guard stance.  “You wanna be quieter when you yell Remra?  I could hear you three halls down.” Shadus says as he lays back in a large, cushy, red-velvet covered armchair.  The entire room has a strange feel to it, the walls are covered in a rich, champaign colored wallpaper, the rugs a lush, deep forest green color.  The room  contains two large chairs like the one Shadus is laying in, Remra’s magic table, and a large crackling fireplace against the back wall.  While this room sounds plush and comforting, the entire room contains a feel of foreboding and terror for most except for Remra, Shadus, and a select few others.

“What do you want Shadus?”  Remra says, her face set in a thinking manner.  “He wanted to know how things where going on your end.”  Shadus says, still bored.  “Tell him, dear Shadus, that I have EVERYTHING under control!”  Prisma was coming back into the room and jumped at the sound of Remra yelling, causing her to drop her tea tray.  Valence bends down and help Prisma pick up the fallen china and cookies and such.  Prisma looks up and gives Valence a small smile, her violet eyes meeting his, causing him to smile as well.

“If you to will stop dallying down there!” Remra snaps, “Prisma I need more tea and Valence, a word”.  Remra gives Valence a look that sends shivers down his spine.  After Prisma leaves the room, Shadus sits up in his chair and smiles, something he rarely does with good intent.  “Valence,” Remra says cooly “I’m sure Shadus has told you of this, but there is a special prisoner in our dungeon.  A human.”

“Yes, I am well aware, milady”  Valence replies.

“Then, you are aware that we never bring humans into this world, lest it be for a good cause?” She continues

“Yes, milady.”

“Good, now there is something I need you to do.”

“And that is, milady?”

Remra walks over to her fireplace.  “Redeem yourself from letting him loose.  We need him to find a sword, a special sword mind you, but a sword just the same.  After all,”  Remra touches the cool stone mantle, “It is for the good of Tabelara.”

Valence swallows hard.  “And should you fail in this, then I suppose there will be consequences.”  Remra says as she picks up a decorative war knife off of her mantle and Valence’s face pales.  “Are we perfectly clear Valence?” Valence nods.  “Yes milady.”  Remra looks at him and raises an eyebrow.  “Then why haven’t you left yet?”

(Yeowch! Remra seems to be doing well, and poorly, she certainly knows how to get her way.  Wanna see more? Tell me! Comment! How’s my driving? Tell me!! (more to come if you say you want it or don’t) )

(*Jino, The realm where Genesis is baroness and Aaron is a farmer’s son)  (**Phanticore, the creature that attacked Binny and Genesis at the farm, named by my friend Erin!)