Between The Shadows: Chapter Fourteen

“What is wrong with that guy?” Aaron asks as he and Caelia leave Chief Genar’s room.  “He is a bit…eccentric.” Caelia replies hesitantly.  “Ever since Shadus’s betrayal, Chief Genar has been wary to travelers, and has been unwilling to see any until now.”  As the two walk up several flights of a stairs, a question continues to burn at the back of Aaron’s mind.

“Caelia, why are your people hiding underground when you can fly?”  Caelia turns around and gives Aaron a puzzled look.  She thinks for a minute, then says “At the time, I believe it was the best way to hide our city, and the magma nearby keeps it warm in the winter.”  Aaron’s eyes widen.  “Did you say MAGMA?!”  Caelia smirks.  “Yes, but you do not need to worry, none has ever made it in here.”

Caelia pushes open a wooden door, and they find themselves outside, in a secret cliff space unseen from above.  At the bottom of the canyon are a few mature Monarchs, as well as many who seem to be no older than five or six.  The mature ones seem to be instructing the younger ones on how to fly.

“Our world was one of peace, Aaron, but that changed when Shadus came in and brought us near the brink of extinction.  I want the young to remember us as the brave race who stood against him and the rest of the Shadow race, and brought freedom to the world.”

Caelia looks over at Aaron, and she no longer looks like a young, care-free teenage girl.  She looks like someone who has experienced horrible war, death, hundreds of years of suffering.  “Help free my people Aaron.  Find the Dark Sword.”

“A WHAT!?!”  Aaron yells, back in Genar’s chamber.  ‘You want me to slay a WHAT!?!” Genar looks Aaron in the eye, even though he has to look up slightly.  “You heard me right boy.  Prove you seek the Dark Sword for a just cause by slaying the canyon guardian.”  “If it’s your guardian,”  Aaron says, “then why do you want me to kill it?”

Genar gets this quire, sour look on his face.  “It is the great Guardian of Fire, protector of our sacred city.  However, I fear he has become bitter and aggressive in the last few years, after the curse laid upon him by Shadus.  The only to stop the curse is to slay the guardian.”

“You’re insane, I don’t even have a good sword with me!”  Aaron says.  Genar throws something at Aaron and he catches it.  Aaron looks at it, and sees it’s a sword in a very worn sheath.  “Use that.”

(Who would’a thunk? Apparently Genar is crazier than imagined! Stay tuned fellahs)