Between The Shadows: Chapter Four

Aaron walks down a dark hallway in his borrowed knight’s armor, looking for a way out of this strange place.  He wishes his suit didn’t clink and rattle like it did when he walked so it would draw less attention, but he shrugs it off and keeps going.  He doesn’t know what this place is,  but he knows that if Shadus wants him to stay, he has to get out as soon as possible.

“You there!” a loud voice barks down the tunnel and Aaron turns around.  “Didn’t you hear?” the owner of the voice says, “all knights are to report to the main hall for inspection!”  The owner of the voice was a young man with purple eyes and deep gray hair.  He has different armor from Aaron, so Aaron assumes he must be important in some way.  “Come with me, rookie.” the knight says and Aaron follows him down the hall against his wishes.

Just my luck,‘ Aaron thinks as Shadus begins inspecting each guard, lifting their visors and everything.  ‘How am I going to get out of here now?!‘  As Shadus is only two guards away from Aaron, a hand pulls him away from the line with absolutely no sound at all.  As Aaron is dragged down what appears to be a side-corridor he tries to say something but is shushed by his mysterious rescuer.

They stop for a minute and Aaron sees through the low light that his helper is the guy from earlier.  “It’s you!”  The guy looks at Aaron and says “Yeah it’s me, what else would you expect, a flying monkey?”,  the guy stands up straighter, “Shall we keep moving?”.  “Wait”, Aaron says, “What’s your name?”

The guy sighs.  “This is not timely in any way, but if you must know, my name is Valence.  Now we have to go before someone figures out you’ve escaped.”  Aaron stops him again and takes off his helmet, showing his blonde hair.  “How did you know I was an escaped prisoner?  And where are you taking me?”  “I’m taking you to the field outside the castle, after that I can’t help you, and as for how I knew,”  Valence turns away and starts walking, “You’re wearing the armor of a friend of mine, not that I’d call him a friend anyway.”

“You seem kind of young to be a knight”  Aaron says as he catches up to Valence.  “Must you keep talking?  It could blow our cover.” is all Valence says.  “Eh, no one’s here, and I trust that there aren’t any side tunnels to this one, otherwise I would have seen one by now.” Aaron says calmly.  “You are really starting to annoy me”, Valence says, “but I’m not as young as I look, no one in Tabelara is.  We are all shadow creatures who have lived for many hundreds of years.”

“You look 17, genius,” Aaron says, still calmly.  “I’m 1,700 years old wise-guy,”  Valence retorts, “Besides, you couldn’t be older than twenty.”  “Nice guess, now tell me my height and weight and see if you get those right too.” Aaron says.  “You are annoying me now, so shut up.  I know joking and wise cracks are how you handle stress.”  Aaron looks over at Valence with mock hurt on his face “I do nothing of the sort!”  Aaron stops talking when they both see a light up ahead.

They come across a round door with bars composing most of it, on the outside Aaron can see a field that looks rather barren and empty.  The sun was shining brightly in the sky, making even the small tunnel the boys are in feel gruesomely hot.  “Won’t they spot me?” Aaron asks as Valence opens the door.  “Not if you put this on and take off that armor.” he says and throws a worn travelers cloak like the one Shadus was wearing at him.  “I wish you the best of luck Aaron,  I’m relying on you to bring hope back to my home.” Valence says as he shuts the door and walks back up the tunnel, leaving Aaron alone.

(Hmm, interesting, I wonder what surprises could wait for Aaron now that he’s out 😀 Stay tuned!)