Between The Shadows: Chapter Five

Genesis looks down at the sword hanging in its sheathe by her side, then looks at Binny who is defending her from the horrible creature from before.  ‘How am I going to save Aaron if I can’t even protect myself?‘ she thinks, then hesitantly draws her blade.  The glint of light shining off of it catches the creature’s eye and it runs past Binny, eager to destroy Genesis.  Genesis raises her sword and swings, startling the monster and causing it to stop.  “Perfect!  Now attack it!” Binny cheers.  Genesis stabs at the creature but it evades her.  She swings, jabs, and dodges, each movement feeling more comfortable and fluid as she goes.

She has the creature backed into a corner, but as she looks at it’s eyes, she doesn’t have the courage to kill it.  The creature sees this as a sign of weakness and lunges, but Binny pulls Genesis away from it just in time, the creature only managing to rip her dress.  “Thanks, Binny,” Genesis says.  “Don’t thank me just yet, now focus!” Binny says, her eyes trained on the creature, “Now on my count”.

“One,” The creature growls deeply and angerly.

“Two,” The creature lunges again.

“Three!” Both girls run at the creature, Binny smacks it on the head with her practice sword and Genesis stabs it’s side with her real one.  The creature howls in pain and fury as it falls to the ground and disappears in a puff of black smoke.  “W-We did it…” Genesis says.  “Nice work, for a rookie,” Binny says, then she looks over at where the creature was.  “You know what that was?” She asks. Genesis shakes her head.  Binny smiles and says “It’s gettin’ dark, why don’t’cha stay the night here?” she says, then looks at Genesis’ torn dress.  “You could probably borrow some clothes too.”  Genesis smiles.  “Thanks Binny, that would be lovely.”

“These’re some of Aaron’s clothes that got mixed up in the wash” Binny says as she grabs a dark pink tunic from Aaron’s closet and throws it to Genesis, along with an undershirt, some pants, and some boots.  It’s the morning after the attack, and Genesis is preparing to leave, taking Binny with her after realizing just how talented she is.  Genesis gets dressed and inspects herself in a mirror.  Though they’re a little big, Aaron’s clothes fit well enough, and the pink color shows off her blonde hair and green eyes.

She straps Aaron’s sword to her side and heads outside where Binny is waiting, along with Buttermilk and a smaller horse for Binny.  Genesis mounts Buttermilk and the two girls ride off, heading for a town in the hills where nearly everyone knows of magic in some way or another, hoping that someone there will know about where Aaron might be.

(That’s right, Ponytails gets to come along, stay tuned for more to come 😉 )