Between The Shadows: Chapter Fifteen

“It looks like the first key shard is somewhere around here.”  Hector says.  Binny looks around and says “Uh, you sure ’bout that Hector?”  The group has just arrived at what appears to be a crumbling stone city out in the middle of nowhere.  Looking both left and right, they’re unable to see civilization for miles.

“Hate to break it to you, but there ain’t nothin’ here Wizzy.”  Binny says as Genesis dismounts from her horse and walks into the ruins.  As she walks through them, Genesis gets a sense of power, foreboding, and anger as she sees places where stone was bashed in, others where flames had scorched the stone black.

“I think we’re in the right place, start looking around guys.”  She says as she walks deeper into the ruins.  As they wander deeper and deeper inward, the sense of foreboding seems to grow stronger as they go.  Finally Genesis arrives at a harsh stone wall, that looked as though it was once beautiful.  Seeing nothing important, she turns to leave.

A harsh rumbling comes from behind her, and rocks start to roll by her feet.  Genesis turns and look over her shoulder just in time to see the rocky mess behind her explode.  A huge caterpillar comes barreling toward her, and Genesis jumps out of the way.  She hears Binny and Hector scream off in the distance, and assumes they had seen the creature.

Genesis gets up, then runs down the crumbling stone corridor in the direction of where the giant caterpillar went, but is soon cut off by a gust of searing hot flames.  From behind the fire, Genesis can see Binny keeping the monster away from Hector as attempts to use his spells against it.  Genesis catches Hector’s eye, and he digs through his pocket for something.

Finally, Hector throws something bronze and small at her.  Catching it, Genesis sees it’s a ring with her own family crest on it.  Believing in her friend, Genesis puts the ring on and she suddenly feels stronger, filled with power.

Genesis hears Hector say something like “thro- r-!”  Fitting the pieces together as best she can, Genesis picks up a rock that would have been far to large before for her to lift, and she throws it.  The rock crashes into the caterpillar, and the fire dies down.

Binny attacks the creature, sinking her sword into it’s forehead.  Binny then jumps away and the girls hear Hector say “Terum Leviat!” Suddenly the bug (as well as the rock underneath) is sailing up into the air.  Then just as suddenly the bug crashes into the ground, and goes right through it, hundreds of feet below them.  Binny looks down into pit and her face pinches “it’s dead…”.

A red glow comes from deep inside, and a ruby-colored shard comes out of the pit and lands in Genesis’ hand.  The shard is as long as her index finger, and it appears to be like an oval with points at the end.  The shard then sinks into her skin, and disappears.

(I’m going to cut it off there, let you stew in it for a little while, see ya!)