Between The Shadows: Chapter Eleven

“Man, this place is kinda small, and dark..” Aaron says as Caelia leads him down a dark corridor hewn into the cliff side.  Caelia snickers a little as she pushes a rough wooden door open, entering into a large room.  The entire room is made of stone, corridors leading to other places littered in the walls.  Alcoves in the rock hold sconces ablaze with fire, and wooden scaffolding spanning the room as it goes up and up.  Caelia turns and looks at Aaron saying “Big enough for you?”.  Aaron nods in amazement as she leads him up a flight of stairs, heading toward one of the doors.

“Caelia, who is this outsider you have brought into our home?”  A guard asks as they walk by him.  “He is an enemy of Shadus’, and he searches for the Dark Sword.”  She responds.  The guard grunts and opens a door next to him.  “May he find luck and good fortune with the chief then”.  “Well,”  Aaron says as the leave the room and head down yet another dark corridor, “he seemed, odd…”

Caelia sighs.  “There is a legend told by my people, that a hero who seeks the Dark Sword will save us from the times of darkness.  He was wishing you good luck, as our chief does not normally receive visitors happily these days.  The last one was…” Caelia turns and looks at Aaron, “Shadus.”  “Oh, wow…”  Aaron says as they enter what seems to be the chief’s room.

“Halt!!  You monster! How dare you show your face in this hidden city!?”  An old man yells as he points a staff at Aaron’s face, brushing his chin.  The old man is like Caelia, but his wings look to old and wrinkled to fly.  He appears to be somewhat hunched from old age, and he has close-cut gray hair with a large bald spot on his head.

“Chief Genar, this is not Shadus Malare, he is a friend and ally!”  Caelia says as she moves out from behind Aaron.  “Lies! I would recognize the villain anywhere!” Chief Genar says as he shoves the staff closer to Aaron, touching his throat.  “Um, if we could, like, just cool off for a second?”  Aaron says nervously, not sure how dangerous this old guy is with a staff.

“Chief Genar, look at him, he is not even shadow.  He is a human.”  Genar’s eyes widen and he lowers his staff away from Aaron.  “Impossible, humans live on the other side, none have ever traveled here.”  Genar says as he walks off to another part of the room.  Aaron clears his throat and shifts uneasily on his feet.

“With all due respect sir,”  Aaron says rather awkwardly, “if it where impossible then I wouldn’t be in this mess.”  Genar gives Aaron a backwards glance, then he turns around and walks back toward him.  Genar pokes Aaron in the chest with his staff and says “true, and you don’t seem to be a magical being.  In fact, you seem disgustingly uninteresting and non-magical.”  Aaron frowns and says “thanks?”

Genar looks under Aaron’s arm, looks at the back of Aaron’s head, and basically does everything in his power to invade his personal space.  Aaron looks uncomfortable, but he lets Genar continue till he looks satisfied.  “Very well, I trust you are not with Shadus.  But you still should not be here.”

“Chief Genar, sir,” Aaron says, anxious to get this guy to listen to him, “I’m looking for the Dark Sword.”  Genar perks up and looks Aaron in the eye.  “You are?”

(Aaron seems to be causing quite a stir, maybe things are going better on Genesis’ side? Let’s find out soon 🙂 )