Zoe.  Just three letters can be used to label an entire person.  How odd.  I’ve had lots of people tell me writing an “About Me” page is really hard, and I can’t say they’re wrong, but I’m gonna give it my best shot.

While my love of blogging didn’t start until 2014, my love of video-gaming spreads far beyond I can remember.  I’ll never forget those days of doughnuts, chocolate milk, and Wind Waker at 7:00am.

I’m not just a video-gamer though, I also believe I’ve shown myself to be a writer as well.  So far many of my (two) books have been backed by my family and my cousin.  Blogging kind of feels like an outlet for me to both be more social, and to let the world know I’m alive and kicking!

Though I’ve played many a Zelda title, I’ve also enjoyed many Spyro, Pokemon, and Crash Bandicoot games.  I like to spend my free time when I’m “un-plugged” with my family and my dog, Claire.  Feel free to follow me at @NaviKnowsWP!