A Tour of The World: Snowpeak Ruins

A few weeks ago I made a post about snow-based dungeons, and in it I said I would do a future post about one of my more-liked snow-based dungeons, Snowpeak Ruins from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and that kind of inspired me to look at more dungeons beyond just Snowpeak Ruins and, well, suppose about them.  Hence, A Tour of The World.  I look forward to starting off this spin-off of sorts with the coverage of this dungeon, so here we go!

Snowpeak_RuinsI love this place.  I’m certain everyone has their favorite dungeon, and for some reason, even though I hate snow-dungeons with a vengeance, there was something about this dungeon, and until now I’ve never been able to peg it.

Before I get into supposing things, let us look at what the ruins physically are.

  • The ruins of a mansion.
  • In fairly good shape.
  • Built with defense systems.
  • Inhabited with monsters.
  • Lived in.

Yes, that is correct.  For once, the dungeon Link crawls through is the home of people, or rather, yeti.  The Snowpeak Ruins are the happy home of a Yeti named Yeto, and his wife, Yeta.  They are a very happy little family, and I find that to be an interesting quality to the dungeon.

So, here’s one of the first things I find interesting about the ruins:

It’s Built With Defenses.

This is the home of a pair of Yetus (yeti?…I have no idea what the plural of yeti is) who live happily and blissfully in their little tundra paradise, so why have defenses?  My first thought instantly was that they were there to fight back monsters, but I doubt a yeti would need defenses against the kind of monsters found up there, so why the defense systems?  Of course, then I remembered a key fact, the mansion was likely abandoned before Yeto and Yeta moved in, and so it’s likely that the mansion was built with cannonball transfer spots in the walls, cannons in the courtyard, as well as cannons inside.

However, why?  Why would someone deep within the mountains of distant Hyrule territory require a way to protect themselves?  In the timeline, the game to come right before this is Majora’s Mask, which takes place in an alternate realm of Hyrule, so I doubt that it impacted how Hyrule expanded.  I’ll expound on this more with this:

The Monsters.

I normally hate snow monsters, they freeze you, then attack you.  Kind of a cheap attack.  But, I started thinking about the monsters at Snowpeak Ruins, and I noticed something interesting.

Let’s look at the monsters that are in there anyway, we’ve got:White-Wolfos-Zelda-TS-White Wolfos,


Chilfos_(Twilight_Princess)And Chilfos, as well as mini-Freezards and a few others, but I want to focus on these three for now.

Now, look closely at the Chilfos in the third picture (it should still be on your screen) and how they place their Ice Lances to keep Link from going through.  This seems a tad like odd behavior for common enemies, even if they are human shaped.  However, as I just said, 125px-MM_SoldierChilfos are human shaped, and they carry spears.  Remind you of anyone?

That’s right, Chilfos have the same weapons and stature as the knights of Hyrule (and Termina) from Ocarina of Time. An interesting fact, considering that when you simply observe a Chilfos before engaging it in battle, you are most likely going to watch them do something a lot along the lines of patrolling, which again reminds me of something from Ocarina of Time, the maze in Hyrule Castle.

 2_Castle20_LargeIn this, Hyrule’s soldiers are seen looking for intruders, and have kicked them out of the castle upon finding them.  If you’re caught by a Chilfos however, they will try to kill you.  I believe that the reason these two are so similar is because they are the same thing, or at least, they were.

The easiest way for me to explain this is to tell you what I believe.  I believe that the Snowpeak Ruins were built in the time of the Hyrule cival war, which happened just as Ocarina of Time started.  They had it built with defenses, and they filled it with guards and watchdogs. Time moved on, and likely the mansion was attacked from time-to-time (which explains some of the more harsh states of decay), and some died.

The Chilfos are, in my opinion, the souls of soldier’s past, still protecting their base.  The White Wolfos in the courtyards are past watchdogs, still patrolling and defending their territory.  There’s even a Darknut that Link must face in order to take something from a chest, which in the eyes of the Darknut, would appear as a theft.  Was the Darknut a general, commissioned to protect?

Over time the mansion was abandoned (or every died), and monsters infested it’s remains.  After that, Yeto and Yeta came, and the spirits roam on.  I feel sorry for them, all they want to do is protect as they always had.  However, I can only hope that destroying them puts them at rest.

That’s all I’ve got to say as far as the Snowpeak Ruins, at least for now.  Join me on a Tour of The World later, my friends!