A Fairy New Subject

Everyone is well aware of the games pokemon X and pokemon Y, but quite a few of my friends at least don’t quite understand the fearsomeness of the latest pokemon type to be added to the roster.  Thinking about that, as well as what on earth I was going to do for PokeMonth, led me to decide to cover the latest the pokemon world has to offer.


This on the right is a Sylveon.  During X and Y’s development, Sylveon kind of became the staple of fairy-types for fans everywhere.  You might not be able to notice, but it’s pretty easy to spot a fairy-type because it will be either pink, cute, or both.

Looking at this cute thing, you probably think the fairy-type is a useless category and it won’t do you any good to have one.  But you might not know (oh you nonbelievers,) that these fluffy little things are incredibly valuable in a battle, especially when facing a dragon-type.

That’s right, the scaly-varments have finally been taken down a peg.  It is impossible to hit a fairy-type with a physical/special dragon-type move.  Sad news for those people who brought their level 70 Haxorous from Black and White, you might wanna change up your team.

Many fairy-types can be caught in X and Y, and some pokemon from older games, like Azuril, have been converted from their original typing to include fairy-typing.  So be careful and don’t think you can just snipe that wild Granbull with Dragon Pulse anymore.

Not ONLY that, but Nintendo did a special distribution of a fairy-type legendary by the name of Diancie (below), who in Omega Ruby and 250px-719DiancieAlpha Sapphire will be able to mega-evolve.  That makes the total of mega fairy-types five (including the addition of Mega Audino and Mega Altaria).

Do not fear though, the dragon-type is not a dying race, if anything this gives challenge to those who seek the title of Dragon Master, how would you counter a fairy-type?  Here are just a few of my tip.

  • Fairy-types have a natural weakness to steel-types and poison-types, so if you happen to have a dragon-type (or other member of your party) who can use something like metal claw or poison fang, that’ll be a huge help.
  • Most fairies are either part grass or part normal, so also knowing fighting and/or fire-type moves will give you a boost.
  • If the opponent already used mega evolution on another one of their pokemon, you don’t have to worry about Mega Gardevoir or Mega Mawile anymore, just the normal versions.
  • If your opponent uses Misty Terrain then PULL YOUR DRAGON- TYPE(S) OUT IMMEDIATELY!  Misty Terrain is a move that boosts the power of fairy-type moves, which means they’re likely to use Moonblast or something like that next, and even a powered-up Dazzling Gleam could really give you some pain.
  • Never forget that you can’t use dragon-type moves on fairy-types, using the wrong move at the right time could send you running to the Pokemon Center.

Follow these rules (and anything you might observe) and you should be golden.  Remember though, being good at one specific type is nice, but being talented at ALL the types could be your key to victory.  So enjoy PokeMonth my loyal minions!  See you later!