A Change of Perspective

Hey everyone! In case you forgot since the last time I blogged (which was, like, a month ago), my name is Zoe, and I’m a gamer who has a game blog. Well, sort of. I’ll explain after the break.

I used to think that my life would always be wrapped up completely in video games. I’ve always loved video games. I watched my parents play video games before I was born. Some of my best memories are wrapped in video games. (←How did I manage that line up?)

So, naturally, when I got my blog I thought, “I’m going to make this the best blog about video games ever, and everyone will love me, and I’ll get discovered and start my writing career, and…”, etc. And I put a lot into it. I wrote as much about them as I could. I tried countless times to do themed blog posts based around them.

What my desire for writing video game posts looks like sometimes.

The funny thing is, I was never very good at following up on hardly anything I started. It’s probably partly because I don’t have much of a schedule, but as I thought about this over the last month, I realized something important: I don’t really like to write them. Whenever I got the chance to write one, my desire to write usually went, “Ungh…” I just didn’t want to do it.

So then the question is, what do I want to write? The answer actually really surprised me: I want to write about God.

I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ, God’s son, was born as a human, died to take the punishment for my sins, and rose from the dead. I attend a great church full of equally great people, who have helped me grow in my faith. It’s got a youth group that’s really supportive, and I have good friends there. (Hi guys!) One of the things I like about my youth group is that the leaders push us to grow and give us opportunities to help others learn about God as well.

One of these opportunities is an event we do called Oxford Manor. Oxford Manor is an assisted living facility, and my youth group goes there once a month to hold a service where we kids lead songs, read scripture, and share testimonies about what God has done in our lives. Near the end our youth pastor comes up and he gives a sermon, and then we pray with the residents and leave.

A month or two back, I decided to give a testimony because of something that had happened in my life recently. I felt somewhat uncomfortable, I often am when I think about sharing my faith with others, but I really wanted to share what I had learned. I even had a verse from the Bible to go with it, one of my personal favorites. So I wrote up my testimony, my parents read over it, and then I presented it at Oxford Manor.

A little context that I forgot to include is that my youth group had recently been going through the topic of spiritual gifts, that is, gifts God has specifically given us to help the body of Christ (otherwise known as the church). Anyway, after I gave my testimony, I felt great. I loved giving it. And later on, I found myself thinking of a bunch of other testimonies I was excited to share.

I soon realized that the pile of things I wanted to talk about was, well, piling up, and I didn’t want to take away the chance for other people to give their testimonies at Oxford Manor. What to do, what to do.

Then I remembered something: I have a blog. A blog that I could use to post my thoughts and experiences about God, and my life. And it occurred to me that maybe God had been preparing me for this, giving me a way to share all of this before I even wanted to.

I’m no expert in the ways of God by far. I make mistakes, I sin, I worry, I fail to trust God, and a whole mess of other stuff. So I’m not going to be posting stuff just to make me look good or point out how godly I am. I just want to share what God has shown me. I think that’s where He’s guiding my life right now.

I’m hoping to still do some video game stuff, as well as keep PokéMonth alive, but I also want to be using the resources God has gifted me with to spread His word. Thanks for reading guys, I hope to see you soon! 😉