Come to The Dark Side, We Have Cookies

Again I speak to you from the dark side of the universe, this time to talk about something bigger than a floating hand with an eye.  I’m here to talk to you about  about bosses, final bosses, and maybe a mini boss or two.  Everyone knows there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, but the light is often guarded by a horrible monster that really just wants you dead.

Weather it’s a Gym Leader, an evil hog-like guy, a dragon, or just The Ice King, the guys do have a kind of charm to them.  I’m going to feature a few, and this is gonna work like the side characters things, just comment if you think a boss needs to see the light 😉

#1. Ganondorf

The-Legend-of-Zelda-The-Ocarina-of-TimeAhh yes, good old pig face.  When I was growing up, he was the villain I always imagined.  When ever my sister and I played princess, Ganon would always be the villain we fell to, and then we would imagine Link coming to save us.  This is one of the reasons why I like this guy.  He’s strong, evil, corrupted, but he won’t make you pee your pants at the sight of him.  While how you defeat him hasn’t always changed much, the fact that Ganon HIMSELF changes, both in design and in character, makes him much different from the Floor Master and other villains from the Zelda Saga.

#2. Zant

Appalling_Truth_by_sonicmaster1989-300x230Yes, I know this photo is a meme and not really from the game, but can you blame me for putting it in this post? It’s so true you can’t even imagine.  Zant comes in to Zelda’s castle like a boss, hurts Midna like a boss, and then stomps around like A TODDLER!!!

Even though his actions are childish, he does make a good mini-boss for Ganon in Twilight Princess, which is really all you could call Zant.  The key to beating him is to not get flustered and to remember which items you used in the dungeon he puts you.  The last thing I want to say, is that Zant only looks like a boss with his helmet on, and even then he makes me think of a fish 😛

#3.  Shadow Link

scene_1Shadow Link is awesome.  Plain and simple.  Though I never played Four Swords, it is one of my top games to get around to playing.  I’ve read the manga and this guy just seems to be a kid looking to be noticed.

Shadow Link has one of the saddest stories I have ever read in the manga, he starts out wanting to be noticed, and moves from innocent intentions to evil works.  He becomes a pawn to both Vaati and Ganon, who’s secretly working in the background.  How ever, after encountering Green, Red, Blue, and Vio, he gets that being noticed like this isn’t what he wants.

In the end he sacrifices himself to bring an end to Vaati and Ganon, but is forced back into the shadow realm, but he’s okay with it because he has friends now.  He is a character I will always love, and one of the ones that makes you cry when he’s gone.

 #4. Grima

grima(Note: I have only played Fire Emblem Awakening, If Grima is featured in other Fire Emblem games, please TELL ME CUZ GRIMA’S A FREAKIN’ AWESOMESAUCE BOSS!!!! 😀 )

Grima is the fell dragon from Fire Emblem which is the only place where you can put dragons, princes, bunny people, and an amnesieac and have it NOT be a fairy tale.  Grima has six freaking wings, a freaky face hidden by that head armor, and a secret relation to the hero of the game (I. E., us).  While it might be confusing if you choose the female avatar, Grima is distinctly male, unlike his counterpart Naga who is distinctly female.

He is destruction, choas, and pure malice.  While I would love to tell you every itty-bitty-wittle thing about him, I’m gonna save some of that for when I actually post about Fire Emblem Awakening (And I WILL!!!)

#5. The Ice King

52254Yeah, The Ice King.  I put him in here because my sis and I played the game “Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?”, but there really isn’t anything to say about him besides the fact that he’s Lumpy Space Princess’ Mini-boss, He’s as pathetic as in the cartoon, and he’s the comic relief of this page :l.  You can easily match his flow and beat him, you can use ANY of your weapons on him successfully (not that you need to -_-),  and really, I have three words for him. DON’T.  DATE.  GARBAGE!!

#6.  Bowser

250px-BowserNSMBUBowser is a bully, a crook, a mob leader, an egotistical maniac, and….a dad?  This red haired, spine-shelled freak of nature is something else.  Always trying to capture Princess Peach (honestly, I’d try for Rosalina if I was this guy) he is constantly being super-Marioed, torched, iced, or swept away by everyone’s favorite, Iconic plumber (cool fact: did you know he was almost a carpenter?)

While he is older than Ganon, he changes less and he seems to be less EVIL and more naughty.  Not only that, I would like to meet Mama Bowser for Bowser jr. , could this be but another excuse for Nintendo to make a “Super Peach Sis.”?  Seriously Nintendo, think it over 😉 .

Peace y’all, I’ll bring you more lighter side later, but for now….DO NOT TOUCH LORD VADER’S COOKIES!!!