Greetings From The Caravan of the Little Dragon!

AriaFinalBalidaeFinalDamsiFinalAria: That sounded great Damsi, I think a little more practice with the bridge and we’ll be golden, how about you?

Damsi: I think you’re right, I can tell you’re having a bit of trouble around that part.

Aria: Haha, yeah.  I suppose it is a bit of a struggle.

Balidae: Guys?  I found the laptop.  Turns out Smoldrud was using it for online gaming…again. Continue reading

The Characters Are Busting Out!

Hey guys, I think I found out how to use Zoe’s magic-word-box!

Awesome!  I knew she couldn’t keep us held captive forever!

With this we can finally spread our fictional tearanny throughout the world!

Guys, stops crowding me!  I can’t type on this thing with you crowding me.

Sorry Hector.

Yeah, sorry. Continue reading

Welcome to TriforcePower!

Welcome to TriforcePower, a blog used for posting theories, humor, and the ever-growing online stories I find the time to create.  Here I like to talk about things like Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, outer space travel, swordsmen, the occasional super hero, and whatever else I feel like.  If you’re interested in the story aspect of my blog, please feel free to go to the area of my blog labeled “Subjects” and select such titles as Between the Shadows and FoaE (which stands for Fall of an Empire) where stories are organized from oldest to newest so you can read them without spoilers or confusion.

If you’re more interested in the gamer aspect (admit, you know some of you are), then once again feel free to go to the area labeled “Subjects” of the blog and select Zelda, Pokemon, or any others that interest you.  If you’d just like to read this blog, however, then feel welcomed to scroll to your heart’s content!  Thanks for visiting, we hope to see you around!  😉

Freedom and Revolution

Welcome to Ivy’s final transmission, if you’d like to see this story from Survivor’s point of view, go to Enjoy guys!

Ivy’s Log: D13/M3/Y2819

Status:  Shoot me now…

Okay, life has got really complicated lately, especially with the inclusion of Whisper, the crazy guy Survivor (Sorvivor the Warrior?  Soren?  Ugh…), and there’s Arte- I mean Exocron. Continue reading

Fall of an Empire and The Crisis Project; a Revolution

Ivy’s Log: D2/M3/Y2819

Outlook: Really really really bad.

My body ached all over, as though someone had stabbed me in the back with molten lead.  My wounded arm felt as though it’d been lit on fire from the inside, and my vision was fuzzy and distorted.  All the same, I stood up slowly and leaned heavily against the wall that crazed buffoon had thrown me against.  Lunace, Gur, Artemis, and I had all gone from our crash into an icy lake to making our way toward this accursed tower, but when we’d arrived and made our own entrance (the doors didn’t work, so we had a reason), we were attacked near immediately, and for whatever reason Lunace seemed to believe we could take everything heading our way. Continue reading