Eevee’s Fan Corner!

Now, I’m one of those fans who can, say, look at their favorite pokemon and say “I want to make something like this!”  So, I contacted my friend Nyxira (who also happens to be my editor and artist), and told her my wacky idea of doing a fan post featuring pokemon we’d created.  Hence,  Eevee’s fan corner.  This post is going to feature art we did of pokemon we want, and there may be more in the future.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Between The Shadows: Chapter Fourteen

“What is wrong with that guy?” Aaron asks as he and Caelia leave Chief Genar’s room.  “He is a bit…eccentric.” Caelia replies hesitantly.  “Ever since Shadus’s betrayal, Chief Genar has been wary to travelers, and has been unwilling to see any until now.”  As the two walk up several flights of a stairs, a question continues to burn at the back of Aaron’s mind. Continue reading

Welcome To PokeMonth!

HNI_0028As many of you pokemon fans might know, pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are coming out this month, thus driving me to celebrate an entire MONTH of pokemon!

So get your Vs. Recoders charged and buy up the potion stock at your local pokemart, because I’m going to give my thoughts on pokemon games, spin-offs, and some pokemon themselves!  (By the way, enjoy our pokemonth logo, the Hero Ball!)

Between The Shadows: Chapter Eleven

“Man, this place is kinda small, and dark..” Aaron says as Caelia leads him down a dark corridor hewn into the cliff side.  Caelia snickers a little as she pushes a rough wooden door open, entering into a large room.  The entire room is made of stone, corridors leading to other places littered in the walls.  Alcoves in the rock hold sconces ablaze with fire, and wooden scaffolding spanning the room as it goes up and up.  Caelia turns and looks at Aaron saying “Big enough for you?”.  Aaron nods in amazement as she leads him up a flight of stairs, heading toward one of the doors.

Continue reading