Why Parents Should Get Involved

Here’s the scene, a young pre-teen and her mother are doing dishes together in the kitchen, and the mother asks her daughter how things have gone today.  The daughter stops and thinks for a minute, then says “Fine, but I’m stuck on a level of Zelda and it’s got me kind of stressed.”

The daughter then tells her mom about the puzzle.  The pair are silent for a little while, then the mother suggests a possible solution.  A few hours later, Continue reading


Hyrule Warriors

Every Zelda fan probably knows by now that the latest game, Hyrule Warriors, is coming out in a few months.  Some might not know, but this game is a combination of two different titles,  The Legend of Zelda, and a game saga called Dynasty Warriors.  The lay-out reminds me very much of games that have a classic “capture-the-flag” style of design.  The game has ever evolving missions, while still retaining some classic Zelda charm.

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Between The Shadows: Chapter Seven

“Blast!”  Remra yells as she slams her hand on a strange table.  The table is like a scale model of the entire realm of Jino*, except it has live, miniature people and creatures running around.  “How dare she do such a thing, kill my Phanticore!”  Remra has just witnessed a miniature Binny and Genesis kill the miniature Phanticore** on the table.  “Prisma! Bring me some tea!!”  A young girl in the back nods, her glasses sliding down her face a little. “Yes ma’am”. Continue reading

Between The Shadows: Chapter Six

Aaron walks through the barren field he’s in that never seems to stop, the sun beating down harshly on him, making him sweat underneath of his traveler’s cloak.  He would take it off, but then he would likely be spotted and taken back to where he just escaped from, and he is determined to get as far away from there as possible.  ‘I’ve been walking for hours,‘, he thinks, ‘I’m starved, I wish Valence had given me some food or something.‘  As the sun starts to set he sees a town in the distance.  After a few more hours of walking Aaron arrives and is grateful for the cool of the evening. Continue reading

Review: Fire Emblem Awakening


(Rated Teen, so check it out with your parents before playing) (if you’re not a teen or older).

Fire Emblem Awakening,  one of the best games I have ever played in my life.  It has a solid, tear-jerking, action packed story, great characters, and amazing graphics.

It all begins with you and the other main character, Chrom, fighting the final battle.  While it seems backwards, and it’s not really the final battle, the fact that it left you at a cliff-hanger was just one of the reasons I fell in love with it at first sight.

(First Meeting):  After playing the chapter labeled “premonition”, our character wakes to find itself staring into the faces of Chrom and his little sister Lissa.  Our character is an amnesiac, so we are not trusted at first, but after fighting to save Ylissean lives, Chrom welcomes us into his band of fighters called “The Shepherds”.

After this we spend our time helping fight one war, and then another.  The story is so beautiful, I wouldn’t want to give spoilers, so I’ll leave it at this for now.  An interesting thing about Fire Emblem Awakening, is that you can also play match-maker on here.  There are eight children from the future you can unlock if you have their mothers get married to any of the soldiers that you choose.

You get them to talk to each other by pairing them in battle and having them fight side-by-side.  (the conversations are funny if anything, so I highly recommend going after this function of the game).  Yet another thing I love about this game is the openness of roles and such.  While you start the game as a tactician and can use only tomes and swords, there is this wonderful item called a “second seal”, which allows you to change your class to any base class.  Once you’ve reached level ten, you also have the opportunity to use a “master seal” to turn a base class into an advanced class, which is stronger and more capable.

The story is great, the cast is set, and the enemy is waiting, so I’d seriously recommend this to anyone who loves turn-based, action fantasy games.  (oh, and did I mention the dragons? ;) )





Between The Shadows: Chapter Four

Aaron walks down a dark hallway in his borrowed knight’s armor, looking for a way out of this strange place.  He wishes his suit didn’t clink and rattle like it did when he walked so it would draw less attention, but he shrugs it off and keeps going.  He doesn’t know what this place is,  but he knows that if Shadus wants him to stay, he has to get out as soon as possible. Continue reading

Hyrule Hot Spots, All your travel destination needs!

Hello again faithful internet goers!  This time I’m here to feature some  travel destinations that are likely to make any family vacation fun! (or some favorite parts of Hyrule from different games ;) ).  So feels free to spend your next vacation at any of these fine spots (monster-free guarantee not included)!

#1.  Lanayru Desert

Lanayru_Desert_Artwork(Game: Skyward Sword)

Vacation Price: $500 Rupees.

This once vibrant and lush area has fallen to a small-ish state of decay and sandy-ness, but that shouldn’t deter you from packing your bags and having a fun day at the beach! Who cares that there’s no water…or trees….or anything besides old ruins, dead robots, and lots of monsters and sand.  Come now and enjoy yourself (warning: bring giant electric snail repellent!)

#2. Death Mountain

death-mountain-2(Game: Ocarina of Time)

Vacation Price: $1,100 Rupees

Welcome to Death Mountain, a rocky, craggy place perfect for rock climbers.  While falling rocks and locals can be a bit of a problem, don’t think for a moment that the fire won’t kill you! Uh, I mean, there’s a magic fairy at the top, loving characters inside, and doesn’t it look gorgeous during a sunset?   Bring your family, your friends, your fire extinguisher! Wait, what?

#3. Twilight Realm

Palaceoftwilght(Game: Twilight Princess)

Vacation Price: $450

Don’t let the low price and sunless sky fool you, this place is paradise!  The locals are talkative (kinda), they have beautiful (not dangerous at all) wildlife, and every monster here just wants to give you a BIG hug! (or he wants the sol orb, which ever).  Not to mention their friendly King Zant who worships Ganondorf as though he where a god, this place is full of hustle and bustle from every day life.  Make sure to bring the whole family to this peaceful, magical, romantic place.

#4. Windfall Island

Windfall-Island(Game: Wind Waker)

Vacation Price: $4,000 Rupees

Hmm, there actually isn’t anything wrong with this place, it’s just a regular, peaceful island.  Pretty boring.  Then again, I suppose for those who like safety and peace and all that boring junk, why not camp on it’s shores, stay at the hotel, check out the windmill.   Honestly?  I’d rather crawl around in the tunnels looking for rats or hang out with pirates.  -_-

#5. Clock Town

zelda moonface--screenshot_large(Game: Majora’s Mask)

Vacation Price: $10 Rupees!!

Like with the twilight realm, don’t let the price fool you, this is a score!  You get to meet nice people, attend a fair, live for three days only, is there anything better?  And ignore the moon out your window, it’s not going to fall like all the villagers say it is! Pack, bring the kids, just avoid little boys with weird masks ;)

I hope you enjoyed this glowing travel guide, may you all find the vacation of your dreams! (payment is required in advance do to lack of people returning alive).

Between The Shadows: Chapter Two

Aaron moans and wakes up feeling like he’s just been stampeded by elephants.  He gets up and opens his eyes, taking in his surroundings.  He’s in a dark cell with three stone walls and one wall that is all bars to let in light, if there was any.  As far as he could tell he was the only one in what must be a dungeon, and the air smelled dry so he knew that he must be deep underground or indoors. Continue reading