Baby It’s Cold Outside

I’m not sure about the rest of the world right now, but where I live it’s cold and snowy.  I mean, the snow is currently as high as my dog’s belly.  Sadly for me, I am not much of a fan of the cold, but it did inspire me, because not only do I hate the cold, I also hate cold, snowy video game levels.  And while skidding on the road for a few seconds in you car is bad, skidding into a never ending abyss can be significantly worse.  So I thought I’d feature a few snow levels and give my thoughts on them. Continue reading Baby It’s Cold Outside

No More Between The Shadows!

Yes my friends, it is true.  I will no longer be posting chapters of Between The Shadows on my blog.  But I must tell you why.
I have not given up on the project, but am working with my friend Nyxira to refine it and hopefully we will have it published as a book…eventually.  As I said there is a good amount of refining to be done.

The chapters currently on my blog will remain there, but I recommend you get the book when it comes out, as I’ve already made a considerable amount of changes to the book as it is.  Good-bye for now, my friends!

Character Spotlight: Shadow Link/ Dark Link/ Ravio

Shadow Link

Hello fans, and welcome back to Character Spotlight!  Today we look into the characters Shadow Link, Dark Link, and Ravio.  Why three people you ask?  Please, allow me to go into detail.


Continue reading Character Spotlight: Shadow Link/ Dark Link/ Ravio

Eevee’s Fan Corner!

Now, I’m one of those fans who can, say, look at their favorite pokemon and say “I want to make something like this!”  So, I contacted my friend Nyxira (who also happens to be my editor and artist), and told her my wacky idea of doing a fan post featuring pokemon we’d created.  Hence,  Eevee’s fan corner.  This post is going to feature art we did of pokemon we want, and there may be more in the future.  Enjoy! Continue reading Eevee’s Fan Corner!

Between The Shadows: Chapter Fourteen

“What is wrong with that guy?” Aaron asks as he and Caelia leave Chief Genar’s room.  “He is a bit…eccentric.” Caelia replies hesitantly.  “Ever since Shadus’s betrayal, Chief Genar has been wary to travelers, and has been unwilling to see any until now.”  As the two walk up several flights of a stairs, a question continues to burn at the back of Aaron’s mind. Continue reading Between The Shadows: Chapter Fourteen