Between The Shadows: Chapter Ten

“Right this way ladies”  Banimi says as he guides the girls through his house to where he keeps his magic telescope.  Genesis knows that the telescope itself isn’t really magic, but it’s the special magic black lens on it’s end that supposedly allows you to see into another world.  Though no one had investigated this world, or even named it, Genesis was almost certain that is where Aaron is.  The girls are very surprised at the size of the house given it’s rather small seeming exterior.  The rooms seem to go on forever, they had already passed the kitchen, a library, a metal-workers forge (just a hobby Banimi had told them, but when they looked in they saw an enormous man made of steel, as well as a chest under the desk that seemed to be moving on it’s own), as well as both Banimi’s and Hector’s bedrooms.

Finally, the group emerges into a large round room with a domed ceiling.  Bookshelves line almost every wall, work benches littered with strange designs for even stranger contraptions sit wherever they seem to fit, and a large brass telescope sits in the middle of all this.  The telescope itself is about the normal size for any telescope, the larger end covered by a brown, leather lens cap.

“This is it!” Banimi says as he makes his way to the center of the room and takes off the lens cap, “Just look through the other end and you should find whomever you’re looking for.”  Genesis warily bends down and looks through the telescope, then she gasps at what she sees.  She sees Aaron falling down an enormous cavern, and just as it looks like he’s going to die, a strange creature grabs him and lands on a staircase of sorts that’s embedded in the rocky red cliff face.

“I see him!” She cries as Binny pushes her out of the way and looks through.  “It is him! It’s really him!!”  Genesis looks over at Banimi.  “Do you know how to get to where he is?” she asks eagerly, but Banimi shakes his head.  “No one’s ever been there before that friend of yours,  you’d need someone with enough talent and power to cross dimensions for that.”  Hector accidentally bumps into one of the shelves, sending a stack of books and a strange glass instrument crashing onto the floor.  “Sorry!” Hector says as his father throws his hands up in the air and mutters something the girls are probably glad they didn’t hear.

Hector looks like he focuses hard and the items on the floor levitate back onto the shelves, fixing themselves as they go. Hector looks over at his dad and the girls again, and his father is just staring.  “Y-You just did magic, a-and nothing went wrong!” Banimi exclaims as he runs and hugs his son.  “It’s just repairing magic dad, no big!”  Hector says, struggling to get air through his dad strong embrace.  “But it’s a start, a very good start!”  Banimi says as he lets go of Hector, then he gets a look on his face like he’s just been struck with an idea.

“Hector will go with you!” He says to the girls as he runs off to a part of the room with charts hanging on the walls.  “What?” Genesis asks as Banimi runs back and thrusts a map in Genesis’ hands, then runs off to yet another part of the room.  “Hector can do it, I know he can!  And the magic has to be done at a specific place anyway, so it’ll give him plenty of time to learn!” Banimi calls from his area, his nose deep in a book.  “Dad, there’s no way I can-”  “Shush!  This is your chance to prove something to me son, and do you know what you’ll prove?” Banimi asks as he puts a hand on his son’s shoulder and looks him in the eyes, “that you have talent far greater than any sorcerer before you, even more than I.”

Hector doesn’t get a chance to respond as Banimi continues talking with the girls near the speed of light, all the while gathering things they’ll need for the long journey ahead of them.  At some point the girls find themselves on the doorstep holding supplies, Hector standing behind them.  Banimi says good-bye and closes the door.

Binny looks over at Genesis and whispers; “Did we just get stuck with a weenie of a wizard as a traveling buddy?”  They both turn and look at Hector, then they turn back and Genesis whispers; “Maybe this’ll work out”.

(Again, such a long chapter! I never thought I’d make it this far with my book, and I’m grateful to friends and family who’ve withstood my talking about it and bouncing ideas off of them so much, I still have more coming, so hold on! ;) )

Between The Shadows: Chapter Nine

Aaron pulls his newly received map closer to a light, making sure he’s at the right place.  However, when he looks up from the map, it still looks like the wrong place to him.  The map tells of a sacred city, right where he’s standing.  But when he looks up, all he sees is a harsh, dark cliff that leads to nothing when he looks down.  ‘I wonder if this is where those other explorers got stuck?‘  Aaron thinks as he closes his map and goes to head back.  As he turns around, Aaron sees a bit of motion out of the corner of his eye and he freezes.

A bush near him rustles and Aaron grips his lantern a little tighter, thinking he might be able to light the bushes ablaze if needed.  Aaron walks closer to the brush, and a large, humanoid figure soars over his head and down the side of the cliff.  Aaron watches the figure fall for a good while, then it spreads what appear to be beautiful butterfly wings, and disappears from sight.  ‘Dang, what was that?‘  Aaron thinks.  Finally, Aaron sets up camp and sleeps till dawn.

Aaron awakes the next morning to find himself staring into blue-eyes, and for a second he thinks it’s his sister, Binny, waking him up.  Aaron realizes and his eyes widen just as the creature gets up and darts out of his make-shift tent.  Aaron follows, and just before the creature makes it down the side of the cliff, Aaron grabs it’s leg and they’re both suspended over the ledge.  “Let me go you killer!!” The creature says in a female voice as it flails around, trying to get free.  Now that Aaron can see it better, he sees that it has long, deep-red hair pulled back in a ponytail, strangely creamy beige colored skin, and beautiful wings on its arms that remind him of a monarch butterfly.  Aaron pulls them both up the ledge and says “Harsh, I’m no killer.”

The creature glares at him.  “Yes you are, you are the worst thing to ever walk the earth, the entire reason we hid our city from people like you, Shadus Malarae!”  Aaron laughs.  “Oh yeah, I forgot.”  he says as he pulls his hood away from his face, showing his black skin and hair, as well as his bright red eyes.  Aaron pulls off the strange pendant the girl at the bar gave him, and he reverts back to his normal self.  The creature’s eyes are open in shock and it’s mouth is dangling open the slightest bit.  “What are you?” she asks.  Aaron smiles.

“I’m a human, nice to meet you.  My name is Aaron.”  He says as he shakes her hand.  “My name is Caelia” she says somewhat hesitantly as she shakes his hand back.  “So, you, uh, you where watching me last night.”  Aaron says as he stands up.  “Yes, not many shadow people come here anymore after we hid our city, so it is not often we get visitors.” Caelia says as she inspects her wings.

“Your wings, they’re beautiful” Aaron says as he watches her make sure nothing is damaged.  “Many thanks,” Caelia says, then her eyes land on Aaron’s map.  “You are seeking the Dark Sword, no easy task.”  She says, “You have need for special items to find that.”  Aaron looks at the rolled up map he’d left hanging out of his pocket.  “Yeah, but, this map also tells of a gate, here.”  Aaron says as he rolls it open and points at a piece of the text, “I think it can get me home”.  Caelia takes it and examines it.  “I have heard tales of this gate, told since the old days.” She says without looking away.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m here, actually.”  Aaron says as he takes the map back and puts it in his pocket.  Caelia smiles and says “You seem trustworthy, especially since you seem to be hiding from Shadus.  At least, judging by your materials…”  She says as she looks over at his make-shift tent, which is really just a piece of canvas Aaron took and spread between two sticks.  Besides that, the map, and the clothes on his back, Aaron doesn’t have anything else.  “I will help you” Caelia says as she walks to the edge of the cliff, “Take my hand.”  Aaron does as she says and Caelia jumps off the cliff.  After a few terrifying seconds of free-falling, Caelia spreads her wings and they glide over to a series of ridges that where previously hidden by the cliff they had just been on.

As they come closer to the cliff side, Aaron sees a series of stone stairs and platform scattered about, as well as a few caves here and there.  They both land on the stone platform nearest them and while Aaron gets his bearings back, Caelia makes her way up the steps.  “Come Aaron, let me show you my home” She says as she leads him to one of the stone caves.

(Interesting, no?  A race of butterfly people who live underground in a sacred city.  Check in for more y’all!)

Why Parents Should Get Involved

Here’s the scene, a young pre-teen and her mother are doing dishes together in the kitchen, and the mother asks her daughter how things have gone today.  The daughter stops and thinks for a minute, then says “Fine, but I’m stuck on a level of Zelda and it’s got me kind of stressed.”

The daughter then tells her mom about the puzzle.  The pair are silent for a little while, then the mother suggests a possible solution.  A few hours later, Continue reading


Hyrule Warriors

Every Zelda fan probably knows by now that the latest game, Hyrule Warriors, is coming out in a few months.  Some might not know, but this game is a combination of two different titles,  The Legend of Zelda, and a game saga called Dynasty Warriors.  The lay-out reminds me very much of games that have a classic “capture-the-flag” style of design.  The game has ever evolving missions, while still retaining some classic Zelda charm.

Continue reading

Between The Shadows: Chapter Seven

“Blast!”  Remra yells as she slams her hand on a strange table.  The table is like a scale model of the entire realm of Jino*, except it has live, miniature people and creatures running around.  “How dare she do such a thing, kill my Phanticore!”  Remra has just witnessed a miniature Binny and Genesis kill the miniature Phanticore** on the table.  “Prisma! Bring me some tea!!”  A young girl in the back nods, her glasses sliding down her face a little. “Yes ma’am”. Continue reading

Between The Shadows: Chapter Six

Aaron walks through the barren field he’s in that never seems to stop, the sun beating down harshly on him, making him sweat underneath of his traveler’s cloak.  He would take it off, but then he would likely be spotted and taken back to where he just escaped from, and he is determined to get as far away from there as possible.  ‘I’ve been walking for hours,‘, he thinks, ‘I’m starved, I wish Valence had given me some food or something.‘  As the sun starts to set he sees a town in the distance.  After a few more hours of walking Aaron arrives and is grateful for the cool of the evening. Continue reading

Review: Fire Emblem Awakening


(Rated Teen, so check it out with your parents before playing) (if you’re not a teen or older).

Fire Emblem Awakening,  one of the best games I have ever played in my life.  It has a solid, tear-jerking, action packed story, great characters, and amazing graphics.

It all begins with you and the other main character, Chrom, fighting the final battle.  While it seems backwards, and it’s not really the final battle, the fact that it left you at a cliff-hanger was just one of the reasons I fell in love with it at first sight.

(First Meeting):  After playing the chapter labeled “premonition”, our character wakes to find itself staring into the faces of Chrom and his little sister Lissa.  Our character is an amnesiac, so we are not trusted at first, but after fighting to save Ylissean lives, Chrom welcomes us into his band of fighters called “The Shepherds”.

After this we spend our time helping fight one war, and then another.  The story is so beautiful, I wouldn’t want to give spoilers, so I’ll leave it at this for now.  An interesting thing about Fire Emblem Awakening, is that you can also play match-maker on here.  There are eight children from the future you can unlock if you have their mothers get married to any of the soldiers that you choose.

You get them to talk to each other by pairing them in battle and having them fight side-by-side.  (the conversations are funny if anything, so I highly recommend going after this function of the game).  Yet another thing I love about this game is the openness of roles and such.  While you start the game as a tactician and can use only tomes and swords, there is this wonderful item called a “second seal”, which allows you to change your class to any base class.  Once you’ve reached level ten, you also have the opportunity to use a “master seal” to turn a base class into an advanced class, which is stronger and more capable.

The story is great, the cast is set, and the enemy is waiting, so I’d seriously recommend this to anyone who loves turn-based, action fantasy games.  (oh, and did I mention the dragons? ;) )





Between The Shadows: Chapter Four

Aaron walks down a dark hallway in his borrowed knight’s armor, looking for a way out of this strange place.  He wishes his suit didn’t clink and rattle like it did when he walked so it would draw less attention, but he shrugs it off and keeps going.  He doesn’t know what this place is,  but he knows that if Shadus wants him to stay, he has to get out as soon as possible. Continue reading