Between The Shadows: Chapter Seven

“Blast!”  Remra yells as she slams her hand on a strange table.  The table is like a scale model of the entire realm of Jino*, except it has live, miniature people and creatures running around.  “How dare she do such a thing, kill my Phanticore!”  Remra has just witnessed a miniature Binny and Genesis kill the miniature Phanticore** on the table.  “Prisma! Bring me some tea!!”  A young girl in the back nods, her glasses sliding down her face a little. “Yes ma’am”.

As Prisma leaves, Shadus and Valence walk in,  Shadus his usual bored self, and Valence assuming a kind of habitual guard stance.  “You wanna be quieter when you yell Remra?  I could hear you three halls down.” Shadus says as he lays back in a large, cushy, red-velvet covered armchair.  The entire room has a strange feel to it, the walls are covered in a rich, champaign colored wallpaper, the rugs a lush, deep forest green color.  The room  contains two large chairs like the one Shadus is laying in, Remra’s magic table, and a large crackling fireplace against the back wall.  While this room sounds plush and comforting, the entire room contains a feel of foreboding and terror for most except for Remra, Shadus, and a select few others.

“What do you want Shadus?”  Remra says, her face set in a thinking manner.  “He wanted to know how things where going on your end.”  Shadus says, still bored.  “Tell him, dear Shadus, that I have EVERYTHING under control!”  Prisma was coming back into the room and jumped at the sound of Remra yelling, causing her to drop her tea tray.  Valence bends down and help Prisma pick up the fallen china and cookies and such.  Prisma looks up and gives Valence a small smile, her violet eyes meeting his, causing him to smile as well.

“If you to will stop dallying down there!” Remra snaps, “Prisma I need more tea and Valence, a word”.  Remra gives Valence a look that sends shivers down his spine.  After Prisma leaves the room, Shadus sits up in his chair and smiles, something he rarely does with good intent.  “Valence,” Remra says cooly “I’m sure Shadus has told you of this, but there is a special prisoner in our dungeon.  A human.”

“Yes, I am well aware, milady”  Valence replies.

“Then, you are aware that we never bring humans into this world, lest it be for a good cause?” She continues

“Yes, milady.”

“Good, now there is something I need you to do.”

“And that is, milady?”

Remra walks over to her fireplace.  “Redeem yourself from letting him loose.  We need him to find a sword, a special sword mind you, but a sword just the same.  After all,”  Remra touches the cool stone mantle, “It is for the good of Tabelara.”

Valence swallows hard.  “And should you fail in this, then I suppose there will be consequences.”  Remra says as she picks up a decorative war knife off of her mantle and Valence’s face pales.  “Are we perfectly clear Valence?” Valence nods.  “Yes milady.”  Remra looks at him and raises an eyebrow.  “Then why haven’t you left yet?”

(Yeowch! Remra seems to be doing well, and poorly, she certainly knows how to get her way.  Wanna see more? Tell me! Comment! How’s my driving? Tell me!! (more to come if you say you want it or don’t) )

(*Jino, The realm where Genesis is baroness and Aaron is a farmer’s son)  (**Phanticore, the creature that attacked Binny and Genesis at the farm, named by my friend Erin!)

Between The Shadows: Chapter Six

Aaron walks through the barren field he’s in that never seems to stop, the sun beating down harshly on him, making him sweat underneath of his traveler’s cloak.  He would take it off, but then he would likely be spotted and taken back to where he just escaped from, and he is determined to get as far away from there as possible.  ‘I’ve been walking for hours,‘, he thinks, ‘I’m starved, I wish Valence had given me some food or something.‘  As the sun starts to set he sees a town in the distance.  After a few more hours of walking Aaron arrives and is grateful for the cool of the evening.

He finds a pub and enters,  a bell clanging as the door opens and shuts.  Aaron takes in his surroundings.  A group of travelers are gathered in the back, a girl with red hair, a girl with white hair, a boy with black hair, but blue eyes, and a boy with black hair, but strange glasses in front of his eyes.  A few other people are at the bar or at tables, but besides that there aren’t a lot of people there.  Aaron sits down at the bar and props his elbows on the counter, exhausted.  “What’ll it be son?” A large man asks.  “Water, as well as what ever you’re cooking in the back, it smells great.” Aaron replies.  The man, the pub owner, smiles and goes in back.

Aaron pulls his hood a little closer over his head, conscious of the fact that besides the two girls in the back, he’s the only one here who doesn’t have black hair.  In fact, he parallels nearly everyone here in appearance.  The pub owner returns and sets down a glass of water and a bowl of stew.  Aaron grabs for his wallet, but finds it isn’t there.  Aaron looks at the pub owner, wondering how likely it is that he could get a free meal.  He also thinks of trying to run out, but he doubts he could get far. “Um, sir?” Aaron says, “How much does this cost?”  “Fifty gold pieces” the pub owner replied, “You do HAVE fifty gold pieces, right?”

“Um, actually sir, I seem to have, well, lost my wallet during my travels.”  Aaron looks up at the owner.  The owner scowls and crosses his arms, each one as thick around as a barrel.  Aaron is terrified he’s going to be thrown out, but the owner just smiles and says “You seem to’ve had a long trip, so it’s on the house this time.”  Aaron sighs with relief and the pub owner walks away.  Aaron is about to reach for his food when he remembers that no one here has normal colored skin.  He reaches into his cloak and finds a pair of black gloves.  He puts them on.

After a while Aaron finishes his stew and sigh contentedly.  He can hear the group of travelers in the back mumbling about something and they all seem to be studying some kind of map, so he casually makes his way near them.  The girl with white hair notices him and invites him over.  “You a treasure hunter bub?” she asks.

“Uh, yeah.”  Aaron says,  “So, what kind of treasure are you looking for?”.   “A sword.”  The red-head says.  ‘A sword?‘ Aaron thinks, ‘I could use a sword.‘  “I still say it’s not worth looking for, we don’t need it”  The guy with glasses says.  The girl with white hair looks at Aaron, then takes the map and hands it to him.  “Your lucky day blondie, free map.”

Aaron pulls his hood farther over his head.  “Here,”  the white haired girl hands him a strange black pendant thing.   “A little gift, to hide in plain sight.”  The four then leave the pub.  Aaron puts on the pendant thing and he sees the skin under his gloves turn pure black.  He looks in a nearby mirror and sees he looks almost exactly like Shadus.

( O_O Aaron looking like Shadus?! What next, you ask? Find out as I publish ;) )



Between The Shadows: Chapter Five

Genesis looks down at the sword hanging in its sheathe by her side, then looks at Binny who is defending her from the horrible creature from before.  ‘How am I going to save Aaron if I can’t even protect myself?‘ she thinks, then hesitantly draws her blade.  The glint of light shining off of it catches the creature’s eye and it runs past Binny, eager to destroy Genesis.  Genesis raises her sword and swings, startling the monster and causing it to stop.  “Perfect!  Now attack it!” Binny cheers.  Genesis stabs at the creature but it evades her.  She swings, jabs, and dodges, each movement feeling more comfortable and fluid as she goes.

She has the creature backed into a corner, but as she looks at it’s eyes, she doesn’t have the courage to kill it.  The creature sees this as a sign of weakness and lunges, but Binny pulls Genesis away from it just in time, the creature only managing to rip her dress.  “Thanks, Binny,” Genesis says.  “Don’t thank me just yet, now focus!” Binny says, her eyes trained on the creature, “Now on my count”.

“One,” The creature growls deeply and angerly.

“Two,” The creature lunges again.

“Three!” Both girls run at the creature, Binny smacks it on the head with her practice sword and Genesis stabs it’s side with her real one.  The creature howls in pain and fury as it falls to the ground and disappears in a puff of black smoke.  “W-We did it…” Genesis says.  “Nice work, for a rookie,” Binny says, then she looks over at where the creature was.  “You know what that was?” She asks. Genesis shakes her head.  Binny smiles and says “It’s gettin’ dark, why don’t’cha stay the night here?” she says, then looks at Genesis’ torn dress.  “You could probably borrow some clothes too.”  Genesis smiles.  “Thanks Binny, that would be lovely.”

“These’re some of Aaron’s clothes that got mixed up in the wash” Binny says as she grabs a dark pink tunic from Aaron’s closet and throws it to Genesis, along with an undershirt, some pants, and some boots.  It’s the morning after the attack, and Genesis is preparing to leave, taking Binny with her after realizing just how talented she is.  Genesis gets dressed and inspects herself in a mirror.  Though they’re a little big, Aaron’s clothes fit well enough, and the pink color shows off her blonde hair and green eyes.

She straps Aaron’s sword to her side and heads outside where Binny is waiting, along with Buttermilk and a smaller horse for Binny.  Genesis mounts Buttermilk and the two girls ride off, heading for a town in the hills where nearly everyone knows of magic in some way or another, hoping that someone there will know about where Aaron might be.

(That’s right, Ponytails gets to come along, stay tuned for more to come ;) )

Review: Fire Emblem Awakening


(Rated Teen, so check it out with your parents before playing) (if you’re not a teen or older).

Fire Emblem Awakening,  one of the best games I have ever played in my life.  It has a solid, tear-jerking, action packed story, great characters, and amazing graphics.

It all begins with you and the other main character, Chrom, fighting the final battle.  While it seems backwards, and it’s not really the final battle, the fact that it left you at a cliff-hanger was just one of the reasons I fell in love with it at first sight.

(First Meeting):  After playing the chapter labeled “premonition”, our character wakes to find itself staring into the faces of Chrom and his little sister Lissa.  Our character is an amnesiac, so we are not trusted at first, but after fighting to save Ylissean lives, Chrom welcomes us into his band of fighters called “The Shepherds”.

After this we spend our time helping fight one war, and then another.  The story is so beautiful, I wouldn’t want to give spoilers, so I’ll leave it at this for now.  An interesting thing about Fire Emblem Awakening, is that you can also play match-maker on here.  There are eight children from the future you can unlock if you have their mothers get married to any of the soldiers that you choose.

You get them to talk to each other by pairing them in battle and having them fight side-by-side.  (the conversations are funny if anything, so I highly recommend going after this function of the game).  Yet another thing I love about this game is the openness of roles and such.  While you start the game as a tactician and can use only tomes and swords, there is this wonderful item called a “second seal”, which allows you to change your class to any base class.  Once you’ve reached level ten, you also have the opportunity to use a “master seal” to turn a base class into an advanced class, which is stronger and more capable.

The story is great, the cast is set, and the enemy is waiting, so I’d seriously recommend this to anyone who loves turn-based, action fantasy games.  (oh, and did I mention the dragons? ;) )





Between The Shadows: Chapter Four

Aaron walks down a dark hallway in his borrowed knight’s armor, looking for a way out of this strange place.  He wishes his suit didn’t clink and rattle like it did when he walked so it would draw less attention, but he shrugs it off and keeps going.  He doesn’t know what this place is,  but he knows that if Shadus wants him to stay, he has to get out as soon as possible.

“You there!” a loud voice barks down the tunnel and Aaron turns around.  “Didn’t you hear?” the owner of the voice says, “all knights are to report to the main hall for inspection!”  The owner of the voice was a young man with purple eyes and deep gray hair.  He has different armor from Aaron, so Aaron assumes he must be important in some way.  “Come with me, rookie.” the knight says and Aaron follows him down the hall against his wishes.


Just my luck,‘ Aaron thinks as Shadus begins inspecting each guard, lifting their visors and everything.  ‘How am I going to get out of here now?!‘  As Shadus is only two guards away from Aaron, a hand pulls him away from the line with absolutely no sound at all.  As Aaron is dragged down what appears to be a side-corridor he tries to say something but is shushed by his mysterious rescuer.

They stop for a minute and Aaron sees through the low light that his helper is the guy from earlier.  “It’s you!”  The guy looks at Aaron and says “Yeah it’s me, what else would you expect, a flying monkey?”,  the guy stands up straighter, “Shall we keep moving?”.  “Wait”, Aaron says, “What’s your name?”

The guy sighs.  “This is not timely in any way, but if you must know, my name is Valence.  Now we have to go before someone figures out you’ve escaped.”  Aaron stops him again and takes off his helmet, showing his blonde hair.  “How did you know I was an escaped prisoner?  And where are you taking me?”  “I’m taking you to the field outside the castle, after that I can’t help you, and as for how I knew,”  Valence turns away and starts walking, “You’re wearing the armor of a friend of mine, not that I’d call him a friend anyway.”

“You seem kind of young to be a knight”  Aaron says as he catches up to Valence.  “Must you keep talking?  It could blow our cover.” is all Valence says.  “Eh, no one’s here, and I trust that there aren’t any side tunnels to this one, otherwise I would have seen one by now.” Aaron says calmly.  “You are really starting to annoy me”, Valence says, “but I’m not as young as I look, no one in Tabelara is.  We are all shadow creatures who have lived for many hundreds of years.”

“You look 17, genius,” Aaron says, still calmly.  “I’m 1,700 years old wise-guy,”  Valence retorts, “Besides, you couldn’t be older than twenty.”  “Nice guess, now tell me my height and weight and see if you get those right too.” Aaron says.  “You are annoying me now, so shut up.  I know joking and wise cracks are how you handle stress.”  Aaron looks over at Valence with mock hurt on his face “I do nothing of the sort!”  Aaron stops talking when they both see a light up ahead.

They come across a round door with bars composing most of it, on the outside Aaron can see a field that looks rather barren and empty.  The sun was shining brightly in the sky, making even the small tunnel the boys are in feel gruesomely hot.  “Won’t they spot me?” Aaron asks as Valence opens the door.  “Not if you put this on and take off that armor.” he says and throws a worn travelers cloak like the one Shadus was wearing at him.  “I wish you the best of luck Aaron,  I’m relying on you to bring hope back to my home.” Valence says as he shuts the door and walks back up the tunnel, leaving Aaron alone.

(Hmm, interesting, I wonder what surprises could wait for Aaron now that he’s out :D Stay tuned!)

Between The Shadows: Chapter Three

“Saddle my  horse Princely!” Genesis says, just mere hours after her friend Aaron was abducted by the mysterious characters known as Shadus and Remra.   “My lady, you are rushing into this,” Princely says, “wait until troops arrive to accompany you.”  “By then it could be to late Princely! I have his sword, I’ll be fine.” Genesis mounts her white mare, Buttermilk.

“My lady, you’ve never fenced in your life, how do you expect to survive out there alone!?”

“Aaron’s family’s farm is close by, I’ll have his father teach me some skills along the way.”

Princely sighs.  “If I cannot talk you out of it, then I wish you the best of luck, my Baroness” Princely hands her a saddle bag, and Genesis rides away.


As Genesis arrives at a town she hears screaming, and a huge creature runs at her, it had wings like a bat, but the body of a lion, and eyes like that of a snake, the entire creature being a cold, pure black.  Genesis just steers her horse away from the monsters path as it bolts by, it large talons clicking on the stone path.  When she didn’t see the monster for some time, she assumed it to be safe and rode her horse into town.

The entire village is in shambles, stands destroyed, saddened villagers where ever she goes.  Genesis asks for directions to Desimé Ranch and heads to the outskirts of the village.  As she strolls through the big wooden gates she hears whooping and a good dozen chickens run straight at her, scaring Buttermilk and Genesis is flung from the saddle.

After all the chickens had passed Genesis hears a young, female voice say “sorry ’bout that, didn’t see you ridin’ in!” and then Genesis is helped up by a small girl with blonde ponytails and a simple cotton shirt and pants ensemble.  “Really, really sorry ’bout that, Papa says I should watch before running the chickens, but they always need a good running now and then, otherwise they never get enough exercise!”.  “And you are?” Genesis says as she dusts off her dress.  “Oh, my name’s Binny, I’m my Papa’s oldest daughter and I’m gonna run the farm someday!”.  “That’s nice, you wouldn’t happen to know Aaron Desimé would you?”.

Binny crosses her arms in a ‘you-new-or-something?’ way and says “Duh, he is my brother.”

“Right, I should have figured.  Strange though, Aaron never mentioned he had a little sister”.

“Everyone knows everyone in town, he probably figured it was the same where- wait…You’re that pretty girl he’s always going to see!”  Binny smiles like only a little sister can.  “Well anyways, I’m here to speak to your father”.  Genesis tries to push past Binny, but Binny just follows along and says “Oh, Papa isn’t here, he had to go on business since Aaron didn’t come back home today”,  Binny gives Genesis a suspicious look, “You wouldn’t happen to now where Aaron is would ya’?”

“Umm, well, it’s kind of hard to explain, but no one else in your family knows how to sword fight?”

“I know how to fight, in fact I’m almost as good as Aaron and Papa,  I can teach you just as soon as you tell me what’s goin’ on.”

“Alright fine” Genesis explains what’s happened to Aaron and Binny just listens wide-eyed.  When Genesis finishes Binny says “Okay, I’ll help ya’, but I wanna come along.”

“No way, if you where older maybe but-”

“Hey, I’m strong too lady, my Papa taught me how to fight and I’ve trained with Aaron every day”.

“First, dear girl, I am not a Lady, I am a Baroness.  Second, you’re too young, I just saw a huge lion…thing that has everyone in town scared!”

“yeah, I know.  The chickens where restless about it, so I decided to give ‘em a run.”  Binny says, “an’ you don’t got any good reason to talk down to me lady, I’m just as grown up as-”  Both girls hear chicken squawking and all of the chickens run past them in a fury, all being chased by the black creature from town.  “It’s back!” Genesis yells as Binny grabs a wooden practice sword from a fence and stands in a protective stance in front of Genesis.  “Don’t make any sudden movements or that thing migh’ attack” Binny says quietly as the creature stops in front of the two girls.

The creature snarls and lunges at the two but Binny swings her sword and uses the leverage to throw the creature a good few feet away from them.  The creature gets up, dazed, then runs at them again, a large tail like a whip tipped with iron appearing and slicing in half everything it touches.  As the Binny defends herself from the beast and Genesis hides nearby, things are not looking well for our young Baroness at the moment.

(Chapter Four headed your way internet, hold onto your rupees!)

Hyrule Hot Spots, All your travel destination needs!

Hello again faithful internet goers!  This time I’m here to feature some  travel destinations that are likely to make any family vacation fun! (or some favorite parts of Hyrule from different games ;) ).  So feels free to spend your next vacation at any of these fine spots (monster-free guarantee not included)!

#1.  Lanayru Desert

Lanayru_Desert_Artwork(Game: Skyward Sword)

Vacation Price: $500 Rupees.

This once vibrant and lush area has fallen to a small-ish state of decay and sandy-ness, but that shouldn’t deter you from packing your bags and having a fun day at the beach! Who cares that there’s no water…or trees….or anything besides old ruins, dead robots, and lots of monsters and sand.  Come now and enjoy yourself (warning: bring giant electric snail repellent!)

#2. Death Mountain

death-mountain-2(Game: Ocarina of Time)

Vacation Price: $1,100 Rupees

Welcome to Death Mountain, a rocky, craggy place perfect for rock climbers.  While falling rocks and locals can be a bit of a problem, don’t think for a moment that the fire won’t kill you! Uh, I mean, there’s a magic fairy at the top, loving characters inside, and doesn’t it look gorgeous during a sunset?   Bring your family, your friends, your fire extinguisher! Wait, what?

#3. Twilight Realm

Palaceoftwilght(Game: Twilight Princess)

Vacation Price: $450

Don’t let the low price and sunless sky fool you, this place is paradise!  The locals are talkative (kinda), they have beautiful (not dangerous at all) wildlife, and every monster here just wants to give you a BIG hug! (or he wants the sol orb, which ever).  Not to mention their friendly King Zant who worships Ganondorf as though he where a god, this place is full of hustle and bustle from every day life.  Make sure to bring the whole family to this peaceful, magical, romantic place.

#4. Windfall Island

Windfall-Island(Game: Wind Waker)

Vacation Price: $4,000 Rupees

Hmm, there actually isn’t anything wrong with this place, it’s just a regular, peaceful island.  Pretty boring.  Then again, I suppose for those who like safety and peace and all that boring junk, why not camp on it’s shores, stay at the hotel, check out the windmill.   Honestly?  I’d rather crawl around in the tunnels looking for rats or hang out with pirates.  -_-

#5. Clock Town

zelda moonface--screenshot_large(Game: Majora’s Mask)

Vacation Price: $10 Rupees!!

Like with the twilight realm, don’t let the price fool you, this is a score!  You get to meet nice people, attend a fair, live for three days only, is there anything better?  And ignore the moon out your window, it’s not going to fall like all the villagers say it is! Pack, bring the kids, just avoid little boys with weird masks ;)

I hope you enjoyed this glowing travel guide, may you all find the vacation of your dreams! (payment is required in advance do to lack of people returning alive).

Between The Shadows: Chapter Two

Aaron moans and wakes up feeling like he’s just been stampeded by elephants.  He gets up and opens his eyes, taking in his surroundings.  He’s in a dark cell with three stone walls and one wall that is all bars to let in light, if there was any.  As far as he could tell he was the only one in what must be a dungeon, and the air smelled dry so he knew that he must be deep underground or indoors.

He hears footsteps echoing down the hall and stands up.  As the figure steps closer Aaron wishes he had some sort of weapon or light.  Shadus emerges, obvious boredom on his face.  “So you’re awake.” he says.  “Where am I?  Why am I here?” Aaron asks, holding onto the bars and giving Shadus an angry look.  “Tabelara, a kingdom like yours, but also very different.” Shadus replies, “you are here because our ruler the king needs something that you do, or will soon, possess”.  Aaron tenses.  “Where is Genesis?”.

Shadus finally steps closer, eying Aaron.  “She is safe, but we will have her soon enough.”  Aaron’s grip on the bar tightens as he says “Don’t you touch her”.  Shadus smiles saying “I don’t need to, Remra will see to her capture.”  And on that note, he walked away, leaving Aaron feeling hopelessly lost.

A guard hears moaning coming from a cell down the hall and goes to investigate.  He sees Aaron laying on the floor and moaning, so he opens the cell.  He gets closer and Aaron jumps up, grabs the guard’s sword, and stabs the guard right in the back.  The guard disappears in a puff of black smoke, leaving his armor.  Aaron gets an idea, and hopes it’ll turn out better than he thinks it will.

Come to The Dark Side, We Have Cookies

Again I speak to you from the dark side of the universe, this time to talk about something bigger than a floating hand with an eye.  I’m here to talk to you about  about bosses, final bosses, and maybe a mini boss or two.  Everyone knows there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, but the light is often guarded by a horrible monster that really just wants you dead.

Weather it’s a Gym Leader, an evil hog-like guy, a dragon, or just The Ice King, the guys do have a kind of charm to them.  I’m going to feature a few, and this is gonna work like the side characters things, just comment if you think a boss needs to see the light ;)

#1. Ganondorf

The-Legend-of-Zelda-The-Ocarina-of-TimeAhh yes, good old pig face.  When I was growing up, he was the villain I always imagined.  When ever my sister and I played princess, Ganon would always be the villain we fell to, and then we would imagine Link coming to save us.  This is one of the reasons why I like this guy.  He’s strong, evil, corrupted, but he won’t make you pee your pants at the sight of him.  While how you defeat him hasn’t always changed much, the fact that Ganon HIMSELF changes, both in design and in character, makes him much different from the Floor Master and other villains from the Zelda Saga.

#2. Zant

Appalling_Truth_by_sonicmaster1989-300x230Yes, I know this photo is a meme and not really from the game, but can you blame me for putting it in this post? It’s so true you can’t even imagine.  Zant comes in to Zelda’s castle like a boss, hurts Midna like a boss, and then stomps around like A TODDLER!!!

Even though his actions are childish, he does make a good mini-boss for Ganon in Twilight Princess, which is really all you could call Zant.  The key to beating him is to not get flustered and to remember which items you used in the dungeon he puts you.  The last thing I want to say, is that Zant only looks like a boss with his helmet on, and even then he makes me think of a fish :P

#3.  Shadow Link

scene_1Shadow Link is awesome.  Plain and simple.  Though I never played Four Swords, it is one of my top games to get around to playing.  I’ve read the manga and this guy just seems to be a kid looking to be noticed.

Shadow Link has one of the saddest stories I have ever read in the manga, he starts out wanting to be noticed, and moves from innocent intentions to evil works.  He becomes a pawn to both Vaati and Ganon, who’s secretly working in the background.  How ever, after encountering Green, Red, Blue, and Vio, he gets that being noticed like this isn’t what he wants.

In the end he sacrifices himself to bring an end to Vaati and Ganon, but is forced back into the shadow realm, but he’s okay with it because he has friends now.  He is a character I will always love, and one of the ones that makes you cry when he’s gone.

 #4. Grima

grima(Note: I have only played Fire Emblem Awakening, If Grima is featured in other Fire Emblem games, please TELL ME CUZ GRIMA’S A FREAKIN’ AWESOMESAUCE BOSS!!!! :D )

Grima is the fell dragon from Fire Emblem which is the only place where you can put dragons, princes, bunny people, and an amnesieac and have it NOT be a fairy tale.  Grima has six freaking wings, a freaky face hidden by that head armor, and a secret relation to the hero of the game (I. E., us).  While it might be confusing if you choose the female avatar, Grima is distinctly male, unlike his counterpart Naga who is distinctly female.

He is destruction, choas, and pure malice.  While I would love to tell you every itty-bitty-wittle thing about him, I’m gonna save some of that for when I actually post about Fire Emblem Awakening (And I WILL!!!)

#5. The Ice King

52254Yeah, The Ice King.  I put him in here because my sis and I played the game “Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?”, but there really isn’t anything to say about him besides the fact that he’s Lumpy Space Princess’ Mini-boss, He’s as pathetic as in the cartoon, and he’s the comic relief of this page :l.  You can easily match his flow and beat him, you can use ANY of your weapons on him successfully (not that you need to -_-),  and really, I have three words for him. DON’T.  DATE.  GARBAGE!!

#6.  Bowser

250px-BowserNSMBUBowser is a bully, a crook, a mob leader, an egotistical maniac, and….a dad?  This red haired, spine-shelled freak of nature is something else.  Always trying to capture Princess Peach (honestly, I’d try for Rosalina if I was this guy) he is constantly being super-Marioed, torched, iced, or swept away by everyone’s favorite, Iconic plumber (cool fact: did you know he was almost a carpenter?)

While he is older than Ganon, he changes less and he seems to be less EVIL and more naughty.  Not only that, I would like to meet Mama Bowser for Bowser jr. , could this be but another excuse for Nintendo to make a “Super Peach Sis.”?  Seriously Nintendo, think it over ;) .

Peace y’all, I’ll bring you more lighter side later, but for now….DO NOT TOUCH LORD VADER’S COOKIES!!!


Good From Bad

(Note: This story is dedicated to an awesome man who is truly a super hero in my topher1kenobe-1024x1024life, happy birthday ;) )

A quiet peace is spread through out Grand Rapids, a peace oft protected by Thresher, a great hero able to bring good from anything bad he can find.  On this quiet night we find Thresher at home, operating under his alias, Christopher, mild-mannered father, husband, and web developer.  Christopher has just finished his work for the evening and goes to head upstairs when his crime-alert sounds.  He texts his wife that he’ll be working late and suits up.

Thresher arrives at the seen to see his arch-nemesis, The Illusionist, robbing the Fifth-Third Bank.  “Illusionist!” Thresher calls to get her attention.  The Illusionist turns around and gives him a smirk.  “So you actually came Thresher,” she says, “I’m impressed.  But now it is my turn to impress you!”.

She puts down her bags of money and cards fly out of her sleeves.  The cards fly at Thresher, cutting his suit and his face.  Thresher runs at The Illusionist and throws her against the side of the bank.  The Illusionist gets up and uses a pink smoke bomb.  When the smoke clears a lion is standing in front of her.  “Battle this why don’t you, I have banks to rob!” She says, and then flees in another puff of pink smoke.  Thresher and the lion charge at each other, but when Thresher puts his hands on the lion, he takes its badness and turns it into a cute little kitten.

Thresher helps repair the damages The Illusionist did to the bank, drops the kitten off at the local animal shelter, and goes home.  After a few weeks of radio silence, Thresher gets another crime-alert and heads out.  He arrives at another bank across town to almost the same scenario.  The Illusionist sneers and puts down her loot.  “Came back for more did you?” she says, “Very well then.  I should like to fight you, after what you did to my pet!”

The Illusionist grabs from her coat a magicians wand and waves it in the air.  Thresher readies himself and the blades on his arms lengthen.  Thresher charges at The Illusionist as she flicks her wrist and a pink rocket is fired from the end of her wand.  Thresher dodges the rocket and puts his hands on The Illusionist.

As Thresher removes the bad from her, The Illusionist falls to her knees and her mask and top hat fall off.  She looks up at Thresher and says “Dad?”.  Thresher smiles and helps his daughter up.  “Everything is going to be fine now Molly, don’t worry” Thresher says as he hugs his daughter close.  Molly hugs her dad, tears in her eyes.  “I’m sorry dad, I just wanted to make a name for myself, like you…”.  Thresher hugs her even tighter and says “It’s okay, you already have a name for yourself, with me.”

Years later, Thresher is still guarding Grand Rapids, but now with the aid of his side-kick The Illusionist, and the two where never seen fighting apart ever again.

(I hope you love it Topher,  this is just one persons account of the awesomeness that is you)