Woah, A Pokemon And Zelda Title in one?! Pokemon Courage!

(Note: This post was originally designed as an April Fools prank, but I decided to just pitch it as an idea and leave it as written.  If you actually enjoy this idea, let me know!  Maybe we can get this to go viral and have Nintendo actually pay attention to us.)  Greetings humans, animals, and assorted extra-terrestrial life!  This may not be what you’d normally expect out of a Zelda game, but it’s something I’ve desired for ages.  I feel like the idea is solid, the story could be amazing, and it’s certainly worth a shot.  Help spread the buzz on twitter with #PokemonCourage. Read more »

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Fall of An Empire: Chapter Five

Day 44                          7th Sector

Search Status: ….

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If I Re-Made a Game

www.zeldainformer.comIf you could re-make at least one of your favorite games and bring it to a new platform, what would you do?  This is what I would do. Read more »

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Zelda Day!!

Hoo-rah Zelda fans!  A few days ago I was able to purchase a Link amiibo in store, which is impressive considering traditional (a.k.a., OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnon-toon) Link is the most popular and fast selling amiibo.  I also purchased the full DLC (Down Load Content) for Hyrule Warriors which, has spurred me on to write a much better review of the game.  I will publish more information as to what the game is like with all of it’s functions later, so for now, good bye my loyal readers!


Fall of an Empire: Chapter Three

Here’s the newest installment of Fall of an Empire, to read the previous chapter, check out the link to it here:  http://randomocity.venturous.org/

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A Tour of The World: Snowpeak Ruins

A few weeks ago I made a post about snow-based dungeons, and in it I said I would do a future post about one of my more-liked snow-based dungeons, Snowpeak Ruins from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and that kind of inspired me to look at more dungeons beyond just Snowpeak Ruins and, well, suppose about them.  Hence, A Tour of The World.  I look forward to starting off this spin-off of sorts with the coverage of this dungeon, so here we go! Read more »

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Fall of an Empire: Chapter One

Hi readers, this is a project I and my friend Maxwell are working on, an online series based on a few of his previous stories and some work of my own. I’ve added a link of you wanna read up on his previous work (which he is still publishing by the way), so enjoy reading about a plant, a werewolf, a human, whomever there may be! http://randomocity.venturous.org/ Read more »


Character Spotlight: Link

I almost didn’t write this post, do you know why?  Because of all the characters, Link is supposedly the most undefined, undialogedLink_(Super_Smash_Bros._Brawl)character of the entire Zelda series.  Who would interfere with the Hero of Time, greatest hero of Hyrule?

But then I started thinking of Link not as the Hero of Time, but as a character.  Why is he always left-handed?   Why has he always had an ear for music?  With the creation of these questions and more, a post was born.  I will answer these questions and more to my best ability, so hold onto your Master Swords everyone.

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Character Spotlight

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I’m not sure about the rest of the world right now, but where I live it’s cold and snowy.  I mean, the snow is currently as high as my dog’s belly.  Sadly for me, I am not much of a fan of the cold, but it did inspire me, because not only do I hate the cold, I also hate cold, snowy video game levels.  And while skidding on the road for a few seconds in you car is bad, skidding into a never ending abyss can be significantly worse.  So I thought I’d feature a few snow levels and give my thoughts on them. Read more »

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No More Between The Shadows!

Yes my friends, it is true.  I will no longer be posting chapters of Between The Shadows on my blog.  But I must tell you why.
I have not given up on the project, but am working with my friend Nyxira to refine it and hopefully we will have it published as a book…eventually.  As I said there is a good amount of refining to be done.

The chapters currently on my blog will remain there, but I recommend you get the book when it comes out, as I’ve already made a considerable amount of changes to the book as it is.  Good-bye for now, my friends!