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Welcome to TriforcePower, a blog used for posting theories, humor, and the ever-growing online stories I find the time to create.  Here I like to talk about things like Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, outer space travel, swordsmen, the occasional super hero, and whatever else I feel like.  If you’re interested in the story aspect of my blog, please feel free to go to the area of my blog labeled “Subjects” and select such titles as Between the Shadows and FoaE (which stands for Fall of an Empire) where stories are organized from oldest to newest so you can read them without spoilers or confusion.

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Pokemon No. 13, Lapras

Lapras_Pokemon_Mystery_Dungeon_Explorers_of_Time_and_DarknessBehold, the graceful and mystical Lapras.  Lapras is known as the transport pokémon because of her tendency to escort people in need across large bodies of water.  With a big, caring heart and a unique ability to understand human speech, Lapras have been trusting the human race for years; if only that trust wasn’t misplaced…but I’ll get back to that later.  Lapras is a 8′ 2″ Ice and Water-type pokémon with weaknesses to Fighting-types, Rock-types, Grass-types, and Electric-types, but she also has strengths against Fire-types, Ground-types, Rock-types, and Grass-types.  That’s a lot of power for one sea monster!  She has the common abilities Shell Armor and Water Absorb, or the hidden ability Hydration.  If I had to put her in a category, I would have to place her in the Best Representation of A Real World Monster. Continue reading

Pokemon No. 14, Jirachi

jirachiOh Jirachi, how I doth loveth thee.  Jirachi is the Wish pokémon, with a height of merely 1′, and a great tendency to nap.  Jirachi is a Steel and Psychic-type pokémon, with weaknesses to Ghost-types, Dark-types, Fire-types, and Ground-types, and a strength against Fighting-types and Poison-types.  Jirachi has the common ability Serene Grace, and because it has yet to be reintroduced in generation six, when hidden abilities became available, it has no hidden ability of its own.  Jirachi is steeped in lore and hard to come by, both in legend and in game.  Jirachi holds a special place in my heart and this blog, most specifically in the form of the title Favorite Pokémon I Don’t Have. Continue reading

Pokemon No. 15, Lilligant

Before we begin, I’d just like to say that I actually have a good reason for not posting the last two days: my wifi went down.  But, now I’m back, don’t worry y’all.  Now, to Pokémonth!

LilligantLilligant, the Flowering pokémon.  Lilligant is a 3′ 7″ Grass-type, with the common abilities Chlorophyll or Own Tempo, or the hidden ability Leaf Guard.  Being a Grass-type, it has a natural weakness to Flying-types, Fire-types, Ice-types, Poison-types, and Bug-types, but a strength against Water-types, Rock-types, and Ground-types.  It’s tough being a Grass-type, especially a Grass-type with such weak stats as Lilligant’s.  However, Lilligant’s beauty and charm has won her a special place in my heart in the form the Most Elegant PKMN*. Continue reading

Pokemon No. 16, Aurorus

AurorusThis is Aurorus, the Tundra pokémon.  Aurorus is an 8′ 10″ Rock and Ice-type, with weaknesses to Fire-types, Fighting-types, Steel-types, Water-types, Ground-types, Grass-types, and other Rock-types, with strengths against Electric-types, Grass-types, and other Rock-types.  Aurorus has the common ability Refrigerate, and the hidden ability Snow Warning.  With a lot of the other pokémon this month, it was hard to fit them into categories that fit them best.  However, Aurorus is easy: Favorite Fossil Pokémon. Continue reading

Pokemon No. 19, Kirlia; Pokemon No. 18, Gardevoir; and Pokemon No. 17, Gallade

Hello Pokémon fandom!  First, I would like to say how sorry I am that I haven’t posted lately, but my family and I attended a conference this weekend in Orlando, so I didn’t really have time to get any posts done.  However, much like with Frillish and Jellicent, these three pokémon sharing a post just seems like a good idea, so please enjoy!

Meet Kirlia, the Emotion pokémon and entry #281 in the pokédex.  It is a Psychic and KirliaFairy-type pokémon, with the abilities Synchronize or Trace, and the hidden ability Telepathy.  It has weaknesses to Ghost-types, Steel-types, and Poison-types, but a strength against Dragon-types and Fighting-types.  I plan to cover Gardevoir and Gallade as well, but I wanted to cover Kirlia first, since its the pre-evolution for both of them.

Kirlia is the evolved form of Ralts, and the  pre-evolved form of either Gardevoir, or Gallade.  If its a girl, Kirlia will simply evolve to Gardevoir through leveling; if its a guy, then it will evolve into a Gallade using a Dawn Stone.  Yes, that’s right, Kirlia can be a guy.  The simplest, least awkward way to think of Kirlia is as Gallade’s milder, 2’07” awkward phase.  With this in mind, I place Kirlia in the Strangest Design category.  However, I did a little research, and it all made a lot more sense once I did. Continue reading

Pokemon No. 20, Slurpuff

Slurpuff_685_DreamWorldArtSlurpuff, the Meringue pokémon.  Also, the Most Delicious pokémon.  Slurpuff is a 2′ 7″ Fairy-type, with the common ability Sweet Veil and the hidden ability Unburden.  It has a weakness to Steel-types and Poison-types, but an incredible strength against Dragon-types.  With a nose that can smell sweets for miles and a stomach that constantly needs filling, be careful when eating food in its presence. Continue reading

Pokemon No. 21, Goodra

GoodraAw, Goodra!  This squishy little guy is known as the Dragon pokémon in the pokédex, but I know him as my Favorite Pure Dragon-type.  As I said, its a Dragon-type, with a weakness to Ice-types, Dragon-types, and Fairy-types; and a strength against Dragon-types.  Its 6′ 7″, with the common abilities Sap Sipper or Hydration, or the hidden ability Gooey.  I love this guy, he’s big, sticky, and adorable.  If only he wasn’t so unfortunately known… Continue reading

Pokemon No. 22, Chandelure

ChandelureChandelure, the Luring Pokémon and my Favorite Living Furniture pokemon.  Chandelure is a Ghost and Fire-type ‘mon, with the common abilities Flash Fire or Flame Body, or the hidden ability Infiltrator.  It has a weakness to Ghost-types, Dark-types, Ground-types, Rock-types, and Water-types; and a strength against Grass-types, Ice-types, Ghost-types, Psychic-types, Fighting-types, and an ambivalence towards Normal-types.  It is 3’ 3″, and wicked cool. Continue reading

Pokemon No. 23, Serperior

Serperior2Hello, oh crusher of dreams.  Everyone, meet Serperior, the Regal pokémon.  It is a Grass-type, with a weakness against Fire-types and Ice-types, and a strength against Water-types and Ground-types.  It’s 10′ 10″, with the common ability Overgrow or the hidden ability Contrary.  As I said when I posted about Sawsbuck, the first game I ever played was Pokémon Black, and Snivy (Serperior’s first form) was the first pokémon I ever had.  Back then, I thought Snivy’s evolution chain was the awesomest thing ever, and when Servine evolved into Serperior, I thought the Pokémon League was mine.  Boy howdy was I wrong. Continue reading

Pokemon No. 25, Jellicent and Pokemon No. 24, Frillish

JellicentsBehold, Jellicent, the Floating pokémon.  Jellicent is a Ghost and Water-type with the common abilities Cursed Body or Water Absorb, or the hidden ability, Damp.  It has a weakness to Ghost-types, Dark-types, Electric-types, and Grass-types, but a strength against Fire-types, Fighting-types, Psychic-types, Ground-types, and an ambivalence towards Normal-types.  It is 7′ 3″, and I have placed it in the Hardest Pokémon To Love category.

Now, meet Frillish, the other Floating pokémon, and the pre-evolved form of Jellicent.Frillish  Being Jellicent’s pre-evolved form, it has the same typing, the same weaknesses, even the same abilities and hidden ability.  In fact, there are only three major differences in these two pokémon.  The first, is height.  Frillish is significantly smaller than Jellicent, being only 3′ 11″.  Second, would be power.  Much like poor Pichu, Frillish will never have the same power capabilities as it’s final form.  And third would be, aesthetics.  I will get back to this later.  Now, here’s the funny thing; I place Frillish in the Hardest Pokémon To Love category, right along side Jellicent.  As far as I know, this is the only time two pokémon will ever share the same category, but when you hear my reasoning it will actually make a lot of sense (I hope). Continue reading