Come to The Dark Side, We Have Cookies

Again I speak to you from the dark side of the universe, this time to talk about something bigger than a floating hand with an eye.  I’m here to talk to you about  about bosses, final bosses, and maybe a mini boss or two.  Everyone knows there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, but the light is often guarded by a horrible monster that really just wants you dead.

Weather it’s a Gym Leader, an evil hog-like guy, a dragon, or just The Ice King, the guys do have a kind of charm to them.  I’m going to feature a few, and this is gonna work like the side characters things, just comment if you think a boss needs to see the light ;)

#1. Ganondorf

The-Legend-of-Zelda-The-Ocarina-of-TimeAhh yes, good old pig face.  When I was growing up, he was the villain I always imagined.  When ever my sister and I played princess, Ganon would always be the villain we fell to, and then we would imagine Link coming to save us.  This is one of the reasons why I like this guy.  He’s strong, evil, corrupted, but he won’t make you pee your pants at the sight of him.  While how you defeat him hasn’t always changed much, the fact that Ganon HIMSELF changes, both in design and in character, makes him much different from the Floor Master and other villains from the Zelda Saga.

#2. Zant

Appalling_Truth_by_sonicmaster1989-300x230Yes, I know this photo is a meme and not really from the game, but can you blame me for putting it in this post? It’s so true you can’t even imagine.  Zant comes in to Zelda’s castle like a boss, hurts Midna like a boss, and then stomps around like A TODDLER!!!

Even though his actions are childish, he does make a good mini-boss for Ganon in Twilight Princess, which is really all you could call Zant.  The key to beating him is to not get flustered and to remember which items you used in the dungeon he puts you.  The last thing I want to say, is that Zant only looks like a boss with his helmet on, and even then he makes me think of a fish :P

#3.  Shadow Link

scene_1Shadow Link is awesome.  Plain and simple.  Though I never played Four Swords, it is one of my top games to get around to playing.  I’ve read the manga and this guy just seems to be a kid looking to be noticed.

Shadow Link has one of the saddest stories I have ever read in the manga, he starts out wanting to be noticed, and moves from innocent intentions to evil works.  He becomes a pawn to both Vaati and Ganon, who’s secretly working in the background.  How ever, after encountering Green, Red, Blue, and Vio, he gets that being noticed like this isn’t what he wants.

In the end he sacrifices himself to bring an end to Vaati and Ganon, but is forced back into the shadow realm, but he’s okay with it because he has friends now.  He is a character I will always love, and one of the ones that makes you cry when he’s gone.

 #4. Grima

grima(Note: I have only played Fire Emblem Awakening, If Grima is featured in other Fire Emblem games, please TELL ME CUZ GRIMA’S A FREAKIN’ AWESOMESAUCE BOSS!!!! :D )

Grima is the fell dragon from Fire Emblem which is the only place where you can put dragons, princes, bunny people, and an amnesieac and have it NOT be a fairy tale.  Grima has six freaking wings, a freaky face hidden by that head armor, and a secret relation to the hero of the game (I. E., us).  While it might be confusing if you choose the female avatar, Grima is distinctly male, unlike his counterpart Naga who is distinctly female.

He is destruction, choas, and pure malice.  While I would love to tell you every itty-bitty-wittle thing about him, I’m gonna save some of that for when I actually post about Fire Emblem Awakening (And I WILL!!!)

#5. The Ice King

52254Yeah, The Ice King.  I put him in here because my sis and I played the game “Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?”, but there really isn’t anything to say about him besides the fact that he’s Lumpy Space Princess’ Mini-boss, He’s as pathetic as in the cartoon, and he’s the comic relief of this page :l.  You can easily match his flow and beat him, you can use ANY of your weapons on him successfully (not that you need to -_-),  and really, I have three words for him. DON’T.  DATE.  GARBAGE!!

#6.  Bowser

250px-BowserNSMBUBowser is a bully, a crook, a mob leader, an egotistical maniac, and….a dad?  This red haired, spine-shelled freak of nature is something else.  Always trying to capture Princess Peach (honestly, I’d try for Rosalina if I was this guy) he is constantly being super-Marioed, torched, iced, or swept away by everyone’s favorite, Iconic plumber (cool fact: did you know he was almost a carpenter?)

While he is older than Ganon, he changes less and he seems to be less EVIL and more naughty.  Not only that, I would like to meet Mama Bowser for Bowser jr. , could this be but another excuse for Nintendo to make a “Super Peach Sis.”?  Seriously Nintendo, think it over ;).

Peace y’all, I’ll bring you more lighter side later, but for now….DO NOT TOUCH LORD VADER’S COOKIES!!!


Good From Bad

(Note: This story is dedicated to an awesome man who is truly a super hero in my topher1kenobe-1024x1024life, happy birthday ;) )

A quiet peace is spread through out Grand Rapids, a peace oft protected by Thresher, a great hero able to bring good from anything bad he can find.  On this quiet night we find Thresher at home, operating under his alias, Christopher, mild-mannered father, husband, and web developer.  Christopher has just finished his work for the evening and goes to head upstairs when his crime-alert sounds.  He texts his wife that he’ll be working late and suits up.

Thresher arrives at the seen to see his arch-nemesis, The Illusionist, robbing the Fifth-Third Bank.  “Illusionist!” Thresher calls to get her attention.  The Illusionist turns around and gives him a smirk.  “So you actually came Thresher,” she says, “I’m impressed.  But now it is my turn to impress you!”.

She puts down her bags of money and cards fly out of her sleeves.  The cards fly at Thresher, cutting his suit and his face.  Thresher runs at The Illusionist and throws her against the side of the bank.  The Illusionist gets up and uses a pink smoke bomb.  When the smoke clears a lion is standing in front of her.  “Battle this why don’t you, I have banks to rob!” She says, and then flees in another puff of pink smoke.  Thresher and the lion charge at each other, but when Thresher puts his hands on the lion, he takes its badness and turns it into a cute little kitten.

Thresher helps repair the damages The Illusionist did to the bank, drops the kitten off at the local animal shelter, and goes home.  After a few weeks of radio silence, Thresher gets another crime-alert and heads out.  He arrives at another bank across town to almost the same scenario.  The Illusionist sneers and puts down her loot.  “Came back for more did you?” she says, “Very well then.  I should like to fight you, after what you did to my pet!”

The Illusionist grabs from her coat a magicians wand and waves it in the air.  Thresher readies himself and the blades on his arms lengthen.  Thresher charges at The Illusionist as she flicks her wrist and a pink rocket is fired from the end of her wand.  Thresher dodges the rocket and puts his hands on The Illusionist.

As Thresher removes the bad from her, The Illusionist falls to her knees and her mask and top hat fall off.  She looks up at Thresher and says “Dad?”.  Thresher smiles and helps his daughter up.  “Everything is going to be fine now Molly, don’t worry” Thresher says as he hugs his daughter close.  Molly hugs her dad, tears in her eyes.  “I’m sorry dad, I just wanted to make a name for myself, like you…”.  Thresher hugs her even tighter and says “It’s okay, you already have a name for yourself, with me.”

Years later, Thresher is still guarding Grand Rapids, but now with the aid of his side-kick The Illusionist, and the two where never seen fighting apart ever again.

(I hope you love it Topher,  this is just one persons account of the awesomeness that is you)

Lovable Side Characters: Part 3

Hello everyone!  I made a new list of side characters thanks to a great request from a friend, so here they are! This time the theme is “Pokemon Sides From the Anime” breaking my recent streak of Zelda.  As usual, the rule stands, if you want someone featured just comment and I’ll check it out, or comment just for fun! ;) (I chose to not feature the gang from the XY series, due to the fact that I don’t have complete profile knowledge and things can change).

#1. Brock

160px-BrockAGBrock is what could only be called a man of mystery, and also the complete opposite.  Brock has followed Ash through every anime up to the last few seasons,  and is also the gym leader of Pewter City.  He decided through his journey to become a pokemon doctor and can be leveled-headed and calm in almost any situation….as long as Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny aren’t near by.

One of the things that makes Brock as predictable as breathing, is the fact that he’s a major player.  If a lady is hot, old enough, and not wearing a wedding ring, he’ll go nuts.  He’s a fabulous cook, a great pokemon trainer, and a sweet guy, so it’s easy to look past his player-ness and see him as an awesome friend.  The pokemon he currently carries with him are: Sudowoodo, Chansey, and Croagunk.

#2. Misty

MistyEPMisty, the tomboyish mermaid.  There’s really no other way to put it when it comes to this gal.  She’s feisty, spunky, and won’t take lip from anyone.  She grew up rather ignored by her sisters, so when she was old enough to leave she went a training journey to become the greatest water type trainer.  She decided to follow Ash after Pikachu fried her bike, and then (though they fought) couldn’t be consider anything less than a friend and rival to Ash.

After spending a lot of time traveling with Ash and Brock, her sisters inform her that she is now in charge of the Cerulian City Gym, thus ending her travels with Brock, Ash, and Pikachu.  Pokemon currently in her possession are: Azurill, Luvdisc (called Caserin), Corsola, Gyarados, Psyduck, Politoed, Starmie, Horsea, Staryu, and Goldeen.

#3. May

150px-May_Anime_ArtworkMay is a young girl who honestly, didn’t have a thing for pokemon when she started her journey, she was just using it as an excuse to tour the world.  After meeting up with Ash,  Pikachu frying her bike, and receiving a Torchic from Prof. Birch, she traveled with Ash, Brock, and her younger brother Max.

Along the way in her travels she falls in love with pokemon contests, and I honestly can’t blame her.  She has the skill, the team, and the mind to do anything she works at, and is always sticking her neck out for her baby brother(even if he hates it).  Her current team is: Blaziken, Wartortle, Glaceon, Venusaur, Munchlax, and Beautifly.  She currently has thirteen contest ribbons and is still going.

#4. Max

MaxPokemonMax is May’s younger brother, and a real pokénerd.  He knows much about pokemon, how they evolve, and what they tend to regularly do.  Though he isn’t old enough to officially be a trainer and go on a journey, he follows May and the gang after asking his mother, and he also does a good job of taking care of the gang’s pokemon for them.

Max brought a good amount of adorable charm to the group while he was with them, and he also helped out May a lot when she was in a fix.  Though like I said, he can’t have any pokemon of his own, he’s befriended quite a few, such as: Deoxys, Ralts, Shuppet, Jirachi, and Poochyena.

#5. Dawn

150px-DawnDawn could be known as the “May of Sinnoh”, but I find her to be more than that.  Unlike May, for instance, she has a love for pokemon right from the get-go, but she also has a thing for contests right from the get-go, as well as the fact that Pikachu fried her bike.  Though quite skilled at what she does, having Brock and Ash to help her learn makes her stronger, and also wiser.

Although Ash teaches her many things, he isn’t the only one with knowledge, and she helps him a lot in return.  Dawn is kind, out-spoken, a good friend, and also a bit clueless at times, though she almost always finds something to smile about, along with a reason to say her favorite saying “No need to worry!”.  The pokemon she has with her now are: Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu, Mamoswine, Togekiss, and Quilava. She currently has five ribbons and is still kicking.

#6. Iris

IrisBW4Iris is a rather awesome character, and even though I wanted to use her Champion Form for the picture, I decided against it since she’s never actually seen as champion on the anime.  Iris is many things, wild child, gym leader, champion (Just so we’re clear) and also a school flunky.  Though she tried her best at Draydon’s school, she just didn’t fit there, so she decided to go on a training journey, and was mistaken for a new pokemon by Ash (long story, watch the anime!).

Being much like Misty, she is constantly fighting with Ash, calling him a little kid, and doesn’t like to take lip.  She’s wild, likes being in nature, and will stick her neck out for any dragon type. Though an aspiring dragon master, her team consists of: Axew, Emolga, Excadril, Dragonite, and Gible.

#7. Cilan

185px-CilanBW1Cilan is the total package of cook, gym leader, connoisseur, and just the right amount of wacky.  He’s a calm, respectable, smart guy, as long as he doesn’t get wound up about connoisseuring or his hobbies, such as fishing.

Cilan is the only one to have cooking skills to rival Brock’s, and he’s also a great help to his other brothers that are helping him by doing his part of the work at Striaton City Gym.  normally a peaceful and passive guy, it takes quite a lot to anger him, and he’s a great guy to go to for advice.  His current team consists of: Pansage, Crustle, and Stunfisk.

#8. Pikachu

c0a80f0578993697efb53100a772f162.jpgPikachu, while being a pokemon, is so prominent, liked, and quirky that there is no way I wouldn’t put him on this list.  Pikachu is Ash’s best friend, even though he really hated Ash when they first met.  Pikachu has been featured in many short films from the pokemon company, as well as thousands of episodes, and every movie.

He has never once not been in an episode, wether he’s just appearing, or starring. He has become a staple for Pokéfans everywhere, and you couldn’t do anything pokemon without seeing him at least once.  While he is a sweet guy, Pikachu could be given the nickname “Bike Fryer”, since he has managed to destroy three out of the four girls’ bikes on this list alone, are there more victims of the Bike Fryer’s tyranny? Pikachu currently knows the moves: Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Electro Ball, and Quick Attack.

I hope you guys like this one as much as you like the others I’ve posted, see you next time everyone! ;)


Lovable Side Characters: Part 2

I’m back and bringing you what you all asked for, more characters!  In reply to requests I’ve gotten (both in comments and the real world) I’m going to feature some new sides, including a character from a game I’ve never played.  However I’ve read the manga and looked him up online, so I hope I do a good job!

#1. Ezlo

Ezlo_(Cap_Form)Ezlo is a talking cap who was originally a creature called a Picori.  Before being turned into a talking cap by the evil Vaati, he was a Picori sage and actually Vaati’s magic instructor (or so the manga goes).  Ezlo has a habit of complaining and critiquing everything Link does.  Whether it’s good or bad, Ezlo always has something to say to keep Link ground and not get a big head.



#2. Midna

527px-Midna_LaughingOne look at this girl and any sane person would run for the hills.  However, a boy that got turned into a wolf and got drug through a portal to another world would gladly accept her help.  Midna is the princess of the twilight realm, but was forced to flee from it and hide in Hyrule after Zant takes it over.  While she may not look it, Midna is strong and capable, especially when using her hair to help us lock onto moving targets and execute the spin attack in wolf form.  Rude, obnoxious, picky, helpful, smart, and kind at times, she is a side that might even deserve her own game!


#3. Kaepora Gaebora

Kaepora_Gaebora_Artwork_3dKaepora Gaebora, a long name fitting to a long-winded owl.  Placed in Ocarina of Time to help us along with our journey, he can sometimes be a pain.  For instance, if you talk to him in Lake Hylia as adult Link, he will take you to Hyrule field NO MATTER WHAT.  Even though he is featured in more than one game, his role changes very little.  Though annoying at times, he is still kind, helpful, and a big ol’ softy, thus making him a lovable side for Link



#4. Impa

500px-Impa_Artwork_(Ocarina_of_Time)Impa is a character that has loyally stuck by Zelda’s side since the very first Zelda game.  Having gone through nearly as many cosmetic changes as Zelda herself, I had a hard time picking a picture for her as well.  I decided to go with one of my favorite versions of her, her Ocarina of Time version.  She is a strong woman and one of the last remaining of a tribe called the “shiekah” who have always served the nobles of Hyrule.  Oft assuming many roles in many games, her awesomeness still shines through everyone of them, making her one of my favorites on this list.



Like last time, if you have a side you want featured then comment on it and I might do a post on them! ;)


Warning! This is not a video game post!!!

Hi guys, now I’ve decided to start writing chapters of a book I’m working on here, so if you don’t want to read the work of a (very) amateur author, you might wish to seek elsewhere.  The book will feature amazing characters, a beautiful and deadly world, and much more.  Come one, come all to this fabulous debut of…..*drum roll* “Between The Shadows”!

Between The Shadows: Chapter One

“Baroness, a group of travelers has arrived and requests your presence.”  The young baroness smiles at her butler.  “Thank you Princely.”  The old butler nods and leaves the room.  A young blonde-haired man closes the door behind the butler and smiles at the baroness saying “I guess you’ve become pretty popular Gene”.

Genesis gives him a playful scowl.  “I asked you to stop calling me that Aaron!  How are you ever going to become a knight if you can’t follow a simple request from a friend?”.  Aaron playfully grabs a fistful of cloth near his heart saying “Gene, you’ve wounded me!”.  Genesis laughs and Aaron stops, now smiling at her.

“Come on,” He says, “Let’s just sneak off and play like we used to, it’s market day in town!”.  Genesis sighs and says “Aaron, I told you no.  I have duties now that I’m grown up.”  “Aw c’mon!” Aaron says as he pulls his sword from it’s sheath and poses heroically, “Let’s have an adventure!”.  “Baroness!” Princely calls from downstairs.  Genesis gets up and smiles at Aaron saying “Come on goofball, let’s go meet these visitors of mine”.

As the friends walk down into the entrance hall, they both can’t help but wonder who these travelers could be.  As the reach the bottom of the stairs and Genesis sits in a nearby chair and Aaron stands against a nearby wall, they see a small group of hooded figures, no more than eight in number, and they all appear to have been worked by heavy travel, for their capes, which must have once been beautiful, where frayed and care-worn.

“Greetings travelers, and welcome” Genesis says, “May I ask you to remove your hoods?”  One of the travelers, a woman, says “We’d prefer not to, as we have been traveling for a great time to get here, and do not look as we should in front of the great Baroness Paige”.  Another one, a man, grunts in agreement.

Genesis smiles and says “very well, but I don’t care about how anyone looks, just that they are here and well”.  Aaron chuckles quietly and thinks to himself ‘She cares when it’s me, she’s ALWAYS fixing my hair, telling me a should get it cut or something’.  “All the same kind baroness,” The woman says, “we would prefer our hoods remain up”.

Genesis nods and says “perhaps you might tell us your names then?”  The woman nods and says “My name is Remra, and my partner here is called Shadus.”

“And your other friends?”

“Help my lady, merely help”

“And yet you wish them to hide their faces and names?”

“It is a custom from where we are from that servants hide their faces, and their names are not needed, unless they are to be punished”.

“That is quiet a harsh custom.”

“Our people have never been known to be gentle.”

Genesis frowns and sits up a little straighter in her chair.  “Very well then,” she responds, “Now why have you requested my presence?”.  Remra steps forward.  “Our king has long wished to visit this land, yet he is unable to, for he lacks the power to do so.  He sent Shadus and myself to observe, and perhaps bring back a way he might be able to come.”

“And what is the name of your king?”

“Our king wishes to remain anonymous at this time, but hopes to meet you in person very shortly your ladyship”.  “Laying it on a little thick, don’t you think?” Aaron says calmly from his place on the wall.  Remra looks at him and laughs saying “Ahh, the wit of the young,  So pleasant and care-free.”  Once more Shadus grunts in agreement.  Aaron gives both of them a hard look and says “And what makes you think I’m young? I couldn’t be younger than you both”.

Shadus appears to shift from foot to foot under his cloak, but says nothing.  “What is it? Cat got your tongue?” Aaron mocks.  Shadus gives Aaron a dark look and says in a deep voice “We are not here to fight, for now….”.  Aaron gets an uneasiness about him and remains quiet, but also makes sure he can easily grab the hilt of his blade.  Genesis looks at the pair.  “Shadus is right, we are not here to fight, we are here to talk.  Now what is it your king needs so that he might come and I may meet him?”

Remra smiles and lifts a hand out from her cloak, showing it’s color to be black as night.  She gives a wave and all the guards freeze in their places.  “What he needs, dear lady,” Remra says as she lowers her hood, “Is you and your friend”.  Aaron and Genesis both gasp when they see Shadus and Remra fully.  Both of them have skin as black as night, and hair even darker.  Their eyes are pure red, and their faces are the same as Genesis’ and Aaron’s.

Aaron grabs his sword and stands in front of Genesis.  “Don’t move or I’ll kill you and your servants!” He yells.  Shadus pulls a blade from it’s sheath at his side and charges at Aaron, while Remra glows and a dark portal appears.  Shadus and Aaron fight, equally matched in strength and speed.  As they fight they move closer and closer to the portal Remra opened.

A harsh gale seems to blow from the portal as it gets bigger, turning the air around it darker.  Remra and Shadus’ servants reveal hidden blades and spring into action, and the formerly frozen knights re-animate and begin fighting to protect their Baroness.  After minutes of fighting and blood-shed, the sound of thunderous lighting comes from the portal and Remra curses.  The portal begins sucking in everything and closing, the servants, Genesis’ fallen knights, and anything else not bolted down to the floor.  As everything begins to clear, Genesis sees Aaron and Shadus, still fighting.

As they near closer to the portal,  Remra grabs Aaron’s shoulder and jumps into the portal.  Shadus enters the portal, and in mere seconds Aaron is sucked in as well, leaving only his sword behind, and the baroness and her butler staring at where they had all stood just moments ago, Aaron’s blade shining in the waning sunlight.

(I hope you guys enjoyed Chapter One, because there’s more coming! Hang on, It’ll be here soon! ;) )

Princess Power!!

Everyone has their favorite characters in games, whether they’re Main, Side, or Evil.  A friend of mine recently asked me to do a post on her favorite character, Princess Zelda.  However, I plan to take it one step further and feature a series of princesses from the Zelda saga.

#1. Zelda, Classic Royalty

Princess_Zelda_Artwork_(A_Link_Between_Worlds)Zelda is a famous and well-known character of this game, one of the obvious tells being the game sagas actual name, The Legend of Zelda:(insert title here).  A beautiful and wise girl, she has made so many cosmetic changes through out the years that it took me a good few minutes to just find a good picture to represent her.  Whether she is giving up herself to save a life, sneaking out of the castle to do what’s right, or firing her trademark light arrows, she is a wonderful, caring, and strong girl that Link couldn’t do without.

#2. Sheik, Rebel Princess

Sheik_ArtworkLooking at this person, some people might have different reactions.  Some might call “foul!” and say this is actually a man, some might have recognized her from Ocarina of Time, and others might have thought “Yay! A harp-playing ninja!”.  Sheik is a princess that practically screams girl power.  This is actually Zelda disguised as a man so that she can hide from the evil Ganondorf, a strong and wicked man who took over her beloved Hyrule.  Sheik plays many important roles in Ocarina of Time, but is not featured in any other games besides “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” and that fact hurts my heart.  With ninja skills, a good air of mystery through out the game, and being a harpist to boot, Sheik is certainly placed under that category “Rebel Princess”


#3. Midna, Hidden Original

Midna_Imp_and_True_formsMidna is a wonderful, manipulative little imp, hardly appearing like a princess.  She actually meets us in the form on the left, and we have to wait till the end of Twilight Princess to see her in her full glory.  She was the original ruler of the Twilight realm in Twilight Princess, but was rudely “evicted”(for lack of a better word) from her home and forced to flee into Hyrule by the usurper king, Zant.  She is bossy, annoying, caring(kinda), and wants to save her world from Zants reign and return peace to both her world and ours.  Sly and cunning, she will be a princess that none will ever forget.


#4. Hilda, Dark Princess

Princess_Hilda_ArtworkThe beautiful, but miss-guided Hilda.  She is Zelda’s counterpart and ruler of Lorule in A Link Between Worlds, and though she seems nice when you first meet her, you will find her reasons are a bit *ahem* shady.  As befitting Zelda’s counterpart, she seeks to bring peace back to her kingdom, where they foolishly destroyed their triforce, thus sending their world into ruins.

However, unlike Zelda, Hilda lacks wisdom and fore-thought and teams up with the weak Yuga, who is similar to Hilda because he lacks enough power to do anything on his own, unlike his counter part, the cruel Ganondorf.  Though miss-guided, Hilda’s intentions where good and so when Zelda and Link return to Hyrule, they wish on their triforce that Lorule would receive a new one, thus fixing their broken world.

Possibly one of the most complicated princesses on this list, Hilda is still kind, beautiful, and strong, thus winning a place in my heart and most likely yours as well

#5. Ruto, Pampered Little Princess

tumblr_lbw4jo4g5x1qdz2w0Though she isn’t as (sorry Ruto) interesting as the other princesses listed above, I said I would cover all Zelda princesses and I am.  Ruto can easily be thought of as the spoiled rich kid of Zelda, she’s mean, bratty, and doesn’t do a lot of walking.

I do enjoy her a bit more when she matures after Link pulls the Master Sword in Ocarina of Time, and she evens seems nice.  As a young girl she decides to run away from her dad and ends up getting sucked into the sacred fish, Lord Jabu-Jabu.  After a good deal of kicking, whining, and almost death, Link manages to save her and she rewards him with a special treasure called “The Zora’s Sapphire”.  She also says her mother wanted her to only give it to the man she was going to marry, but “Luto”(←relationship name) never makes it.

Seven years later she helps Link defrost Lake Hylia and save her people, as well as finally realizing her power as the Sage of Water.  When she becomes a Sage her final words are “if only we could have been together my love”, and “Luto” officially dies, saving fan girls everywhere of their fave hero getting married.

#6. Tetra, Pirate Princess

200px-TetraTetra, captain, princess Zelda, she goes by many names.  While yes being another form of Zelda in Wind Waker, her character is so prominent and bold that she just cannot be ignored.  It all starts when Link saves her from a forest thick with monsters.  After having been saved, she rudely tells Link that she didn’t need his help and that she would have been fine on her own.

This wonderful conversation is first interrupted by Tetra’s second-in-command that comes to ensure her safety, and then by Links sister being stolen by an giant evil bird.  Link then boards Tetra’s boat and sails with her, taking them both on many an adventure.  Quirky, sneaky, perky, feisty, and a good ol’ butt-kicker, Tetra is an amazing young woman that should be a role-model for most girls who want to grow up awesome.


I did my best to name them all, but if I left out a princess (other than a form of Zelda), comment and I’ll update this.  See you all soon! ;)

Loveable Side Characters

A key component to any game can often be the combination of Main and Side characters.  The Zelda saga has given us a variety of them through out the games, and today I’m going to list a few of my favorites (note: if I didn’t cover someone that you feel is an amazing side kick for Link, leave a comment about them, I might cover them soon!).

#1. Navi

250px-Navi_ArtworkNavi is the helpful little sprite that guides you through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Though her origins are unknown, we meet her at the request of the Great Deku Tree, and after one little trip through a dungeon, she becomes our traveling buddy and trusted helper.  On many an occasion she helps you find hidden secrets, learn about the enemy you’re facing, and sometimes state the obvious.  Kind, helpful, and lovable, you just can’t ignore her, OR her favorite saying “Hey! Listen!”

#2. Tatl

TatlA bit less of a charmer than Navi, Tatl is the fairy that accompanies Link through the game The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.  After being separated from her baby brother Tael in the beginning of the game, Tatl joins Link in his travels to stop Skull Kid and, eventually, help stop Majora and save Termina.  Spunky, out-spoken, and dead-set on returning to her little brother, gamers will forever remember her as a little fairy with a BIG attitude

#3. Epona

Epona_OoT3DAhh yes, the wonderful little chestnut lightning bolt called Epona.  Starring as Links trusted steed in too many games to list, she often helps him when he needs to get somewhere faster than walking.  She is also sometimes featured in little side quests such as the horse race in Ocarina of Time, and goat herding in Twilight Princess.  An interesting fact about her is that she is not a pure-bred racing horse as was suggested, but a mixed breed work horse that gives off more character and charm.  Whether you prefer her lovable youthful look, or the tall and beautiful adult her, I believe that you will enjoy comfortable strolls on her back as you ride  across many a monster-laden field.

#4. The King of Red Lions

1854374_origThe King of Red Lions, some gamers might know him under his full title “Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule”, King of the once mighty realm of Hyrule.  While others might simply remember him as a kind, caring, and old talking red boat.  The transportation for Link and one of the key elements of Wind Waker, the King is a another form of Daphnes, and the only form he can be in while away from the Hyrule Castle ruins.  Important and mysterious even till the end, I still feel this guy is more of a kind, loving grandfather than a king or boat.

#5. Fi

Fi_ArtworkFi, possibly one of the most wonderful of all these sides, is a spirit sent by The Goddess to guide us on our journey to enact the goddess’ emergency mechanism in Skyward Sword.  A being that lives within the blade of the goddess sword, she often appears to have infinite knowledge, yet is still a lovable character with a magical beginning and an almost tragic ending.  Like Tatl and Navi, she often has the habit of stating the obvious, such as telling you your wii remote battery is low.  She does however appear to be one of the strongest and most graceful of the helpers, and also is capable of taking you to a whole other world(though she can’t help you while you are in it, which really sucks).

Like I said, if I didn’t cover a side that you feel needs their time in the lime-light, comment below and I might just cover them next!  Until next time, stay fabulous! ;)

Best Monster?

Everyone knows that a good monster can make any dungeon great, but would it kill game creators to make a new one every once in a while? My example: the Floor Master (A.K.A wall master, key master,  Zant’s hand etc.).  This guy is featured literally in every Legend of Zelda game ever made, from the very first Legend of Zelda, to Four swords, to Majora’s Mask, to Wind Waker, I could go on forever.

Top15FavoriteZeldaMonsters-HandsThey’ve made some changes to him over the years, but the idea is still the same.  In a dungeon somewhere in the game, a giant floating hand will come out and grab you, often forcing you to drop the item you where holding and go back to the beginning. Whether he’s dropping from the ceiling, crawling through the floor from a small black hole, or just phasing through a wall, he always just grabs you and takes you back, often taking only half of one heart. I find this to be kind of annoying really.

How ever the most recently released game, A Link between Worlds, did give this guy a bit of a pick-me-up by making him a boss.  He has amazing smashing ability, a super cool metal glove to wear, and that combined with the fact that some of the flooring can give way really makes him a good boss.


Sadly, this guy does not shake the feelings I have for the floor master.  I find the Floor Master to really just be one of those monsters that you can ignore, kill, or walk away from, which really only makes him as threatening as a Rat or a ChuChu.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings with this, and I understand that sometimes the Floor Master becomes a difficult adversary, but he simply doesn’t do it for me.

See you all soon! ;)

Hello Internet!

Yay!  My first blog post!  As you can probably tell from my blog name, i love video games, so I’m planning to start my blogging debut by following myself playing one of my favorite Legend of Zelda titles:  The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess.

This title became pretty popular when it came out, and I believe even more so when it moved from the Game cube to the Wii.  I’m planning to play through using the game cube version, so if any fans are disappointed because something is different between the two, sorry!

I can’t wait to get started, and hope to feature one dungeon a week (and give some tips that might help those who’re struggling through it).

Until Next time, Bye!! ;)