Project Aurum & Argentum

Some of you may not know this, but since 1998 Nintendo has released a new Pokemon game once a year.  It has often been a good amount of mixing between re-makes and originals, but with the new year coming up, the question has probably been raised,

“But what will Nintendo do next?”

I’m certain some fans are hoping for a brand-new game, based in another region with brand-new starter pokemon and everything, and some are hoping for re-makes of old games that they might not have been able to get their hands on.

My loyal minions, I propose to you… *drum roll*  Project Aurum & Argentum!!

In Latin, Aurum translates into Gold, and Argentum translates into Silver.  Now yes, Nintendo has already re-made these games into Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Soul Silver,heartgold-soulsilverbut with the new advancements in their gaming technology, I feel Nintendo could take this even farther.  They could bring back having you walk with your favorite pokemon, something I loved and it could be changed so that the pokemon in your pokemon-aime is the one walking behind you, not just the one in the top-left of your party.

They could also bring in pokemon such as Mega Feraligator, Mega Typhlosion, and Mega Meganium.  There could be Mega Tentacruel, Mega Miltank, Mega Ambipom!  There’s a lot Nintendo could do with that.

They could re-invent the pokéathalon, maybe give the intros a more “Super Smash Bros.” vibe, make them cooler and such.  Hurtle Jumping may now be motion-controlled, your pokemon could Mega-evolve in one of the three events for an extra boost, and Super Training could now be used for training your pokemon for the Pokéathalon as well as ordinary battle!

Of course, this is a bit of a hurdle to jump in itself, mainly due to it’s previous remake and how they could keep the story fresh.  But I see some things that they could do to make it grand.  They could bring back our rival Silver (official Manga name) and give him a better ending, since in HG and SS they seemed to just make him feel in the end and hardly include him in the game.Silver_Astonished

I mean, with such a possibility for greatness, and how far they’ve taken him in the manga, I feel they could’ve done better for the guy.

Perhaps, after beating the game, Silver also went on to defeat Lance the Champion, and became the new one.  Maybe this guy will return with a bigger role than ever.  And I don’t want These remakes to have the same relationship that Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon Black2 & White2 did.  With those it felt you where playing nearly exactly the same game, but part of that might have been how close together they where released.

All the same, if they could change up the story some I think that would be fabulous.  Another thing is that we only ever seem to meet about one Professor per game, with the exception of HG and SS dipping it’s fingers into the Kanto region and letting us visit him in his lab.  But, what if we met a traveling Professor?  One who found a lab confining, and so he studies pokemon abroad, camping out wherever needed.

Perhaps this traveling Professor could be the one to give us our first Mega Stone and our Key Stone.  There really are a number of options Nintendo could do as far as that.  Another thing, and this is really just a wish of mine, I would love to see another eeveelution.  Preferably Ghost or Dragon typed.  Like I said though, I just happen to love eeveelutions.

So, my loyal minions, I seek your help.  I want to start a world-wide internet movement, trying to get Nintendo’s attention and get them to do this.  Please my minions, share your love for this plan on twitter with #PAA, talk to your friends about it on Facebook, Instagram, or even your own blogs!  Do fan art, get people talking!  I would love to see your work, and feel free to tweet things to me using @NaviKnowsWP, I would love to see this grow into something huge.

Eevee’s Fan Corner!

Now, I’m one of those fans who can, say, look at their favorite pokemon and say “I want to make something like this!”  So, I contacted my friend Nyxira (who also happens to be my editor and artist), and told her my wacky idea of doing a fan post featuring pokemon we’d created.  Hence,  Eevee’s fan corner.  This post is going to feature art we did of pokemon we want, and there may be more in the future.  Enjoy! Continue reading Eevee’s Fan Corner!

Between The Shadows: Chapter Fourteen

“What is wrong with that guy?” Aaron asks as he and Caelia leave Chief Genar’s room.  “He is a bit…eccentric.” Caelia replies hesitantly.  “Ever since Shadus’s betrayal, Chief Genar has been wary to travelers, and has been unwilling to see any until now.”  As the two walk up several flights of a stairs, a question continues to burn at the back of Aaron’s mind. Continue reading Between The Shadows: Chapter Fourteen

Welcome To PokeMonth!

HNI_0028As many of you pokemon fans might know, pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are coming out this month, thus driving me to celebrate an entire MONTH of pokemon!

So get your Vs. Recoders charged and buy up the potion stock at your local pokemart, because I’m going to give my thoughts on pokemon games, spin-offs, and some pokemon themselves!  (By the way, enjoy our pokemonth logo, the Hero Ball!)

Between The Shadows: Chapter Eleven

“Man, this place is kinda small, and dark..” Aaron says as Caelia leads him down a dark corridor hewn into the cliff side.  Caelia snickers a little as she pushes a rough wooden door open, entering into a large room.  The entire room is made of stone, corridors leading to other places littered in the walls.  Alcoves in the rock hold sconces ablaze with fire, and wooden scaffolding spanning the room as it goes up and up.  Caelia turns and looks at Aaron saying “Big enough for you?”.  Aaron nods in amazement as she leads him up a flight of stairs, heading toward one of the doors.

Continue reading Between The Shadows: Chapter Eleven